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In the second year after Brexit it has become a bit harder to obtain British products, but luckily the supply of fantastic shorts from the island hasn‘t been affected by it. The British Shorts Film Festival will take place between January 20th-26th in five Berlin cinemas. The complete program will be posted online on January 6th at but we have already been promised that the films will encompass all genres and cover everything from no budget to big budgets. In additional, there will also be a work ... more


80 Years of Derek Jarman Retrospective

„A man will be forgotten in time and noone will remember our work“, as Derek Jarman said, angry and close to death, in his last film BLUE.

And Derek Jarman, one of the most important voices of the 1970s, -80s and -90s, is still not forgotten. On January 31st the filmmaker, artist and queer campaigner, who died in 1994, would have turned 80. To mark the occasion the British Film Institute has digitised and restored several of Jarman's films.

If you wish to experience (or experience again) the love, the revolutionary ... more


Nightmare Alley

The noir classic NIGHTMARE ALLEY from 1947 (D: Edmund Goulding) is the inspiration of Guillermo del Toro‘s most recent film. The material, with its nesting of real and psychological interior spaces, betrayal, self-deception, psychoanalysis and charlatanism was practically made for del Toro. The remake, which is quite true to the original, has Bradley Cooper play prowler Stan Carlisle who lands in a carnival as a temporary employee, quickly working his way up. Stan feels comfortable amongst the freaks, the small-time criminals and the homeless who don‘t ask him about his past. Fortune ... more


Niemand ist bei den Kälbern – No One's with the Calves

There are different rules in the countryside, that much is certain. And not everyone is made for it. Christin (Saskia Rosendahl) is also having problems with settling for a life amongst cherry liquor and a cow barn. Especially because her relationship with her boyfriend Jan (Rick Okon) hasn‘t been what it once was for a long time. The two of them live together yet separately in his parent‘s farm in the Mecklenburg province and don‘t speak to each other. They‘re barely in their mid 20s, but not much more will happen if she doesn‘t get out now, at least that‘s what Christin thinks. ... more


'80s Extravaganza

In January and February Z-inema‘s program is all about the 1980s. It begins with the award-winning New Zealand apocalyptic homage TURBO KID (January 19th) about “The Kid,“ who knows how to defend himself against the evil warlord in the desert with his BMX bike. In February Don Coscarelli‘s surrealist horror film PHANTASM (1.2) a creepy mortician from another dimension has beef with an ice cream seller and his friends. A week later (8.2.) the even more extreme sequel will be screened.
THE TOXIC AVENGER (15.2.) may not have quite the budget of the similar ... more



In a coronation ceremony that a billion people all around the world followed on TV and the radio, Diana Spencer became the Princess of Wales in 1981. At just 20, she had to deal with the constant gaze of the public. There was not a moment where she was not being watched. No retreat to privacy could evade the paparazzi cameras. The images are saved in the collective memory. They show a vulnerable, shy woman and the tragedy behind her sudden death. In his film, Chilean director Pablo Larraín reverses the perspective. He brings to life the inner life of a young woman to the screen who threatens ... more



19 year old Linnéa has come to California to become the next porn star because “the Swedes are boring,“ as she tells her colleagues after her very first shoot. Director Ninja Thynberg has delved into the porn business and shoots at many original locations with a lot of protagonists from the field. The impressive protagonist Sofia Kappel wasn‘t an actress or a porn star before this film. She plays Linnéa aka Bella Cherry as an inexperienced but brave, curious and ambitious person. During her first shoot she is about to quit and the crew takes a break. But when she encounters the ... more



The wind howls and something is breathing heavily. Horses emerge from the winter fog, look at something and flee. Something invisible seems to have invaded the sheep pen. The radio invites you to a Christmas mass. A couple is lonely and sad in a house. A sheep is pregnant. That‘s the prologue of LAMB, Valdimar Jóhannsson‘s unconventional Icelandic folk horror film that received a lot of awards in genre film festivals last year but also won the award for originality in the “Un certain regard“ section at Cannes.

The couple, Marie (Noomi Rapace) and Ingvar (Hilmir Snær Guðnason), ... more


80 Years of Derek Jarman

Love, Anger and Revolutionary Energy

“A man will be forgotten in time and no one will remember our work,“ says Derek Jarman, angry and near death in his last film BLUE. Derek Jarman, one of the most important voices of the 70s, 80s and 90s, still hasn‘t been forgotten. On January 31st the filmmaker, artist and queer activist who died in 1994 would‘ve been 80 years old. To mark this occasion, the British Film Institute has restored and digitized many of Jarman‘s films.

Derek Jarman began his film career as a production designer in Ken Russell‘s notorious ... more


The Zukunft must stay!

Zukunft at Ostkreuz is one of the last and most beautiful open air spaces and “playgrounds“ in the city. Movies, theater, art, festivals and concerts have taken place here since 2011. Many different groups have events at this affordable venue with an open, diverse audience of like-minded people and there is home brew beer. The open air cinema Pompeji in the ruins of a burnt-down film warehouse is always the first one to open and the last one to close. In short: Zukunft is simply a good spot and is now unfortunately one of the many that is under threat of shutting down due ... more