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Edie Moore took care of her paralyzed husband for 30 years. When he dies, the octogenarian continues with her daily routine. While cleaning up, an old postcard with a mountain panorama falls into her hands and triggers the memory of a mountan climb in Scotland that she always wanted to go on. Her camping equipment might not be very modern, but she buys what‘s missing in the Highlands in Jonny‘s store and hires the young henpecked husband as her mountain guide. He could leave the small Scottish village behind him at some point with the money he‘s made. In the beginning the relationship ... more



Eight young amateur filmmakers shot films in Rostov/Don about their hometown and its residents. A butcher wants to become a jazz musician, a dancer works as a firefighter, and a young man reconstructs the history of a constructivist building shaped like a key. A camera team supports and documents the film shoot and interviews the young filmmakers at the same time. A multi-layered portrait emerges.

Acud Kino: 8.5. at 20:00 / Sputnik Kino 13.5. at 19:00 / Brotfabrik Kino 30.5. at 18:00, OmeU more



From May 24th-26th the Offenes Neukölln Festival will be taking place for the third time. The film festival began in 2017 as a reaction to a series of right-wing attacks and death threats against leftist activists in Neukölln which are still happening – in March there was a death threat against an employee of a counselling center against right-wing extremism (MBR) written on a Neukölln stairwell. The festival stands for an “open and solidary Neukölln as a place of interconnectedness.“ Il Kino will show the film more


The Wild Boys

“Do you know the story of Tanguy? Tanguy and the wild boys?”

It’s a story that you know. Rich, entitled teenage boys commit an act of sexual violence. Their deadly crime is the latest in a long list of anti-social offenses: public drunkenness, brawls, insults to faculty, abuse of domestic help. Protected by their privilege, the five boys are released back to their families for disciplining.

It’s a story you think you know, only to instead enter a cinematic fever dream that is erotic, exotic and queer. In this tale of masculinity and metamorphosis, LES GARÇONS SAUVAGES/THE WILD BOYS ... more


Mission Lifeline

Mission Lifeline documents the founding of the organization of the same name, and perilous rescues by its group of multidisciplinary, multicultural volunteers in the Mediterranean Sea, where an astounding number of asylum seekers drown. The crew stands on watch for boats that will inevitably sink, as they are made of shoddy material and packed several fold over capacity with people. Mission Lifeline e.V. then brings people to safety and provides medical care.

Mission Lifeline features sweeping shots of the Mediterranean, and captures footage of rescues, as well as the day to day ... more



I always believed in America....
David DMP Moore is already fairly well known in Berlin for his film-marathons and all-night-screenings. For Father's Day he is showing all three parts of Francis Ford Coppola's family epic THE GODFATHER. The films decribe the rise of the honourable Corleone family from humble beginnings as immigrants to sucessful olive oil importers and even later, paragons of social virtue receiving awards from the Holy Father, the Pope himself.
All rumours that they are in any shape or form tied to criminal activity or organised crime are wrong. They would never ... more


Undir trénu

Within the first few minutes of Under the Tree, we’ve already seen all the basic components that will make up the remainder of the film: a domestic conflict, quickly shifting points of view, hints of violence, an illicit act caught on camera. It’s a stark and effective move by director Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, conveying the deliberate confidence of a chef laying out all his ingredients before firing up the stove.

The first half of the film centers around Atli, whose indiscretions see him kicked out of his house by his furious wife. Forced to stay with his parents in the Reykjavik ... more



The camera moves with determination across a New York subway station inside a train to an abandoned handbag. Seamus McGarvey‘s (NOCTURNAL ANIMALS) visuals are constantly in motion and are always aimed at a supposed objective which could be revealed in the next pan. GRETA plays with this foreboding, which lets its protagonists slide into a modern paranoid thriller filled with urban cynicism. Young Frances ( Chloë Grace Moretz) is nice enough to bring over the bag to an older woman since her ID was inside. Greta (Isabelle Huppert) insists on inviting her to tea as a thank you. The camera ... more


Ray & Liz

Richard Billingham first came to public prominence with the photo series "Ray’s A Laugh", which was part of Charles Saatchi’s notorious Sensation show in 1997 that included Damien Hirst and others. The series consisted of photos of Billingham’s poverty-stricken parents, Ray and Liz, who drank and smoked their lives away against the wallpapered and floral-patterned backdrop of their council estate. The raw, candid photos of "Ray’s A Laugh" raised questions of authenticity and exploitation, but nonetheless brought Billingham a degree of fame and notoriety, as well as a Turner ... more

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May is a good month for short film fans. In Acud and Il Kino there‘s Shorts Attack as always, this time with a “Sex and Madness“ program. In City Kino the Latin American Short Film Festival will guest for two days, at Il Kino Grrl Haus invites you to a short film night with films by and about women, and in Wolf Kino Oberhausen Short Film Festival will guest from May 16th-22nd with their „Oberhausen on Tour“ program which brings highlights of the festival to the world every two years.

3.&4.5. at 20.30: Latin ... more

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