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DADDIO is a brave undertaking for a debut. The film is shot in quasi real time, during a 100 minute cab ride from JFK Airport to downtown New York. It is the last ride of the day for Clark (Sean Penn) and his passenger (Dakota Johnson) also gives off the impression that she has had a tough journey behind her. After a period of silence, Clark begins with a tirade about the "fucking apps," by which he means the competition from Uber, the tips that used to be bigger, and the cell phones that his customers stare into. But she doesn't do that - "you are a human." - a good transition to carefully ... more


The Bikeriders

Jeff Nichols’ THE BIKERIDERS is a film adaptation of the eponymous photo and interview book by Danny Lyon. “The Bikeriders“ was published in 1968, a year after Hunter S. Thompson became a reporter legend with “Hells Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.“ Danny Lyon was a member of the Chicago Outlaws from 1966 to 1967. Unlike Thompson, Danny Lyon doesn’t make an appearance as an author. The interviews seem like barely edited transcripts, while the photos of the rebellious beauty of the bikers are celebrated.

Jeff Nichols (TAKE SHELTER, LOVING) ...


Eternal You

When the partner of Canadian Joshua dies, he turns to artificial intelligence “Project December“ in his grief. He trains the chat-bot to answer like her using messages from his dead girlfriend. The surprisingly precise results gives Jason Rohrer, the developer of “Project December“ an idea. Chatting with the dead becomes a service, currently for 10 dollars. Joshua’s story and the “Jessica Simulation“ is reported on worldwide. In the documentary ETERNAL YOU, she is the entry point to a world of the virtual undead. The examples are both fascinating and frightening. Chat-bots, ...


Watching You: Die Welt von Palantir und Alex Karp

Palantirí are the magical stones in Lord of the Rings that can communicate with each other and transmit messages over long distances. They are instruments of power in Tolkien's Middle Earth universe. The Palantir software from the US company Palantir Technologies is one of the most powerful and controversial data analysis tools in the world and is used by secret services and police authorities, the US military, banks, hedge funds and some large companies. The company's specialty is to standardize and combine information from gigantic data collections and to find relevant links in order to ...


May, December

Todd Haynes (CAROL, I’M NOT THERE, FAR FROM HEAVEN, SAFE) is one of the most renowned US independent directors. In his newest film MAY DECEMBER, he gradually unfurls the network of relationships, power relations, and traumas of an unusual family. Actress Elizabeth (Natalie Portman) is meant to play the role of teacher Gracie (Julianne Moore) in a film about her affair and later marriage to her 13 year old former student. For research purposes, she visits Gracie, who was in prison due to the affair, and her family. Gracie is 59, her ex-student and current husband Joe (Charles Melton) is now ...


Late Night with the Devil

LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL directed by Australian brothers Cameron and Colin Cairnes is a mock found footage film which presents itself as a TV talk show from the 70s: the disastrous late night show “Night Owls” with host Jack Delroy (David Dastmalchian) is being shown, including behind-the-scenes scenes. It quickly becomes clear that Jack has attracted the interest of the lord of darkness. In the enchanting biographical introduction he tells of a visit to “The Grove” – a reference to the “Bohemian Grove” estate, which conspiracy theorists believe is the headquarters of elite US ...


Robot Dreams

As cute as the images of ROBOT DREAMS are, the feelings the film is about are mature, honest and touching. ROBOT DREAMS is about loneliness, grief, loss, about picking yourself up again, growing up, and friendship – those that don’t last and those that may open new perspectives. At the center is lonely “dog“ who plays Pong against himself alone in his apartment in 1980s New York and buys a robot assembly kit and builds a robot who becomes his best friend. Both of them are as happy together as friends can be, but then something happens that shakes up the life of “Dog“ and ...


Teaches of Peaches

Merrill Nisker aka Peaches jolted the Berlin underground sceene and gender politics in the early 2000s with her electro-clash-punk and spectacular DIY shows. A hairy, glittering whirlwind that elevated female sexuality from object of desire to bearer of desire. Songs like “Fuck the Pain Away“ became cult songs and are also the centerpiece of the doc. Judy Landkammer and Philipp Fussenegger accompany the Berliner-by-choice during her “The Teaches of Peaches Anniversary Tour“ in 2022 and contrast it with Peaches’ beginnings with the status quo as a queer-feminist artist and icon. ...



Two men, one woman, a tennis court. The camera races to one person, then to the other, searching wildly across the court, sweat dripping in the close-up, both of them getting into position in the long shot, the score by Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross blaring above. It’s all or nothing! Before we even meet his protagonists, Luca Guadagnino, the master stager, builds the most amount of tension. Little by little, the history of this all-important match, which will decide the future of the three, is revealed in interlaced flashbacks. Once again.

In college, Art (Mike Faist) and Patrick (Josh ...



Lissy is literally sitting in shit. She is terminally ill and has to take care of her husband Gerd who has Parkinson’s. The two of them manage to drive to go shopping, because Lissy can navigate without tremors and Gerd can see. But their life has become a breakneck, tough affair with an imminent end. Lissy actually views this quite soberly.

Director and screenwriter Matthias Glasner (Silver Bear for Best Screenplay at this year’s Berlinale) has directed a complex, emotionally devastating, long (183 minutes) drama with its share of funny moments. Glasner divides his very personal film ...


Civil War

Alex Garland (EX MACHINA, ANNIHILATION) is the Denis Villeneuve of tomorrow. Garland makes films that lie between multiplex mainstream and arthouse, genre and avantgarde, and has quickly created a solid fan community. CIVIL WAR is a warning about the escalation of social conflicts in the US on the one hand, and a story about a hard-nosed war photographer (Kirsten Dunst, MELANCHOLIA), who takes a young, ambitious photographer (Cailee Spaeny, PRISCILLA) under her wings on the other – a classic western theme: older cowboy, younger cowboy. The narrow perspective of the photographers enables ...


Back to Black

“Back to Black“ is Amy Winehouse’s second studio album. with songs in which she buries her love for the musician (and husband of two years) Blake Fielder-Civil. The film by British director Sam Taylor-Johnson is about this fatal relationship. It doesn’t aim for anything more. BACK TO BLACK doesn’t psychologize. It avoids the possibility of something disturbing, it can’t get away from “Rehab,“ meaning drugs and depression, but is all the more dedicated to Amy the family person, her tattoos, her grandmother Nancy and father Mitch. He accompanies his daughter's legendary, but ...


La chimera

Rural Italy has been the focus of two Alice Rohrwacher’s films. 2014‘s THE WONDERS is about a family of honey farmers and 2018‘s HAPPY AS LAZARRO is set in a tobacco plantation. LA CHIMERA is meant to close out the trilogy with a look into the world of Tuscan grave robbers in the 1980s. All three films deal with the question of how to handle the past which does not only inscribe itself in the people but also the land. Rohrwacher blends reality with poetic, almost fairy tale-like elements here too, merging Fellini’s fantasy with Italian neorealist cinema.

In LA CHIMERA, archaeologist ...


Club Zero

Between hypnotic and tough: in her most recent comedy, Jessica Hausner once again cultivates humor that is so evil that it is almost unrecognizable as humor and her very own elaborate, dry style. While the detailed, sophisticated color scene leans towards toxic pastel­ all of the protagonists in CLUB ZERO speak in such a flat way as if English is a foreign language to them. The modernist interior is just as stiff, somewhere between a VHS seminar room and Le Corbusier. Meanwhile, plot-wise and emotionally, everything gets out of hand: an international elite school hires renowned Miss Novak ...


Monkey Man

MONKEY MAN, Dev Patel’s debut as a director (Patel is also the co-writer and main actor) was recently celebrated at the SXSW Festival. Patel’s film was meant to go directly to streaming on Netflix before Jordan Peele (GET OUT, NOPE) jumped in and brought the film to cinemas through his production company “Monkey Paw“ and his deal with Universal. The film belongs there, if only because Dev Patel (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, THE GREEN KNIGHT) is exactly the action hero that the world needs now. MONKEY MAN has fantastic images too, of course.

Patel, even in his younger, lankier days, always ...


Stop Making Sense

Jonathan Demme’s STOP MAKING SENSE is considered to be one of the best concert films of all time, if not the best ever. The Talking Heads were at the absolute peak of their musical career in 1984. The trio made up of David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, and Chris Franz, once a warm up band for The Ramones on the CBGB stage in New York, was now a nine-member new wave afro funk band that transcended genre and race categories, making music for everyone, like maybe only Funkadelic/Parliament or Sly and the Family Stone before them and nobody after. Byrne’s stage production traces the band’s career. ...


Dream Scenario

Neurotic, married university professor Paul Matthews (Nicholas Cage) teaches evolutionary biology and has been planning to publish big paper about the swarm intelligence of ants for years when old friend Sheila snatches the topic and has a bestseller without even mentioning Paul. Paul is enraged, but he is so unable to assert himself, and he lets Sheila rip him off.

No one takes Paul seriously, no one seems to see him. Students whisper in Paul’s lectures. His daughter is moody because Paul appeared in one of her dreams and just looked on as she had a car accident. People begin to recognize ...



An apartment building is on fire. Fire trucks rush to the site of the accident. Saori and her 11 year old son Minato watch the fire from their balcony. Then the narrative moves on from the fire, centers very different, more everyday stories, but the film will keep returning to this event, which has left an ominous shadow over the story and hints at a – past, imminent, present – catastrophe.

Saori and Minato have different worries. Since the death of his father, Minato has displayed erratic behavior. He cuts his hair, comes home with just one shoe, and one night he disappears completely. ...


Love is the Devil – Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon

LOVE IS THE DEVIL, John Maybury’s portrait of painter Francis Bacon, is fortunately being released in German cinemas. It premiered in 1998, when Daniel Craig, who plays Bacon’s lover George Dyer, wasn’t blonde yet. LOVE IS THE DEVIL is set in the 60s, when men, also gay men, didn’t wear designer underwear but rather underwear made of double ribbed cotton. White and chaste, very unsexy. So they stand opposite each other, Bacon and Dyer, not as two lovers, but two men in a duel, taking off their clothes... no, Maybury spares us the obligatory display of flesh, he changes the narrative ...


Squaring the Circle: The Story of Hipgnosis

Hipgnosis is a combination of the words hip and gnostic (knowledge) and is also a pun on hypnosis. A meeting of contradictions, which Storn Thorgerson and Aubrey “Po“ Powell liked so much it went from being graffiti on their door to the name of their joint graphic design agency. SQUARING THE CIRCLE tells the story of Hipgnosis through Aubrey Powell’s eyes: starting out with smoking weed together as teens, the album cover of Pink Floyd’s “A Saucerful of Secrets,“ the rampant LSD consumption to the now iconic cover for “Dark Side of the Moon.“ From Peter Christopherson joining ...


Drive Away Dolls

DRIVE-AWAY DOLLS leaves you with a “how could this happen?“ feeling. Actually, everything is set up for a nice cinema success. Ethan Coen directed and wrote the screenplay, though without his brother Joel, but with editor Tricia Cooke who has been working with the Coens for decades. Three very likable young female stars are in the main roles: Margaret Qualley (POOR THINGS, “The Leftovers“) as overtly sexual chatterbox Jamie, Geraldine Viswanathan (CAT PERSON) as grumpy, uptight Marian and Beanie Feldstein (BOOKSMART) as the angry cop and slighted ex girlfriend Sukie. It’s about a ...


The Zone of Interest

In the autumn of 1943, SS Obersturmbannführer and judge Konrad Morgen was sent to Auschwitz in order to investigate claims of corruption and self-enrichment among the SS officers and squads. As a result, Rudolf Höß, the commander of the concentration and extermination camp, was removed from his post and moved to Berlin, to the supervisory authority of the concentration camp, the SS Central Economic-Administrative Office. It was regarded as a promotion for appearance’s sake, but it was actually a disciplinary transfer. Höß’ family, with whom he lived in the immediate vicinity of ...


Kids' films in their Original version

04.03.2024, City Kino Wedding, Sputnik Kino

City Kino Wedding and Sputnik Kino will be showing children’s films in the original language along with the German dubbed version – usually in Engish, French, or Spanish, but also in Ukrainian, Russian, and Japanese. The screenings will take place once a month on Saturday (City) and Sunday (Sputnik). Special screenings for kindergartens and schools are also possible.


Dispatches from the 2024 Berlinale

A steadily updated blog of impressions from the 2024 Berlin Film Festival


All of Us Strangers

The sun rises over London. In the window pane of a high-rise building, we see a man's face and his shirtless upper body gradually appear through the light’s double reflection. He turns, sits down by his computer and types: “suburban house, 1987.“ Then a fire alarm goes off. These first scenes in ALL OF US STRANGERS, the new film by Andrew Haigh (LOOKING, 45 YEARS) are the only ones that are most likely set in reality. The rest might be literature, memories, dreams, hallucinations, imaginings, or perhaps the story that Adam is currently writing.

Adam (Andrew Scott) leaves his building ...



On June 2017, translator and US Air Force Veteran Reality Winner is interrogated in her home by the FBI and ultimately arrested on suspicion of leaking classified documents. The then 26 year old women forwarded an intelligence analysis of the NSA about possible Russian interference in the 2016 US elections to the magazine “The Intercept.“

Before REALITY became a feature film, it was the material of a play called “Is This a Room,“ and before it was a play, it was an FBI document. Tina Satter, the director of the Broadway drama and the film, adheres to the transcript of the June 2017 ...



Milton is almost 80 and leads a quiet life in a small town in Pennsylvania. The town’s motto is A GREAT PLACE TO CALL HOME. Widower Milton seems satisfied with life, even if he barely has a social life. He blocks the contact of his contemporaries Joyce and Sandy. He’s peculiar. When he claims that a UFO landed in his flower bed in the supermarket, good-natured Sandy gets worried and visits him. To her amazement, she actually sees an alien sitting on Milton’s couch eating apple slices. Together with the prickly Joyce, the odd trio take on the alien because - despite the city's motto - it ...


Poor Things

The world of Bella Baxter (an unstoppable Emma Stone) is filled with fascinating details. There are embroidered reliefs made of snow white silk on the walls. On the ceiling, stucco forms an image of two intertwined ears. On the floors, there are inlays of different colored marble create patterns and creatures. Bella Baxter is in the process of discovering this world which seems infinite. In addition, she learns slowly, very slowly, to use language and move her body. The creator and ruler of this world is “Daddy-God“ Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe), a mad, brilliant inventor marked by scars ...


The Holdovers

Despite all of their inadequacies, Alexander Payne has a weakness for the human species. His primarily male protagonists aren’t really all that pleasant, but by disclosing their weaknesses they become absolutely lovable. Whether it’s the pedantic pensioner Warren Smith in ABOUT SCHMIDT, the overwhelmed father in THE DESCENDANTS or the good-for-nothing son of an alcoholic father in NEBRASKA – they are all on a cathartic journey with the goal of reconciling with their miserable existence. Even though he remains a master of the tragicomedy, Payne remains an incorrigible humanist who looks ...


Indiekino App Upgrade

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“Oh, I’d like to see that in cinemas again!“ No problem – from now on, the Indiekino App also has a film alarm. Just open it and you’ll receive a message when one of your favorite is playing in cinemas again.



Almost Barbie: in the first shot of Sofia Coppola’s film PRISCILLA, Priscilla Beaulieu Presley sinks her barefoot into the soft carpets of Elvis Presley’s stiflingly plush residence “Graceland.“

When Priscilla Beaulieu Presley’s autobiography “Elvis and Me“ came out in 1985, Elvis had died less than 10 years before. The focus of the bestseller was on the wild behavior of Elvis and his entourage behind the doors of Graceland, but the book was also an apology. Elvis died three years after Priscilla left him. The rumor mill blamed her for the star’s downfall. Coppola’s film, ...


Im toten Winkel – In the Blind Spot

While a German crew is shooting a documentary in a Kurdish village, a turkish agent is faced with a mysterious force which is after his daughter.


Zukunft relocated


Kino Zukunft has miraculously found a new home and is now located less than five minutes from its old location between Treptower Park and Ostkreuz at Alt Stralau 68. The cinema with 68 seats screens three films every day, there’s “Wednesday Jazz,” among other things, playing in the piano salon, and the cozy bar has a smoking area and an outdoor terrace.


Joan Baez – I Am A Noise

Folk music legend, peace activist, Bob Dylan’s girlfriend: Karen O’Connor, Miri Navasky, and Maeve O’Boyle prove that Joan Baez is so much more in their multi-layered documentary JOAN BAEZ I AM A NOISE. The directors follow Baez on her last tour and, in parallel, they comb through the private archive of the folk singer and political activist.

Born in 1941 to a physicist with Mexican roots in Staten Island, New York, the middle child of was creative from the start - singing, playing guitar, and painting. As a teenager, she dreamt of changing the world for the better. But mental problems ...



England before World War II: two inventors develop a time machine. LOLA receives radio waves from the future, Bowie and Dylan songs as well as news about Hitler and the Nazis. As “the Angels of Portobello“, the very confident and enterprising sisters begin to warn the British population about the German air raids. With LOLA, British director Andrew Legge gives the classic mental game of “time travel against the Nazis“ a media theory twist. Heroines Thom and Mars remain in the same physical place – but the video messages from the future impact them so deeply that they seem like time ...



Tech impressarios are in great demand: Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have been at the center of films, the creators behind Uber, WeWork and Theranos have been featured on TV, in films, that is often a mixture of strange nostalgia and capitalist enthusiasm. Now there’s BLACKBERRY, with the inventors of the eponymous smartphone at the center, who in the early 2000s had the then revolutionary idea to send emails on their phone. The story of the company „Research in Motion“ in Canadian Ontario doesn’t start in a garage, but almost. Founders Mike Lazaridis (Jay Baruchel) and Doug Fregin ...


How to Have Sex

Sun, parties, flirting. The program is set for Tara, Em, and Skye’s first vacation together. The teenagers just finished secondary school and want to let loose in Malia in Crete. Tara has her own agenda. The 16 year old wants to have sex for the first time. When she befriends a group from the hotel, Tara’s plan seems to be getting closer. There are two candidates: Beau Paddy and joker Badger. Tara isn’t sure if she really wants to do it or if she’s sensing the pressure of being the only virgin in the group. When she decides to do it, it isn’t the event that was thought it would be. ...


The Old Oak

THE OLD OAK begins with images reminiscent of Germany in 2015. The inhabitants of a British coastal town insult a coach with Syrian women and children in it. Some volunteers from the area make sure that the new arrivals enter their assigned apartments safely. One of them is Thomas Hoe Ballantyne (Dave Turner), or TJ, the owner of “The Old Oak,“ the last pub in a former mining village in Durham. In the evening, his regulars let out their resentments and TJ doesn’t say anything about it, he can’t afford to lose the last paying customers. But when he gets closer to young Yara (Ebla Mari) ...


The Great Escaper

Micheal Caine has said that THE GREAT ESCAPER will be his last him and that he will now retire at age 90. Caine acts alongside Glenda Jackson, who passed away this year, who was, like Caine, a star of British cinema of the 60s and 70s. THE GREAT ESCAPER tells the story of real 90 year old world war veteran Bernard Jordan, who secretly disappeared from his care home in 2014 in order to attend a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Jordan became a media hero in Britain after the police had already issued a search notice and called it off again with #thegreatescaper - a reference to ...


Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

Smoke rises over the rugged snow-covered landscape. It’s ice-cold outside, inside there’s sweating. The documentary SMOKE SAUNA SISTERHOOD by director Anna Hints follows a group of Estonian women in their traditional ritual of the smoke sauna. “Hello, dear Sauna,“ says each one before entering the wood cabin that is heated by a stone oven. When they leave they say thank you – to the sauna itself and the women “who do the labor,“ who make all of these experiences possible. The intimate conversations among women are just as important as the sauna, ice baths, and the mutual ...



Kurdish-German Elaha is engaged and should be looking foward to her wedding day. But she know that part of the wedding will be an examination of her hymen, which is no longer intact. She she tries to earn enough money for reconstructive surgery in time for the big day.


Cat Person

In 2017 The New Yorker published a short story by Kristen Roupenian called “Cat Person.“ The story is about college student Margot who meets the older Robert while working as a cinema cashier. He is a bit dismissive, she has a bit of a crush. They text for a while, have tense dates, and go to his place. The sex is bad, but Margot doesn’t stop it. After they stop seeing each other, Robert becomes abusive. The events, told from Margot’s perspective, perfectly captured conflicting expectations, gendered misunderstandings and microaggressions and sparked a worldwide debate on the ...


The Quiet Girl

The Irish film THE QUIET GIRL was in the Berlinale youth section “Generation Kplus“ and won both the International Jury Prize as well as the Children’s Jury Prize. The film is now opening in cinemas, and isn’t just meant for children. The emotional power of Colm Bairéad’s directing and the virtuoso camerawork by Kate McCullough, who won the European Film Prize for this film, turns what is a simple story into an extraordinary film.

The film is about Cáit, who comes from a poor family with many siblings, an alcoholic, unloving and arrogant father and a completely overwhelmed ...



Young Afghan Donya (Anaita Wali Zada) worked as a translator for the US military in Kabul until she was forced to flee to Fremont in northern California after the Taliban takeover. Plagued by guilt and insomnia, triggered by the thoughts of the family she left behind, she spends her days between monotonous work in a cookie fortune factory, weekly therapy sessions with a pro-bono therapist (Gregg Turkington) and the loneliness of her small apartment. When the writer of the fortune cookie messages dies on the job, Donya takes her chance and, in search of a meaningful connection, mixes a piece ...


Anatomy Of A Fall

Successful writer Sandra (Sandra Hüller) is being interviewed by a student in the mountain villa where she lives with her writer husband Samuel (Samuel Theis) and their blind son Daniel (Milo Machado Graner). Samuel, who is renovating in a different floor, plays the 50 Cent song “P.I.M.P“ at full volume and disrupts the interview, and the women stop because of it. Sandra will later say she went to sleep after that. Daniel takes the dog out for a walk. When the boy returns, his father lies dead next to a shed. He allegedly fell out of the attic window. The prosecutor accuses Sandra of ...


It Lives Inside

In the basement of a typical American suburb home there’s a bloody corpse and an empty jar next to it. Whatever the jar contained has disappeared. Indian-American teenager Tamira (Mohana Krishnan) brings the same jar to the high school cafeteria shortly after. She looks very jittery, with emtpy eyes and stringy hair in the typical RINGU look. Her former best friend Samidha, nicknamed Sam (Megan Suri), wants to have nothing to do with Tamira anymore and just be an American. The embarrassing ex-BFF, who follows Hindu traditions, also stands in the way of Sam's crush on the nice school demigod ...


The Lesson

THE LESSON is a cold psychological thriller reminiscent of Claude Chabrol from a distance. Oxford student Liam – which Daryl McCormack plays as a well-ironed, well-sorted person, all pleasant surface and courteous behavior, but also a bit transparent – gets hired by renowned writer J.M. Sinclair (Richard E. Grant). Liam is meant to tutor his son Bertie (Stephen MacMillan) so he can get into Oxford, but he is just as interested in Sinclair himself, since he happens to be the object of his dissertation. In the Sinclair household, a tense coldness looms. Richard E. Grant is excellent as ...


The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry

No one sends letters anymore. This is why pensioner Harold Fry (Jim Broadbent) is bewildered to receive a handwritten letter from his former colleague Queenie (Linda Bassett). She wants to say goodbye because she is in a hospice with terminal cancer. When Harold makes his way to the mailbox with a puny response, he gets another idea after a brief exchange with a young clerk at the local gas station: he decides to walk from Devon in southern England to Berwick-upon-Tweed on the border of Scotland in order to give his letter to Queenie in person. He leaves his wife Maureen (Penelope Wilton) ...


Killers of the Flower Moon

The Osage Nation, who were originally located in Missouri, were driven out and settled in the “Indian Territories” of Oklahoma. The Osage bought the grazing land which they lived in, and when big oil deposits were discovered under the prairie in 1894, the Osage people became the richest First Nations tribe. The “Osage Indian Murders” occurred between 1918 and 1931. At least 60 Osage people were murdered, almost always with the goal of getting their money.

In KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON, Martin Scorsese unfurls a social panorama of Osage County at the beginning of the 20th century. ...


Ingeborg Bachmann: Reise in die Wüste – Ingeborg Bachmann: Journey Into the Desert

When Ingeborg Bachmann (Vicky Krieps) visits Max Frisch (Ronald Zehrfeld) in Zurich for the first time, the following dialog occurs. After he shows her his apartment, opens the door to the living room and says “...but we won’t talk about literature today any more.” “What else should we talk about?” asks Bachmann. “About your smile,“ answers Frisch.

The scene sums up what Margarethe von Trotta is focused on in her biopic. She gives a look into the failure of the relationship. What’s primarily at fault are the social norms and Frisch’s traditional ideas about women that ...