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2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick's monumental space opera is shown in the original version and projected in classical 70 mm. read more

25th Hour


A Pure Place

Release Date 25.11.2021 read more

Amazing Grace

Release Date 28.11.2019 ARETHA FRANKLIN: AMAZING GRACE is a fascinating, dazzling historic document about a career highlight of one of the greatest singers of the 20th century, and about the production of one of her most successful albums. read more


Release Date 04.11.2021 Kate Winslet is paleontologist Mary Anning who collects fossils on the southern coast of England and sells them to tourists. She is tasked with caring for a client‘s sickly wife, Charlotte (Saoirse Ronan), who has been prescribed to get some sea ... read more

Amour Fou

Release Date 15.01.2015 Inspired by the double-suicide of Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel, Jessica Hausner (HOTEL, LOURDES) recounts the love-death story as an extreme stylized and amusing experiment. read more

And Then We Danced

Release Date 23.07.2020 Levan Gelbakhiani as Merab frolics with unrestrained energy and a disarming smile in this Georgian love drama about two ballet students. read more

Aware – Reise in das Bewusstsein

Release Date 02.09.2021 The documentary follows six researchers who deal with the topic of awareness from different perspectives – among them are brain researcher Christof Kock, psychedelics researcher Robert Griffith, and biologist Monica Gagliano. read more


B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin

Release Date 21.05.2015 A fast paced montage of TV-features, videos and Super-8-films, B-MOVIE tells the story of one of the most exciting periods of the West-Berlin music scene, from the perspective of Mark Reeder, an Englishman from Manchester, who moved to Berlin in ... read more

Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull

Release Date 02.09.2021 Adaption of the novel by Thomas Mann of the same title. read more

Bergman Island

Release Date 04.11.2021 A filmmaking couple spends a summer in Fårö, the chosen home and place of longing of director Ingmar Bergman. Hansen-Løve interlaces the narrative layers with Bergman themes and motifs with uncanny assuredness. read more

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Release Date 16.07.2020 In Burhan Qurbani‘s new adaptation of Döblin‘s “Berlin Alexanderplatz,“ Franz Biberkopf is replaced by Francis, a migrant from Guinea-Bissau who feels responsible for his wife‘s drowning in the Mediterranean and wants to become a good ... read more


Release Date 23.08.2018 BLACKKKLANSMAN tells the (true) story of black police detective Ron Stallworth who pretended to be a white racist on the phone and entered the most inner circle of the Ku Klux Klan in the 70s. read more

Blue Velvet

Evil is looming behind the white picket fences in David Lynch's psychological thriller BLUE VELVET. read more


Release Date 28.10.2021 Brothers Kofi and Kojo are growing up on the electronic scrap landsfill by the gates of Accra, but they dream of a good life like the ones the “Borga“ have, the Ghanaians who have made money abroad. read more


Climate Warriors – Der Kampf um die Zukunft unseres Planeten

Release Date 06.12.2018 A documentary about "climate warriors" in Germany and the US. read more

Corpus Christi

Release Date 03.09.2020 A harsh, beautiful exploration of religion and redemption in small-town Poland. read more


Release Date 26.08.2021 A small bank clerk steals millions from his employer in the 1980s, leaves, and then gets homesick. COUP meticulously and entertainingly reconstructs this wild – and true (!) - story of deceit. read more

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

Release Date 19.08.2021 Julian Temple (THE GREAT ROCK’N’ROLL SWINDLE, ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS) has paid The Pogues singer Shane MacGowan a cinematic punk tribute. read more

Cry Macho

Release Date 21.10.2021 A retired rodeo rider is sent to Mexico to retrieve his former boss' son. Things get complicated when the mother sends goons after the pair. read more


Das Schwarze Quadrat

Release Date 25.11.2021 Forger Vincent and the somewhat naive Nils steal Malewitsch‘s “The Black Square“ and flee on a cruise ship. A surreal ensemble crime film with a touch of Wes Anderson. read more

Dawn Of The Dead

Release Date 28.10.2021 Classic zombie film from George A. Romero: On the run from the zombie apocalypse the survivors hide in a shopping mall. Soon the place is overrun by aggressive bikers and shambling zombies. read more

Dear Evan Hansen

Release Date 28.10.2021 read more

Dear Future Children

Release Date 14.10.2021 Filmmaker Franz Böhm and his team accompanied three activists on three continents in DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN: Rayan (22) fights for more equality in Chile, Hilda (22) founded Fridays for Future Uganda, and “Pepper“ demonstrates for more democratic ... read more

Deckname Jenny

Release Date 19.04.2018 A young woman, “Code Name Jenny,“ joins a militant, autonomous group that is planning two attacks. When the operation is about to fail, “Jenny‘s“ father, who used to be active in a revolutionary cell, takes over. read more

Die Känguru-Chroniken

Release Date 02.07.2020 Scatter-brained artist Marc-Uwe and his anarchist roommate, the Kangaroo, have to outwit a property speculator who wants to rebuild Kreuzberg. An adaptation of Marc-Uwe Kling‘s cult classic “The Kangaroo Chronicles.“ read more


Release Date 30.08.2018 Johanna Sunder-Plassman and Tama Tobias-Macht portray four men with no permanent residences. read more

Dream Horse

Release Date 12.08.2021 Based on a true story: a Welsh village community starts race horse breeding and raises a winner in an allotment garden. read more


Release Date 16.09.2021 Long-awaited film version of Frank Herbert's scifi-epic. Political intrigue and giant sandworms on the desert planet Arrakis. Young Paul Atreides has to face up to his destiny. read more



Fabian or Going to the Dogs

Release Date 05.08.2021 Dominik Graf has filmed Erich Kästner‘s saddest novel. A future Berlin classic. read more


Release Date 12.08.2021 Since old Willis can‘t stay alone on his Upstate New York farm anymore, his gay son John takes him to California. Willis thanks him with tirades filled with bitterness. read more

Familie Brasch

Release Date 16.08.2018 Father Horst Brasch was the founder of the Free German Youth and a SED official, children Thomas, Klaus, Peter, and Marion are all artists, writers, actors, and novelists. Annekathrin Hendel‘s documentary reviews the family‘s history between ... read more

Finding Vivian Maier

Release Date 26.06.2014 At an auction in 2005 the collector and director John Maloof bought a box of negatives. After he developed the photos he discovered one of the best photographers of the 20th century. He goes looking for the back story of the unknown photographer ... read more

First Cow

Release Date 18.11.2021 FIRST COW is a tender story about the friendship between two men who are different than the Hollywood image of the “pioneers“ of the West. read more

Fisherman's Friends

Release Date 08.08.2019 Danny gets tasked with signing the Shanty Choir from Port Isaac to a record label. When he realizes that this was a joke, he is already knee deep in the small town‘s network of relationships. read more


Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Continuing events 30 years after GHOST BUSTERS, the third part sees the next generation face a supernatural threat to the world. read more

Grosse Freiheit

Release Date 18.11.2021 From the concentration camp directly to prison: Hans Hoffmann (Franz Rogowski) is gay and that is still considered a crime in post-war FRG. He meets Viktor (Georg Friedrich) there, who is in prison for murder. read more

Gunpowder Milkshake

Release Date 02.12.2021


Herr Bachmann und seine Klasse

Release Date 16.09.2021 A long-term documentary about an extraordinary teacher and his class. read more


Release Date 11.11.2021 Motherhood images collide in a religious center in Buenos Aires: the nuns lead the cloister under strict supervision and make it possible for single, often teenage mothers to have housing and care. read more


Release Date 29.07.2021 Franka Potente‘s film HOME is set in a Californian small town hit by poverty and the opioid epidemic. Marvin returns to his hometown after 17 years in prison where the granddaughter of the woman he murdered develops sympathy for him.

House of Gucci

Release Date 02.12.2021 The real-life assassination of the head of fashion house Gucci is turned into a stylish, star-studded crime thriller by Ridley Scott. read more


I'm Your Man

Release Date 01.07.2021 Historian Alma is meant to spend three weeks with a robot who has been programmed to be her ideal partner using statistical data from millions of women and Alma‘s personal “mindfiles.“ read more

Instructions for Survival


Je suis Karl

Release Date 16.09.2021 Maxi‘s mother and her little siblings die in a terrorist attack that is attributed to Islamist terrorists but was actually committed by neo-Nazis. Handsome young Nazi Karl creeps in on Maxi in order to use her for the group‘s propaganda. read more


Last Duel

Release Date 14.10.2021 Historical drama about the last legally sanctioned duel in France 1386. read more

Last Night in Soho

Release Date 11.11.2021 Sensitive and introverted Eloise dreams of glamorous Sandy at night, who wants to become a singer in the swinging sixties in London. But soon the dark and dangerous sides of the sixties are revealed. read more

Le Prince

Release Date 30.09.2021 One day Frankfurt curator Monika stumbles into an African bar and meets the mysterious Joseph during a raid. A complex love story begins. read more

Lieber Thomas

Release Date 11.11.2021 In their Thomas Brasch biopic, director Andreas Kleinert and writer Thomas Wendrich playfully work with facts, widely shake things up, leave things out, bulk things up, exaggerate and underplay. read more

Little Women

Release Date 30.01.2020 Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott. The four March sisters are moving from childhood to adulthood, briefly stuck in a transitory state as "little women". read more

Love Sarah

Release Date 10.09.2020 After her mother dies, 19 year old Clarissa wants to fulfill her biggest dream together with her grandmother and her mother‘s old friend Isabella: to open a bakery in London‘s hipster neighborhood Notting Hill. read more


Midnight Family


Release Date 15.07.2021 In his semi-autobiographical film, Lee Isaac Chung depicts Korean-American family Yi, who don‘t move out west in search of the American Dream, but rather from California to rural Arkansas. read more

Movements of a nearby Mountain

Mr. X: Le cinema de Leos Carax

A portrait of one of the most extraordinary directors currently active: Monsieur Leos Carax. read more



Release Date 12.08.2021 NAHSCHUSS tells the story of the case of Werner Treske who was assassinated on June 1981 in Leipzig. He was the last of a total of 231 death sentences and 166 enforced executions in the GDR. read more


Release Date 15.07.2021 Vain actor Daniel Brühl (playing himself) is at a corner bar when he encounters bitter neighbor Bruno (Peter Kurth) who takes the opportunity to settle the score with him. read more

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Release Date 01.10.2020 When 17-year-old Autumn from Pennsylvania finds out that she‘s pregnant, she only tells her cousin Skyler about it. With little money and the address of a clinic in her bag, the two make their way to New York City. read more

No Hard Feelings

Release Date 24.09.2020 Parvis manouvers between the queer Hildesheim party scene and his liberal, Iranian suburban parental home with aplomb. When he does community service at a refugee home, he meets Amon and his sister Bana and starts roaming the streets with them over ... read more


Release Date 01.07.2021 Fern (Frances McDormand) becomes one of the “nomads“ after the death of her husband. The community lives in trailers at the margins of society leading a life somewhere between poverty and freedom. read more

Notes Of Berlin: The Film

Release Date 09.09.2021 Joab Nist‘s blog NOTES OF BERLIN, which posted the notes found on Berlin street lamps, windscreens, and post boxes was turned into the interactive website “Notes of Berlin Lab“ in 2014, where the stories behind the notes are told: which is ... read more

Nowhere Special

Release Date 07.10.2021 A Northern Irish window cleaner has cancer and knows he doesn‘t have much time left. Before he dies, he wants to find the right adoptive family for his son. read more



Release Date 01.07.2021 Christopher Walken plays a small farmer, Percy Schmeiser, who goes up against large corporation Monsanto. read more

Piazzolla – The Years of the Shark

Release Date 07.11.2019 An intimate portrait of tango revolutionary Astor Piazzola in super 8 family films, recordings of conversations with his daughter Diana from the 80s, and current stories from his son Daniel.

Promising Young Woman

Release Date 19.08.2021 Every Saturday night Casssandra (Carey Mulligan) pretends to be a helpless young woman – in order to get back at the men who want to use her. read more



Schlingensief – In das Schweigen hineinschreien

Release Date 20.08.2020 A documentary on German film and theatre director Christoph Schlingensief (1960-2010), assembled entirely from his films and interviews. read more

Sneak Preview

What's on the screen? We won't tell.

Spuren – Opfer des NSU

Release Date 13.02.2020 Documentary following the relatives of three men killed by right-wing terrorists between 2000 and 2007. read more


Release Date 05.09.2019 Cryptic, associative, fast-paced, physical, and generally extreme: young Israeli Yoav (Tom Mercier) tries to shed his cultural identity and become French in Paris. The 2019 Golden Bear winner. read more


Tagundnachtgleiche – Equinox

Release Date 18.11.2021 Silent Alexander begins a passionate affair with artist Paula. Shortly after, the beautiful stranger is dead, and Alexander loses it. read more

The Father

Release Date 26.08.2021 Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) is a distinguished old man who lives alone in his spacious apartment, but he‘s having more and more glitches. French director Florian Zeller portrays the mental decline from the subjective perspective of the afflicted. read more

The Green Knight

Release Date 29.07.2021 David Lowery (GHOST STORY) has taken on the strange epic “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight“ and has turned it into an even stranger, hypnotic film that is visually reminiscent of German expressionism and the films of Carl Theodor Dreyer. read more

The Matrix

Hacker Neo finds out that his life is a complex illusion and part of the “Matrix.“ Awakened, Neo joins a rebel group to fight the machines controlling it. But this battle can only be fought inside the Matrix. With kung-fu and lots of guns. read more

The Orphanage

Release Date 04.11.2021 The late 1980s in Afghanistan. Cinephile Quodat lives on the streets of Kabul before he is picked up by the police and taken to a children‘s home. read more

The Rider

Release Date 21.06.2018 Lakota cowboy Brady isn‘t actually allowed to ride anymore after a head injury which he got while doing rodeo, but there‘s no other life for him. In Chloe Zhao‘s moving and enchanting film, Brady and his family play a fictional version of ... read more

The Royal Game

Release Date 23.09.2021 The impressive, partially shocking psychological portrait of an indomitable character. Philip Stölzl adapted Stefan Zweig‘s last text, “The Royal Game.“ read more

The Scavengers

The Sunlit Night

Release Date 23.09.2021 When artist Fran gets the opportunity to paint artist Nils‘ shed in Lofoten over the summer, she is thankful for the unusual offer – anything to get away from New York! The romantic comedy thrives on weird and warm characters, imaginative decor, ... read more


Release Date 07.10.2021 The comparison to David Cronenberg‘s CRASH is obvious. However, Cronenberg‘s film is cold and intellectual and TITANE is emotional and disturbing. read more

Top Girl oder La deformation professionnelle

Release Date 15.01.2015 TOP GIRL is reminiscent of René Pollesch's discourse theatre. The second part of Turanskyj's women and work trilogy tells the story of Helena, an unemployed actor (Julia Hummer), who works as an escort and fulfills the sexual wishes of her clients. ... read more


Release Date 23.09.2021 Babtou is under threat of deportation, so he marries his best friend Dennis. The issue which is usually subtextual in the “male friendship“ genre is at the core here: heterosexual love between two men who are learning how to express their ... read more

Trans – I Got Life

Release Date 23.09.2021 The documentary shows how plastic surgery can help trans patients feel comfortable in their bodies. It portrays men and women in different life and transitional phases as well as their doctors and their work. read more


Una pelicula de policias


Variety Lights

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Follow-up to VENOM with a new, even deadlier symbiote appearing on the scene. read more


Walchensee Forever

Release Date 21.10.2021 Janna Ji Wonder‘s documentary about her own family takes her from Bavaria to the US, to Rainer Langhan‘s commune, and back to Walchensee. read more

Walter Kaufmann: What A Life!

Release Date 30.09.2021 Walter Kaufmann, born in 1924, escaped to England with the Kindertransport and became a travel writer in the GDR thanks to his Australian passport: his journeys took him from Hiroshima to the US civil rights movement, the Cuban revolution, and ... read more

Who is Afraid of Alice Miller?

Release Date 11.11.2021 A documentary about Martin Miller and his mother Alice Miller, the author of “The Drama Of The Gifted Child,“ and their complex relationship. read more

Why Are We (Not) Creative?

Release Date 23.09.2021 A documentary exploring the factors that lessen creativity. read more

Why Are We Creative?

Release Date 04.10.2018 Hermann Vaske asked celebrities like Marina Abramovic, David Bowie, Mel Gibson, Neo Rauch, Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, and Bono where their creativity actually comes from. read more

Why Not You

Release Date 07.10.2021 Mario‘s friend Lenz dies in an islamist terrorist attack in Rome. In Mario‘s South Tyrol home village, Nadim, a former classmate and Muslim, is Mario‘s ally. The film explores sexual identity, religious terrorism, survivor guilt, addiction, ... read more

Wings of Desire

Release Date 12.04.2018 Otto Sander and Brunco Ganz as angels watching over Berlin. Wim Wender‘s poetic film is also a historic document of the city before the fall of the Wall. read more

Winter Journey

Release Date 22.10.2020 Georg Goldsmith and his wife fled Nazi Germany in 1941; he now lives alone in his house in Arizona. He had not spoken about the past for years until his son Martin confronts him with it and reconstructs his parents’ story. read more

With One's Own Eyes

Release Date 11.11.2021 WITH ONE‘S OWN EYES documents the work of the editorial team of ARD‘s political magazine “Monitor“ on a segment about the killing of district president Walter Lübke. read more

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