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INDIEKINO gibt es jetzt bundesweit – zu welcher Ausgabe möchten Sie?

Der Standort ist jederzeit veränderbar unter „Programm > Standort ändern“ oder „Was läuft hier und heute?“.

ALFILM, the Arab Film Festival Berlin in its 11th edition, was also postponed to September, a month in which festivals are swarming like wasps on the last piece of cake. Maybe that‘s why the Alfilm films and panels have spread out over all of September. From 1st-29th of September the “Official Selection“ will show films from the Arab world at Kino Arsenal, City Kino Wedding, and Freiluftkino Kreuzberg. The spotlight theme this year is “Resistance is Female – Female Perspectives on War, Conflict, and other States of Emergency“.

You can find the ... more



There’s a compelling story at the heart of SEBERG, in which we see J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI enact an ugly campaign of surveillance and harassment against BREATHLESS actress Jean Seberg. It all starts in 1969, when Seberg (Kristen Stewart) befriends some controversial figures in the American civil rights movement, including Hakim Jamal (Anthony Mackie), who has ties to the Black Panther Party despised by Hoover. Under the right circumstances, this true-life tale could provide a unique perspective on race and class issues in America, as well as a look at how a corrupt, unregulated and ... more



Donat Keusch from the C.G. Jung Society will be screening Billy Wilder‘s gender comedy SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959, OV with German subs) as part of the Psyche and Film series. In October they will screen the excellent drama MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (2016, Engl. with german subs) where they will probably focus on guilt and trauma: a man, a woman, and a boy try to get back on their feet after a terrible event.

29.09. SOME LIKE IT HOT / 27.10. more


VISIONÄR Film Festival

The Visionär Film Festival offers first and second-time directors a platform at Acud Kino. A special focus is given to films directed by women and the questioning of gender concepts. In Sophie Marcotte‘s LA TEA TIME, an interview with Miranda July (KAJILLIONAIRE) turns into a religious journey, in Kunlin Wang‘s experimental OBSCURE farmer children don‘t just emancipate themselves from their patriarchal family structures. A special highlight is the opening event “Kino Sonico“ in which two Berlin electronic musicians will add new scores to the short films ... more


Dark Waters

Something’s not right in the town of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Animals are dying from massive tumors, children have black teeth, and rocks in the river shimmer with an eerie silver coating. One local farmer, whose land has turned into a cemetary for his livestock, is positive that the culprit is DuPont, the chemical manufacturing giant and primary employer in Parkersburg. Once the corporate lawyer Robert Bilott (Mark Rufallo) does a little poking around, we soon discover that while the farmer is right, the problem is much, much worse.

With DARK WATERS, director Todd Haynes ... more

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Sehsüchte Festival

The international student film festival in Potsdam moved from April to September and is now taking place as a hybrid event. The party is cancelled, the events will be smaller, and there will also be less international guests coming. On the other hand, there will be live stream events like “Dramaturgy Live“ and “Pitching,“ and those who can‘t come to Potsdam can watch it online. The motto of this year‘s festival is 20:20 Vision.

Sehsüchte takes place between 23.9.-27.9. at Film University ... more


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We produced bear coffee mugs and a luxury edition of our poster because we absolutely love the design by Hans Baltzer.
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Xhafer (Mišel Matičević) finds a dead rat by his garden gate. He isn‘t invited to a meeting about a project he is supposed to lead. His wife (Sandra Hüller) says that it doesn‘t necessarily have to do with racism. Maybe the people just don‘t like him. Xhafer, in his mid 40s and of Bosnian heritage, has three children, a German wife, a medium-sized home in one of those German suburbs, and a well paying academic job, but he can‘t let go of the feeling that someone or everyone is targeting him. The film EXIL, directed by Visar Morina, who migrated to Germany from Bosnia at age 15, is ... more


Notes of Berlin: Der Film

In NOTES OF BERLIN your Karma is purring along in an electric wheelchair, a flat-share casting ends up in a housing war, a cook becomes a king, everyone is desperately searching for a father-to-be and a nerd is forced by a bunny to finally meet his neighbours. Can you take a cab to the Eiffel tower and who is the Queen of Berlin?
All these stories are inspired by real notes that were found in the streets of Berlin - on lampposts, in staircases, in backyards - and published on Joab Nist‘s blog
Set over 24 hours, the ... more



14-year-old Nora (Lena Urzendowsky) lives in a high rise apartment on Kottbusser Tor in Berlin. The quiet girl breeds caterpillars in her room and is the hanger-on of her slightly older sister Jule (Lena Klenke). The mother reads Judith Butler at night and spends her day in bed. The fridge is usually empty and the freedom the teens enjoy seems limitless. They hang out in shisha bars, smoke joints, and film prank videos. Julie and her best friend feed themselves with cotton balls that they dunk in orange juice. For them it‘s all about looking good and boys. For Nora, her own body is a site ... more