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Maria Speth‘s observational documentary MR BACHMANN AND HIS CLASS is three and a half hours long. The film will probably be in cinemas for just a short amount of time – despite winning the Silver Bear at the Berlinale and being well worth seeing, not just because it‘s the most striking political criticsm of the German education system since Klaus Mann‘s “Der Untertan.“ But MR BACHMANN does take two programming slots. Cinemas can only grant this through good will and calculated loss.

The film itself does need this time, and it‘s important the dive into its universe that Maria ... more


Support the Filmrausch

It‘s been discussed a thousand times...and now it is happening. The Kulturfabrik Moabit, which includes the long-established Moabit neighborhood cinema the Filmrauschpalast, is being renovated and a ventilation system with heat recovery is going to be installed. They also need a new platform and new dimmers. The cinema loving team of volunteers who have been working there for 30 years and love showing films in 35 mm – there‘ll be a 35 mm screening of FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL in September – don‘t have the means to pay for all of this on their own. You can find more ... more



The US likes to see themselves as number one, as a nation of doers, where problems are tackled and solved. Bill Baker (Matt Damon) is a man who perfectly embodies this ideal – and soon reaches his limits in Tom McCarthy‘s STILLWATER. Baker comes from Stillwater, Oklahoma, works in construction, wears sleeveless shirts and has a big eagle tattooed on his bicep. He regularly flies to Marseilles, where his daughter Allison (Abigail Breslin) has been imprisoned for several years for killing her friend. Her father believes she is innocent and does everything he can to prove it. When the lawyer ... more


Freakscene – The Story of Dinosaur Jr.

In the mid 80s Dinosaur Jr. – just Dinosaur back then, the “jr.“ was added after an older hippie band sued them – released their debut album, which was still rooted in US hardcore punk, but took a more relaxed approach with older rock styles. Dinosaur Jr. were (and are) insanely loud yet still seem strangely introverted. The band quickly found success in independent circles and landed in the indie charts in 1988 with their hit “Freak Scene.“ One year later their cover of The Cure song “Just Like Heaven“ landed in the pop charts. Dinosaur Jr. Was at the height of their success, ... more



Samuel and Janik are best friends, inseparable, like brothers. Their domain is Janik‘s parents gazebo. Friends, family – middle-class and well-situated in Janik‘s case, and struggling a lot in Samuel‘s case – and future career plans aren‘t discussed much. First they have to finish their final exams after which they‘ll implement their long-cherished plan: a trip to Istanbul where Samuel hopes to meet his father, whom he‘s never met. Right before the trip something stupid happens involving alcohol that is irreparable. The two of them still go without patching up their deep ... more



Bernard Rose's 1992 film CANDYMAN was about Helen, a White graduate student who during her field studies caomes across the urban legend of the Candyman, a hookhanded spirit who kills anybody daring to say his name five times in front of a mirror. During her excursions Helen is also confronted with the life-realities of the Black inhabitants of the Chicago area Cabrini Green. While the film was progressive in terms of PoC visibility, its point-of-view was still a strictly White one. Nia DiCosta's 2020 sequel of the same name corrects this. Here a Black artist/curator couple moves into a ... more


Cinematic Berlin Shop

Mugs & More

We produced bear coffee mugs and a luxury edition of our poster because we absolutely love the design by Hans Baltzer.
It's available in our new Cinematic Berlin shop and half of the proceeds go to Berlin's independent cinemas. Visit our brand new shop at: more


Promising Young Woman

An evening like any other at a yuppie bar. A group of suits unwind after work. In the corner, a woman is sitting on a couch, obviously drunk, helplessly trying to find her phone. One of the men proclaims to be a gentleman and offers to drive her home. The “nice guy“ exploits the opportunity, takes her to bed and starts undressing her, but her no keeps getting more pesistent until she is suddently sitting across from him, stone cold sober, and he gets the shock of his life. Cassandra (Carey Mulligan) has made it her mission to confront pushy men. The scheme is always the same, it seems to ... more


Notes Of Berlin: The Film

In NOTES OF BERLIN your Karma is purring along in an electric wheelchair, a flat-share casting ends up in a housing war, a cook becomes a king, everyone is desperately searching for a father-to-be and a nerd is forced by a bunny to finally meet his neighbours. Can you take a cab to the Eiffel tower and who is the Queen of Berlin?
All these stories are inspired by real notes that were found in the streets of Berlin - on lampposts, in staircases, in backyards - and published on Joab Nist‘s blog
Set over 24 hours, the ... more


Dream Horse

DREAM HORSE is based on a real feel-good story that occurred in a Welsh village ten years ago. Middle-aged couple Jan (Toni Colette) and Brian (Owen Teale) live there. She slaves away as a barkeeper in the local bar and takes care of her old parents every day. In the mornings a fleeting glimpse at the winner‘s certificate in pigeon breeding remind her of the hobbies she has no time for anymore. He has completely given up after a work accident and just looks at cattle breeding on the TV. The days seem aimless until Jan overhears a conversation at the bar about racehorse breeding. She buys an ... more