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Teaches of Peaches

Release Date 09.05.2024 It’s a lot of fun to follow the funny and energetic Peaches on stage and behind the scenes, and there’s quite a lot to discover about her. read more

Robot Dreams

Release Date 09.05.2024 A heart-rending indie comic adaptation about a lonely dog who buys robot parts in 1980s New York and builds himself a robot who becomes his best friend. A story told entirely without dialogue. read more


Was von der Liebe bleibt

Release Date 02.05.2024 When Yasemin is shot in an attack in Berlin, her husband Ilyas' world falls apart. According to the police, she was involved with the PKK. read more


Mars Express

Release Date 25.04.2024 read more


Release Date 25.04.2024 EUREKA is a sometimes depressing, sometimes enchanting work in three parts, loosely connected by the themes of land grabbing and the decimation of indigenous living spaces. read more


Release Date 25.04.2024 The crisis in STERBEN is always present. In three chapters, each focusing on a different family memory, Glasner depicts the story of decay with oscillating radicalism. read more


Release Date 25.04.2024 A woman, two men who fight over here, a second-rate tennis game as the simplest possible metaphor for their competition: Luca Guadagnino directs this essentially banal farce, as if it were a matter of life and death, with grand gestures and rousing ... read more