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20,000 Species Of Bees

Release Date 29.06.2023 The child wants to be called Lucia, but Aitor is his male birth name. In the nature idyll of the Basque Country – grand aunt‘s beehive, with the queen who the child identifies with – a coming out unfolds within a complex family history. read more


A Haunting in Venice

Release Date 14.09.2023 Hercule Poirot investigates a murder which may have been committed by ghosts. read more


Release Date 20.04.2023 AFIRE is a vacation comedy and an apocalyptic film, a simultaneously compassionate and wonderfully wicked reflection on making art and a sophisticated mixture of the tangible and the metaphoric. It won the Silver Bear at this year‘s Berlinale. read more


Release Date 28.09.2023 ANHELL69 is a film that was never made about young, beautiful, queer people from Medellín, about a country and a generation that doesn‘t know peace. The recipient of the Golden Dove at the documentary festival DOK Leipzig in 2022. read more

Asteroid City

Release Date 15.06.2023 Like Richard Linklater in APOLLO 10 ½ Wes Andersons ASTEROID CITY explores a mythical Space Age that dreamt of a bright future very different from the present. read more


B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin

Release Date 21.05.2015 A fast paced montage of TV-features, videos and Super-8-films, B-MOVIE tells the story of one of the most exciting periods of the West-Berlin music scene, from the perspective of Mark Reeder, an Englishman from Manchester, who moved to Berlin in ... read more


Release Date 20.07.2023 Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) travel from pink and plastic Barbieworld to the real world after starting to question their perfect surroundings. read more

Beau Is Afraid

Release Date 11.05.2023 Those who understand that Kafka is a funny writer will have fun with BEAU IS AFRAID. read more

Black Box

Release Date 10.08.2023 The police imposes a ban on going out due to an unspecified suspicion of terrorism in an apartment building in Berlin. Under the pressure from outside, loyalties crumble, relationships and once trusted assumptions collapse, distrust and fear run ... read more


Call Jane

Release Date 01.12.2022 CALL JANE tells a fictionalized version of the formation of the “Jane Collective,“ a network of activists that performed hundreds of illegal, but safe, abortions in the 60s and 70s in Chicago. read more



Release Date 07.09.2023 In the 1970s, the aging Dalí couple holds court in a New York hotel and makes tons of money with their glamorous lifestyle. Young James, Dalí‘s assistant, is meant to ensure that the painter makes enough paintings for a planned exhibition. read more

Drei Frauen – Three Women

A filmic encounter with three women living a self-determined life read more


Fallen Leaves

Release Date 14.09.2023 In his later films, Aki Kaurismäki is not a director of melancholy and loss, but of hope and return. In his films people get a second chance, sometimes even a second life. read more


Geschlechterkampf – Das Ende des Patriarchats

Release Date 03.08.2023 A brechtian essay film about an actress aged 42. As the job opportunities dry up, she is furious enough to want no less than dismantle capitalism and the patriarchy in their entirety. read more


Release Date 28.09.2023 Björn and Luise, a reserved Danish couple with a small daughter, are visiting their vacation acquaintances, the extroverted Dutch couple Patrick and Karin. While there, they are exposed to small but gradually escalating transgressions. read more


Jeder schreibt für sich allein

Release Date 24.08.2023 Dominik Graf follows the traces of writers in Nazi Germany in an almost three hour long documentary. read more


Millennium Mambo

Release Date 21.09.2023 Hou Hsiao-Hsien‘s portrait of young people in Taipei with no prospects at the turn of the century premiered in Cannes. Two decades later, it shines in new splendour. read more


Release Date 13.11.2014 Xavier Dolan’s new film about a hard-drinking and cussing single mother, her violent son and a traumatized teacher with a speech impediment who gives new hope to the family, is high-powered cinema, reminiscent of John Cassavetes films. read more


On the Adamant

Release Date 14.09.2023 On the “Grande Adamante,“ a house boat on the Seine, patients from a Parisian psychiatric facility come by and do activities togethers. It‘s a space they can co-organise and shape. read more


Release Date 20.07.2023 A three-hour epic by visual perfectionist Christopher Nolan chronicling the development of the atomic bomb and the internal struggle of its "father", J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cilian Murphy) read more

Orlando, ma biographie politique

Release Date 14.09.2023 ORLANDO is a small queer film jewel that makes you want a rebellious and free future with its sheer existence and esprit. read more



Release Date 31.08.2023 Ira Sachs‘ newest film is a portrait of a group of international artists in their 30s experimenting with lifestyles in an externally casual and internally uneasy way. At the center is narcissist Tomas (Franz Rogowski) who is only concerned with ... read more

Past Lives

Release Date 17.08.2023 From the restrained beginning to its tender end, PAST LIVES is a film in which every nuance is right, capturing every subtle oscillation that hangs in the air between the three protagonists, never saying too much or too little. read more



Release Date 07.09.2023 SKINAMARINK is simultaneously impressive, frightening, and intrusively slow. There hasn't been a more experimental horror film in a long time. read more


Release Date 18.05.2023 Ewald is a power plant controller in Romania. He uses his wealth and the ignorance of the rural population to open a free “judo school“ for little boys named Sparta. read more

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy need to team up with all the Spiders of the Multiverse to stop a villain threatening the Multiverse. read more


Talk to Me

Release Date 27.07.2023 There‘s a new sensation at school: you meet and conjure up the dead with the help of a magic, embalmed hand. One person touches the hand, says “talk to me“ and sees a half-decayed ghost. read more

The Crime Is Mine

Release Date 06.07.2023 Every few years, François Ozon indulges in a loud farce with a feminist twist. THE CRIME IS MINE is set in the 1930s. Unsuccessful actress Madeleine is suspected of murder after a producer is found dead. She is innocent, but confesses in order to ... read more

The Inspection

Release Date 24.08.2023 In THE INSPECTION, Elegance Bratton directs a film inspired by personal experience in a straightforward, powerful way: after coming out, he was kicked out by his mother and lived on the street, before he finished basic training to become a marine. read more

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Teacher's Lounge

Release Date 04.05.2023 A theft occurs at a Berlin school. Çatak escalates the situation with the unstoppability of a screwball comedy or a catastrophe movie. read more

The Whale

Release Date 27.04.2023 Brendan Fraser won Best Actor at this year‘s Academy Awards for his role as Charlie, a dying, immobile, overweight English teacher. read more