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To complement the screening of APOCALYPSE NOW's Final Cut, Freiluftkino Pompeji is showing a programme of challenging war films from the 15th to 21st of July.
FULL METAL JACKET, THE DEER HUNTER and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, DAS BOOT and DUNKIRK are showing the high cost of war while offering thrilling stories. more


The Biggest Little Farm

Once there was a chef called Molly and an animal photographer called John and they both dreamt of having a meaningful life on an organic farm, a kind of Noah‘s Ark, where all the animals and plants in the world would live together. Then the two adopt animal shelter dog Toddy and he barks so much that they‘re thrown out of their small city apartment, and that‘s when Molly and John decide to follow their dream…

In THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM Molly and John Chester show how the idyllic Apricot Lane farm in California became a reality in the span of 7 years. First the two acquired sponsors, ... more



Almost exactly 40 years after first torching cinema screens, APOCALYPSE NOW is returning to cinemas in a new "Final Cut"-version, with improved image quality and a soundtrack which sounds as groundbreaking now as it did in 1979. more



Austria‘s political situation is a cause for concern, but it‘s also ripe for ridicule. Satires work particularly well in such climates. Elena Tikhonova‘s KAVIAR focuses on political insiders and corruption and amplifies situations until they become grotesque. Nadja (Margarita Breitkreiz) has got her hands full as the translator and personal assistant of oligarch Igor (Mikhail Evlanov). The single mom does everything she can to keep the choleric Russian happy. When the loopy billionaire plans to build a palace on the Viennese Bridge in the capital‘s center, Klaus (Georg Friedrich) ... more



The series Il Kino Italia presents NORMAL on June 19th at 20:00. Adele Tulli films daily actions, rituals, and scenes and demonstrates how heteronormativity is codified and transmitted.
On July 17th at 20:00 there will be a preview of Claudio Giovannesi‘s LA PARANZA DEL BAMBINI about a Neapolian youth gang which ran in this year‘s Berlinale competition.

As always, there will be a discussion after with Silvia Cresti and snacks in the lobby. more


Metti la nonna in freezer

NONNA MIA starts out with a phantasmagoric tracking shot that approaches a freezer, then passes through its ventilation system before slowly passing by the frozen landscape within. Coupled with the creepy, echoing sounds of the fan blades and distant music, it’s evocative of Jeunet/Caro films such as DELICATESSEN, pairing well with the film’s original Italian title: Metti la Nonna in Freezer. The titular Nonna lifts the freezer door, places a bag of tortellini inside, and closes it again, and the film is underway.

We’re soon introduced to the film’s male and female ... more


Aren't you happy?

"My dear, what are you doing here all alone?" "Waiting." "For your Prince Charming? It may be awhile." "For the end of capitalism." "Ah, then I’ll wait with you."

The first film by Berlin writer Susanne Heinrich (author of So, jetzt sind wir alle mal glücklich and In den Farben der Nacht) follows a young woman (Marie Rathscheck) as she drifts through life in an ultracool, endlessly bored, beautiful and ennui-ridden state. The film plays out in hyper-stylized scenes with titles like "End of the Love Story", "Post-Erotic Times", and "A Gentle Assault While Drinking Coffee". ... more



We will find out if Quentin Tarantino will rewrite US history with ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD after dealing with European history in mid-August. In July, Filmrauschpalast will look back on three films by the quotable filmmaker. Tarantino got his big break with the non-linear PULP FICTION in 1994 before making his declaration of love to blaxpoitation cinema, his icon Pam Grier, and his dialogue mentor Elmore Leonard in his most sage film JACKIE BROWN from 1997. And finally there is INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS in which a group of jewish-american soldiers set out to strike ... more


Five Fingers for Marseilles

FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES might be one of the world’s first South African Westerns. Incongruous as that may sound, everything from the stark beauty of its setting to the country’s history, which classified resistance to Apartheid as an outlaw movement, meshes perfectly with the genre. Set in the rocky, windswept highlands on the Lesotho border, FIVE FINGERS begins with a sort of creation myth: first there were trains, then settlers, then towns named after distant lands (Rome, Barcelona, and in this case, Marseilles). The native residents are cast into the wilderness, ... more


O Beautiful Night

Juri (Noah Saavedra) is a hypochondriac, has restless dreams about crows eating his heart, and feels death approaching. He meets Death, who looks like a Russian small time criminal (Marko Mandić) , at an arcade. More Mephisto than the reaper, he suggests that Juri should join him for some fun before he‘s dead. He could win the money in a round of Russian roulette with the owners of the go-kart track. At the death‘s drug dealer's place, Juri meets the “pretty poisonous plant“ Nina (Vanessa Loibl), who exposes her body in a peepshow. Juri would love to live a few hours longer for Nina. ... more