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The Favourites Film Festival has shown beloved international cinema on the big screen since 2011. The program is made up of a selection of current films that won the audience award at festivals all around the world. On the occassion of the 10th anniversary coming up in September, City Kino Wedding will be showing a highlight from past festival programs every month. Things are kicking off on 29th of January at 9pm with HERMANO/BROTHER (Venezuela 2010), which opened the first festival.

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Little Women

It’s easy to roll your eyes when another film adaptation of a beloved nineteenth-century-book comes along. It can be even more tempting when that book is Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, which gets a reliable update at least every generation. I liked Gillian Armstrong’s 1994 version, but I must admit that this new version, from writer-director Greta Gerwig, feels vital, alive and necessary in ways that I didn’t expect.

For those unfamiliar, LITTLE WOMEN tells the story of the March family, particularly the four sisters, Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth. The title is a phrase their ... more


Darkroom – Tödliche Tropfen

In his director‘s statement, Rosa von Praunheim says: “I think you can show evil gays today, after the gay movement changed so much in a positive way.“ Lars embodies Dirk P., a gay serial killer who killed three men in Berlin in 2012 by giving them roofies and tried to kill two others, seems very harmless at first glance. The 30ish year old with a receding hairline just moved from Saarbrücken to Berlin with his boyfriend Roland and seems rather domestic. While Roland has sex with other men, Lars prefers to redecorate their shared apartment into a nightmare of flower motifs. They ... more


Final Girls

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival is bringing horror films directed, written, and/or produced by women* and non-binary filmmakers to the screen for the fifth time. This year‘s opening night feature film is Mary Harron‘s (AMERICAN PSYCHO) newest film CHARLIE SAYS, a haunting thriller about the “Manson Girls“ as they reckon with the abhorrent crimes they committed. Another standout is Carlo Mirabella-Davis‘ SWALLOW (Berlin premiere), a, award-winning, harrowing film about an affluent housewife who starts swallowing bizarre objects for seemingly no ... more


Jojo Rabbit

1944: 10-year-old Johannes Betzler is getting ready for the “Jungvolk“ entrance exam. While taking it something goes wrong and he gets the name “Jojo Rabbit“ and is forced to stay home because of an injury. It‘s nice with his mother (Scarlett Johansson), but since she‘s been alone he needs to take care of her just as much as she needs to take care of him. And she‘s out of the house a lot. Jojo has an imaginary friend who advises him on all of his questions and problems: the very childish Hitler ... more


Das Vorspiel

Sometimes films correspond with each other so well, even if it‘s unintended, that it‘s very appealing to put them in relation to each other. DAS VORSPIEL, directed by Ina Weisse, is a film about disappointment, hardening, and a woman without a center. A film about music obsession, a film about a woman (Nina Hoss) among five men (son, father, husband, lover, violin student). Lara, the protagonist in Jan-Ole Gerster‘s eponymous film that came out last November, lost her center too. Both pianist Lara and violinist Anna had to give up a career as musicians. A devastating criticism by a ... more


1917: Simply breath-taking or blatant military propaganda?

The Oscar for best cinematography should go to Roger Deakins again this year. There have been many “one take“ films since Alfred Hitchcock‘s ROPE, films that look like they have no cuts, like the Holocaust film SON OF SAUL (2015) by László Nemes, the Berlin thriller VICTORIA (2015) by Sebastian Schipper, or the acting drama BIRDMAN (2014) by Alejandro Iñárritu. But what director Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins do in 1917 hasn‘t been seen before. 1917 is simply breath-taking.

1917 tells the story of two British soldiers in World War 1 who have to survive no man‘s land in order to ... more


"Syd Mead - Future Cities" - extended until Jan 30th!

Until 30th of January 2020, the gallery O&O Depot is showing the first German solo exhibition of the works of illustrator and designer Syd Mead. Syd Mead designed images of the future that have impacted the cinema of today. His retro-futurist designs served as the inspiration – and even part of the set design – of BLADE RUNNER and BLADE RUNNER 2049, ALIENS, TRON, 2010, MISSION TO MARS, and ELYSIUM. The exhibiton SYD MEAD – FUTURE CITIES focuses on Mead‘s cityscapes, especially from his “Sentinel“ collection from 1979. ... more

Feature, Interview

"The desire for happiness is omnipresent and so intense" Interview with Jessica Hausner

Ms Hausner, what made you choose a plant breeder to be in the centre of your story?

My main concern right from the beginning was that the lead role would be a female scientist. I’m interested in the role that scientists play in our society today. I think they are becoming increasingly more important, because we tend to believe more and more what scientists say. And also, I had that FRANKENSTEIN idea and the story is kind of a variation of that. But the special thing about it is that she creates two monsters at the same time, of which one is her own child. And slowly but surely, ... more


Little Joe

While genre filmmakers, especially in horror, like to expand the boundaries of what can be shown and tighten the emotional screws, Jessica Hausner has been headed towards the opposite direction for years. Her “horror“ film HOTEL (2004) showed dark corridors in an ominous hotel by the forest and scaled back shock effects and suspense so that just a vague, but also interesting unease is what remains in the end. In her “melodrama“ AMOUR FOU,she depicts the double suicide of Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel as the result of thoughtful decisions and long negotiations. In LITTLE ... more