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Interview mit Cyril Schäublin zu UNRUH

„Freundliche Unterdrückung ist viel effizienter!“

"I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians"

"Mi este indiferent daca în istorie vom intra ca barbar" | Rumänien/ Deutschland/ Tschechische Republik/ Bulgarien/ Frankreich 2018 | Drama | Radu Jude

Radu Jude‘s newest film fights against historical revisionism in Romania while also gauging the limits of artistic engagement.


1986 | Deutschland/Belarus 2019 | Drama | Lothar Herzog

Student Elena takes over her father‘s smuggling business – illegally stripping raw materials from Chernobyl‘s forbidden zone.


Österreich 2017 | Drama | Laura Nasmyth, Philip Leitner

An anonymous sales agent (Florian Nolden) wanders between prefab houses and even more prefab houses, searching and fleeing at the same time.

Adventures of a Mathematician

Adventures Of A Mathematician | Deutschland 2020 | Drama, Biography | Thorsten Klein | 12

Mathematician Stanislav Ulam was involved in the development of the H-bomb and the computer as a part of the “Manhattan Project.“ A biopic.

Alkohol – Der globale Rausch

Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Andreas Pichler | oA

The documentary illuminates the neurophysiological facts that make alcohol into a dangerous drug and thematises the manipulations of alcohol corporations.


Aloys | Schweiz 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama | Tobias Nölle | 12

Private investigator Aloys Adorn is permanently undercover. He doesn’t go out, he never says “I” and he spends his spare time reading his clients’ files. Then one day a mysterious woman calls and invites him to take “telephone walks” ...


Posrtugal/Frankreich/Argentinien 2019 | Crime Drama, Drama | Ico Costa

One day goatherd Henrique leaves his hut to go to the city to exact his revenge because of his lost custody and flees into the wildness after this act of violence.

The Other Side of Everything

Druga strana svega | Serbien/Frankreich/Qatar 2017 | Documentary | Mila Turajlic | 12

The documentary DIE ANDERE SEITE VON ALLEM begins in an apartment in Belgrade and goes beyond a family and national story and delves into the shift to the right happening all over Europe.


Anselm | Deutschland 2023 | Documentary | Wim Wenders

A summit of two great artists: Wim Wenders has made a 3D film about Anselm Kiefer and his large-format art.

Die Ausstattung der Welt

Deutschland 2023 | Documentary, Film about film-making | Susanne Weirich, Robert Bramkamp | oA

Visiting the trove: the documentary film shows hidden collections and their charming, quirky custodians and explores the buried biographies of some objects that are impacted by colonial contexts.

My Little One

Ayka | Russland/Deutschland/Polen 2018 | Drama | Sergey Dvortsevoy

Ayka is young, poor, and pregnant. She decides to keep the child and fights her way through it.

Becoming Animal

Schweiz/Großbritannien 2018 | Documentary, Tierfilm | Peter Mettler, Emma Davie | oA

A visual meditation on humanity’s place in the natural world.

Big Time: Historien om Bjarke Ingels

Big Time: Historien om Bjarke Ingels | Dänemark 2017 | Documentary | Kaspar Astrup Schröder | oA

A documentary about Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.


Blutsauger – Bloodsuckers | Deutschland 2021 | Comedy | Julian Radlmaier

The surreal, historical discourse pop comedy takes the vampire metaphors found in Marx‘ Kapital seriously and interrogates how valid Marxist categories are today.

Bolshoi Babylon

Bolshoi Babylon | Großbritannien 2015 | Documentary | Nick Read, Mark Franchetti | 6

In January 2013 Sergej Filin, the artistic director of the Moscow Bolshoi Theater, was attacked with acid and one of his dancers was behind it. BOLSHOI BABYLON sheds light on what occurred backstage.


Boulevard | USA 2014 | Drama | Dito Montiel | 12

Nolan Mack (Robin williams), who is 60 years old, married and works in a Bank, dreams of a different life. When he meets the callboy Leo for a fleeting moment his dreams seem to come true.


Portugal 2018 | Documentary | Tiago Hespanha

CAMPO, shot in a military base that is also a nature reserve, is nothing less than a portrait of human existence.

Chuck Norris vs Communism

Deutschland/ Großbritannien/ Rumänien 2015 | Documentary | Ilinca Calugareanu

When VHS technology reached the Eastern Bloc in the mid-eighties, thousands of Western action movies found their way into Romania. Did obtaining Chuck Norris movies really lead to a revolution?


Schweiz 2018 | Psychodrama | Francesco Rizzi | 12

Michael is a private investigator. He spends his free time in a 24 hour bar over the highway or in his converted van that serves as his home and office. Anna lives in a mundane house across from Michael‘s van, trapped in grief and memories.


Deutschland/Frankreich/USA 2019 | Documentary, Biography, Dance Film | Alla Kovgan | oA

A large portion of the film about groundbreaking choreographer Merce Cunningham is a reinterpretation of Cunningham‘s choreographies whereby 3D technology makes the spatial depth of dance accessible.

Daniel Richter – Unplugged

Daniel Richter – Unplugged | Deutschland 2022 | Documentary, Porträt | Pepe Danquart | 12

Solid but not terribly deep portrait of the highly successful German artist


Polen 2022 | Drama | Jerzy Skolimowski

Jerzy Skolimowski‘s EO is a homage to Bresson‘s AU HASARD BALTHASAR: donkey EO takes an apocalyptic journey across a world that has been turned into hell by humans.


Frankreich/ Mexiko/ Deutschland/ Portugal/ Argentinien 2023 | Drama | Lisandro Alonso | 12

EUREKA is a sometimes depressing, sometimes enchanting work in three parts, loosely connected by the themes of land grabbing and the decimation of indigenous living spaces.

Freudenberg – Auf der Suche nach dem Sinn

Freudenberg – Auf der Suche nach dem Sinn | Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Andrzej Klamt | oA

Documentary about the "Kulturzentrum Schloss Freudenberg".


Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Arne Körner | 12

Bernd has a new role at the St. Pauli Theater in Hamburg. He is going to play a “gas man,“ an SS officer. Bernd hates the play, he hates his vain director, his ambitious colleagues, and everything else.

Happy Lamento

Deutschland 2018 | Essay Film | Alexander Kluge | 16

In his post-modern essay, Alexander Kluge celebrates a mixture of different styles and genres, the deconstruction of truth claims and aesthetic taste and the fragmentation of authorship.

Hotel Jugoslavija

Schweiz/ Deutschland/ Serbien-Montenegro 2017 | Documentary | Nicolas Wagnières

“Hotel Jugoslawija“ was once the flagship of Yugoslavia. The Belgrade-born and Swiss-raised director Nicola Wagnière reflects on private and collective memory and a country‘s formation and decline by using the example of the stately hotel.

Human Nature (2019)

Human Nature (2019) | USA 2019 | Documentary | Adam Bolt

HUMAN NATURE condenses the polarizing discourse about CRISPR/Cas technology into an informative and thrilling documentary.

I Am Greta

Schweden 2020 | Documentary | Nathan Grossman | oA

Portrait of the environmental activist and face of "Fridays For Future", Greta Thunberg.

Il buco

Il buco | Italien/Frankreich/Deutschland 2021 | Drama | Michelangelo Frammartino

IL BUCO can be seen as both an essay film about the modern demystification of the world and as a portrait of a landscape in which the cave plays the main role.

Into the Ice: Rejsen til isens indre

Into the Ice: Rejsen til isens indre | Deutschland/Dänemark 2022 | Documentary | Lars Henrik Ostenfeld

The film team follows three scientists who have dedicated their careers to analyzing glaciers and films them as they drill, measure and make life-threatening descents for hundreds of meters to the so-called glacial mills.

Invisible Demons

Deutschland/Finnland/Indien 2021 | Documentary | Rahul Jain | oA

Rahul Jain investigates the dark side of industrialization in India, the environmental pollution, with impacts that are unequally distributed, internationally as well as nationally. In India it is the poor that are unprotected against the heat, air ...

Beyond the Visible – Hilma af Klint

Beyond The Visible: Hilma Af Klint | Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | John David Seidler | oA

In 1906 Danish Hilma af Klint painted large format abstract pieces – six years before the first official abstract painting in European art history.

Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect

Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect | Irland 2018 | Documentary, Biography | Mark Noonan | oA

Kevin Roche‘s buildings convey an elegant functionality and spiritual serenity. That‘s mostly due to his meticulous, empathetic, and unpretentious way of working that puts a lot of value on practical details and the direct contact to future ...

Das Kombinat

Deutschland 2023 | Documentary | Moritz Springer

The Munich “potato harvester“ is one of the biggest “solidarity agriculture“ projects in Germany. In the fast-growing project, very different ideas about solidarity agriculture come together.

L'etat et moi

L'etat et moi | Deutschland 2022 | Comedy | Max Linz | 12

“I am the state!,“ is how “Sun King“ Louis XIV summarized the political program of absolutism. Max Linz takes up this motive for the theatrical performance of politics in L‘ETAT ET MOI and follows it through the history of German ...

The Empty Grave

Das leere Grab – The Empty Grave | Deutschland/Tansania 2024 | Documentary | Agnes Lisa Wegner, Cece Mlay | NEW RELEASE

THE EMPTY GRAVE follows the struggle of Tanzanian communities to get the remains of their ancestors back from Germany.

The Natural History of Destruction

The Natural History Of Destruction | Deutschland/Litauen/Niederlande 2022 | Documentary | Sergei Loznitsa | 12

Losnitsa has made a film using only archival material about the air war as a total war which also consisted of assembly line work and Wagner concerts for factory workers.


Österreich 2021 | Drama | Peter Brunner

Tourism invades the remote Tyrolean mountain world of an occult Christian and her disturbed son. The film of Haneke student Peter Brunner is crude and distressing, but also a deeply impressive mixture of FUNNY GAMES, THE EXORCIST and HEIDI.

Mary Bauermeister – Eins und eins ist drei

Mary Bauermeister – Eins und eins ist drei | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary, Biography | Carmen Belaschk

Mary Bauermeister was a central figure in the international art scene of the 1960s. However, from the 1970s on she began to fall into oblivion.

Mi pais imaginario

Chile 2022 | Documentary | Patricio Guzmán

Patricio Guzman has been making political essay films about his Chilean homeland for a long time. After THE PEARL BUTTON and THE CORDILERRA OF DREAMS, in which Guzman traces the past, MI PAIS IMAGINARIO is about the current developments and the ...


Molecole | Italien 2020 | Documentary | Andrea Segre | oA

Director Andrea Segre travels to Venice to trace the youthful memories of his deceased father – and finds himself in the middle of a pandemic.

The Most Beautiful Boy In The World

Världens vackraste pojke | Schweden 2021 | Documentary | Kristina Lindström, Kristian Petri

The documentary portrays Björn Andrésen, who played Tadzio at 15 in Visconti‘s DEATH IN VENICE and was labeled as “the most beautiful boy in the world.“

Museum of the Revolution

Museum of the Revolution | Serbien/ Kroatien/ Tschechische Republik 2021 | Documentary | Srđan Keča

In 1961 the Museum of Revolution in Belgrade was going to be the centerpiece of a group of revolution museums in Yugoslavia, but it was never completed. Young mother Vera, her daughter Milka and her older friend Mara live in the basement of the ...


Navalny | USA 2022 | Documentary | Daniel Roher

The documentary delves into the background of the arrest and imprisonment of Alexei Navalny in 2021, especially focusing on what happened since the Russian oppositionist was poisoned by agents of the Russian secret service FSB.


Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Jim Rakete


Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Carmen Losmann | oA

In her documentary OECONOMIA, Carmen Losmann has made it her lofty objective to understand the global financial system and make it understandable to others.

Nabarvene ptace

Nabarvené Ptace | Tschechische Republik/ Ukraine/ Slowakische Republik 2019 | Drama, War Film | Václav Marhoul | 18

Literary adaptation describing the odyssey of a jewish boy during World War II. Lost in the polish countryside he is forever changed by the cruelty and violence he encounters.

Pawlenski – Der Mensch und die Macht

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Irene Langemann

Activist artist Pjotr Pawlenski became an icon of the resistance with his radical and smart moves like sewing his mouth shut in protest of the Pussy Riot trial and nailing his testicles to the pavement of Red Square.

Plastic Fantastic

Deutschland 2023 | Documentary | Isa Willinger

The documentary by Isa Willinger about plastic waste – from waste mountains to nanoparticles – is unsparing, comprehensive, and excellently directed.

Postcards From London

Postcards From London | Großbritannien 2018 | Drama | Steve McLean | 12

Jim goes to London searching for adventure and gets involved with the “Raconteurs,“ a group of elegant male escorts. They take Jim under their wings and train him to become a master of “post-coital conversation.“

Remake, Remix, Rip-Off: About Copy Culture & Turkish Pop Cinema

Remake, Remix, Rip-Off: About Copy Culture & Turkish Pop Cinema | Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Cem Kaya

"Yeşilçam" is the Istanbul street, where the production companies of the infamous Turkish low-budget productions of the 1950s – 1970s were situated. REMAKE, REMIX, RIP-OFF takes an amusing look at the "Yeşilçam" industry.


Rey | USA 2017 | Biography, Drama, Fantasy | Niles Atallah

Orélie Antoine de Tounens travels to Patagonia in the middle of the 19th century and is eventually crowned the King of Araucaria province. Niles Attalah‘s film REY is a reflection on the possibilities and limitations of cinematic and historical ...


Nosorih | Polen/Ukraine/Deutschland 2021 | Drama | Oleg Sentsov

Rhino grows up in a Ukrainian village during Perestroika. Because he can give as good as he gets, he soon gets involved with organized criminals.


Australien 2021 | Documentary | Jennifer Peedom

RIVER is pure luxury. A hired orchestra, Willem Dafoe as the narrator and footage of rivers that – without exaggeration – are some of the most beautiful and sublime images that a documentary has ever shown.

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda

Japan/USA 2017 | Documentary | Stephen Nomura Schible | 6

Ryuichi Sakamoto was part of the Yellow Magic Orchestra in the 70s and later became a Japanese pop superstar, an experimental musician, and a film composer (receiving an Oscar for THE LAST EMPEROR). He explains the motifs of his music with ...

L'ombra di Caravaggio: Caravaggio's Shadow

L'ombra di Caravaggio | Italien/Frankreich 2022 | Drama, Biography | Michele Placido

CARAVAGGIO‘S SHADOW by Michele Placido main plot follows an inquisitor of the Catholic Church who questions the enemies and friends of painter Caravaggio about his scandalous life.

Schlingensief – In das Schweigen hineinschreien

Deutschland 2020 | Documentary, Biography | Bettina Böhler | 12

A documentary on German film and theatre director Christoph Schlingensief (1960-2010), assembled entirely from his films and interviews.

The Second Life

The Second Life | Deutschland/Belgien/Italien 2020 | Documentary | Davide Gambino

The film team follows three taxidermists as they prepare for the taxidermy championship in Salzburg.


Senritsu seshimeyo | Japan 2020 | Documentary, Music Films | Toshiaki Toyoda

SHIVER is not a documentary, but rather an immersive concert. Director Toshiaki Toyoda has orchestrated a collaboration between the taiko drumming group Kodo and composer Koshiro Hino.


Österreich 2022 | Drama, Tragicomedy | Ulrich Seidl

Ewald is a power plant controller in Romania. He uses his wealth and the ignorance of the rural population to open a free “judo school“ for little boys named Sparta.

Streetscapes (Dialogue)

Streetscapes (Dialogue) | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Film about film-making | Heinz Emigholz

Heinz Emigholz’s architecture films mostly deal with modern architects like Louis Sullivan, Adolf Loos, and le Corbusier. IN STREETSCAPES (DIALOGUE), the experimental filmmaker meets psychologist Zohar Robinstein while being surrounded by ...

A Symphony of Noise – Matthew Herbert's Revolution

A Symphony of Noise – Matthew Herbert's Revolution | Deutschland 2021 | Documentary, Porträt | Enrique Sánchez Lansch | oA

Sound artist Matthew Herbert investigates the artistic and political potential hidden in in everyday sounds.

Timeswings – The Art of Hanne Darboven

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Rasmus Gerlach | oA

Hanne Darboven (1941-2009) is considered to be the German contribution to international conceptual art which began in the 1960s in the US. Darboven developed a complex, rhythmic numeric system out of the crossed digits of consecutive calendar dates ...

Tito on Ice

Schweden/Deutschland 2012 | Animation, Documentary | Helena Ahonen, Max Andersson

With a life size dummy of the dead dictator Josip Broz Tito as a travel companion, Swedish comic-strip artists Max Andersson und Lars Lunnesson undertake a bizarre road trip through the underground culture of the Balkans.


Italien/Frankreich 2022 | Drama | Mario Martone

After 40 years, building contractor Felice returns to his hometown Naples to help his sick mother and reconnects with his old childhood friend Oreste, who is now a mafia boss.


Unrueh | Schweiz 2022 | Drama | Cyril Schäublin | Interview

UNRUH is about Kropotkin‘s time in the Jura valley, the upheavel of the watchmaking industry in the 19th century and the anarchist self-organization of the watch workers, but also about the capitalist dictate of time, subtle oppression and quiet ...

The Promise – Architect BV Doshi

The Promise – Architect BV Doshi | Deutschland 2023 | Documentary | Jan Schmidt-Garre

In 2018, Balkrishna Doshi was the first Indian architect to win the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel Prize for Architecture. His modernist architecture influenced by Corbusier is full of lightness and humanism.

Die Vision der Claudia Andujar: The Lady with the Arrows

Die Vision der Claudia Andujar: The Lady with the Arrows | Deutschland/Schweiz 2024 | Documentary | Heidi Specogna

A documentary about Swiss photographer Claudia Andujar, who travelled to the Amazon area as a photo reporter in 1955 and becomes an ally of the Yanomami there.

Vitalina Varela

Portugal 2019 | Drama | Pedro Costa

Vitalina Varela, 55 years old, Cape Verdean, arrives in Lisbon three days after her husband’s funeral. She had been separated from him for 25 years and now, piece by piece, discovers them life he led and hid from her.


Khibula | Georgien/Frankreich/Deutschland 2017 | Drama | George Ovashvili | 12

The banished first president of Georgia, Swiad Gamsachurdia, has returned home to topple the military government. He fights in the snowy mountains of North Caucasus with a group of supporters, spurred on by a hunger for power and crippled by ...

Vor mir der Süden

Italien/Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Pepe Danquart | oA

Pepe Danquart follows the traces of Pier Paolo Pasolini all across Italy with a Fiat Millecentro.

Wagner, Bayreuth und der Rest der Welt

Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Axel Brüggemann | oA

Axel Brüggemann‘s documentary WAGNER, BAYREUTH UND DER REST DER WELT wants to show the worldwide reception of Wagner by showing international Wagner fans as well as the epicenter of the Wagner phenomenon.

We Are All Detroit

We Are All Detroit | Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken

The documentary examines the dismantling of the industrial areas in Detroit and Bochum and looks for the rudiments of a reinvention.

Weltreise mit Buddha: Auf der Suche nach Glückseligkeit

Weltreise mit Buddha: Auf der Suche nach Glückseligkeit | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Jesco Puluj | 6

Wer ist Oda Jaune?

Deutschland 2016 | Biography, Documentary | Kamilla Pfeffer | oA

A portrait of the painter Oda Jaune, student and widow of the late Jörg Immendorf. While the conservations with the artist reveal little about herself or her work, her grotesque and excessive paintings make the film worthwhile.

Die Wettermacher – Irgendwo im Nirgendwo

Die Wettermacher – Irgendwo im Nirgendwo | Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Stanislaw Mucha | 12

Three meteorologists, one dog and a supply ship once a year. Stanisłav Mucha‘s documentary travels to the absolute periphery of science in the Siberian polar sea.

The Whale and the Raven

Deutschland, Kanada 2019 | Documentary | Mirjam Leuze | oA

Hermann Meuter and Janie Wray record whale activities in order to use this scientific data to support the battle of the indigenous population of British Columbia against a planned liquid gas project.

Wild – Jäger und Sammler

Schweiz 2021 | Documentary | Mario Theus | 12

Director and hunter Mario Theaus depicts the culture of hobbyists and professional hunters in the Swiss Alps.

Ahlat Agaci

Ahlat Agaci | TR 2018 | Drama | Nuri-Bilge Ceylan | 6

A prospective teacher and writer returns to his West Anatolian hometown Çan. New perspectives on religion, culture, and ethics arise from his conversations and conflicts with friends and family.

Where Are You, Joao Gilberto?

Where Are You, Joao Gilberto? | Schweiz/Frankreich/Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Georges Gachot | oA

George Gachot‘s WHERE ARE YOU, JOÃO GILBERTO? sets out to search for the forgotten inventor of Bossa Nova.

Youth Unstoppable: The Rise of the Global Youth Climate Movement

Youth Unstoppable: The Rise of the Global Youth Climate Movement | Kanada 2018 | Documentary | Slater Jewell-Kemker | 6

Milosc jest blisko

Taming The Garden | Georgien/Deutschland/Schweiz 2021 | Documentary | Salomé Jashi | NEW RELEASE

Bidsina Ivanishvili, the former prime minister and one of the most powerful men in Georgia, digs out and ships all of the leaf trees aged 100 and older to a public garden on the Black Sea Coast of Georgia.


Zvizdan | Kroatien/Serbien/Slowenien 2015 | Drama | Dalibor Matanic

Three stories of love and war set in a small Croatian village from 1991-1995. Dalibar Matanic’s film is a melancholic portrait of a collective tragedy and its effect on several generations.

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