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INDIEKINO gibt es jetzt bundesweit – zu welcher Ausgabe möchten Sie?

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One focus of the festival, which has 11 competitions this year – among them three competitions for international films and new talents, several categories for children and youth films and a program featuring commissioned work – is on the production of film collectives. TOHU Animation from Jerusalem, Plastic Animation from Viborg in Denmark, monströös from Berlin and COLA Animation from Lisbon/Porto will present their creations and production processes and will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of collective film production in the animation film ... more


Shall I Compare You To A Summer's Day?

The moon tells a story of two men who fall in love. Or is that Sheherazade and not the moon that is hanging above them like a disco ball? You can only see one of the men, in a room made of neon lights and color. A choir of bygone lovers join, flickering lights, asking about first love, the second, the third, fill the room. During the storytelling, new stories are added, as a fairy tale-like animation about mermen and their secret lovers, as a sexy memory of a club night with a threesome. The men sit in front of a green screen, color behind them, a forest, a beach, apartments, journeys, ... more


Wir könnten genauso gut tot sein: We Might As Well Be Dead

Anna is the security offier of an apartment complex. Surrounded by a forest, the people here live behind a fence and play golf. You believe that you‘re safe, no matter what is lurking between the trees. The sought-after space is only awarded to you after a rigid assessment, a community requires order and transparency, after all. But Anna has a secret. Her daughter Iris is convinced of having an evil eye and has barricaded herself in the bathroom for days. She misses choir practice, the neighbors ask about her. Anna lies. Then the caretaker‘s dog disappears. More and more “unsocial, ... more

Events, Festivals

Taiwan Film Festival 2022

From 23.9-2.10 the Berlin Kulturbrauerei will be hosting the 5th Taiwan Film Festival. The festival will show eight feature-length films and four shorts. The program has four focuses: in the neo-noir NINA WU, in which actress and screenwriter Wu Ke-Xi processes her own experiences in the toxic film industry and the drama DEAR TENANT about a young man who is suspected of murdering his partner‘s mother, it is about the #MeToo debate and LGBTQ+ topics in Taiwan. The films GRANDMA AND HER GHOSTS and TO MY DEAR GRANDMA are grouped under the motto ... more


Peter von Kant

The title of François Ozon‘s most recent homage to his idol Rainer Werner Fassbinder let‘s the cat out of the bag right away: firstly, the French director switches the roles. The original version of THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT had Margit Carstensen embody the title role of the wonderfully tragic and broken diva, now Denis Ménochet plays Peter, who dominates the screen with his sturdy masculinity. But not only that. Ozon has robbed the protagonist of her bitter tears, thereby taking away the film‘s original melodramatic power. Peter will also grieve his lost love with ... more


David Bowie: Moonage Daydream

David Bowie – musician, painter, actor: an unparalleled transformative artist. Whether as Ziggy Stardust, Major Tom or Thin White Duke: David Robert Jones controlled the game with these roles like no other. He overcame gender and style boundaries, was everything all at once in one person, an identification object for an entire generation. The power with which he impacted British society an the world with his music and his performance in the early 70s was long-lasting.

For five decades he succeeded in reinventing himself. Six years after his death, the loss of the style icon is still ... more


Queer Weeks

Between 15.9-14.10, Berlin‘s Brotfabrik is organizing “Queer Weeks:“ the Ralle Balle Ensemble will perform their gender bingo, Bridge Markland‘s »Go Drag!«-Festival will be a guest with workshops, and the performance collective »collectif blitzbereit« will dance. Furthermore, there will be a premiere party of the anthology »Realitäten. Queere Stimmen« which will be published in the fall by etece buch, the BrotfabrikGalerie will presents works by Holger Nora Franz aka Nora Jones and Brotfabrik Kino will screen ... more


Dancing Pina

Theater and music pieces are often performed and reinterpreted in new contexts centuries after they were made. Dance performances, however, seem to be doomed to be forgotten once the original ensemble ages. The Wuppertal dance theater is trying a new approach after the death of legendary choreographer Pina Bausch and gain a new audience for her pieces by performing new stagings with other companies, among other things. DANCING PINA accompanies the rehearsals of “Iphigenie auf Tauris“ at the Dresden Semperoper and of Stravinsky‘s “Rite of Spring“ at the École des Sables in ... more



Venice as a thrill of speed and the absolute determination of going to the outer limits. Artist Yuri Ancarani spent four years in the subculture of young speedboat drivers and made the semi-documentary ATLANTIDE along the way. ATLANTIDE is one of the most visually and atmospherically impressive films that have come out this year, a cinematic poem about life – and sometimes death – on the water. The young men pimp their small boats with huge engines, LED and stroboscope lighting and a hi-fi system that‘s as loud as can be with hardcore and minimal techno and sometimes Italian hip hop ... more


Three Thousand Years of Longing

As the director of the best action film of all time, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, George Miller can do whatever he wants. Miller is 77 and has made a film about storytelling, even though the world is impatiently waiting for his next action banger FURIOSA. But that will only come out in 2024. First up is this project that‘s close to his heart, THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING.

When George Miller was young, Roland Barthes “Mythologies“ and Leslie Fiedler‘s essay “Cross the Border – Close the Gap“ were popular. They were narrative theorists who emphatically advocated for ... more