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06.12.2022 to 14.12.2022

The "Best Of Cinema"-series continues. On November 1st we're off to Manhattan in the futuristic year of 1997. The entire island has been declared a maximum security prison and when the President's plane crashes there, Snake Plissken (Kurt Russel) is the only man capable of saving him. But it ... more


Sputnik Kino am Südstern

Vinylrausch turns 50

The 50th Vinylrausch will be playing Afro-Cuban rhythms in jazz and rock on November 17th at Sputnik Kino: Chick Corea developed long, energetically loaded songs that seem light at first but reveal more and more facets upon close listening on his debut “Return to Forever“ ... more


Short Film Day 2022

It‘s Short Film Day again on December 21st, the shortest day of the year, and all over the country there will be short film screenings in cinemas, schools, kindergartens, associations and private individuals under the motto “I can see something that you cannot see.“ The events ... more

24.12.2022 to 01.01.2023

Sputnik Kino am Südstern

Holiday Cinema at Sputnik

As always, Sputnik Kino will be open on Christmas and New Year‘s. There will be previews of films that will make you anticipate the movie year 2023 along with classics and film favorites from the past year. This includes critical favorite THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN by Martin ... more

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