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Eisenstein wäre heute Post-Post-Post-Cameron


Men, Women & Children | USA 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Jason Reitman | 12

MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN, a mellow, floating ensemble piece, portrays several parents and teenagers and their ways of using, abusing, controling or exploring the internet.

10 Milliarden – Wie werden wir alle satt?

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Valentin Thurn | oA

In his documentary Valentin Thurn (TASTE THE WASTE) asks how it is possible to produce enough food for the world’s human population, which in this century will reach 10 billion. To find answers to his question, he travels the world and visits food ...

The Alpinist

The Alpinist | USA 2021 | Documentary, Sportfilm | Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen | 12

The documentary accompanies young Canadian climber Marc-André Leclerc, or tries to at least. Leclerc prefers to climb alone, “solo,“ meaning without protection and “on sight,“ meaning without a test run.

Die Anfängerin

Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Sportfilm | Alexandra Sell | oA

The husband is gone, the mother is unbearable, work is too much. Doctor Annebärbel decides to revive an old childhood dream at 58 and joins a hobby ice skating group.

Appropriate Behaviour

Appropriate Behavior | Großbritannien 2014 | Comedy | Desiree Akhavan | oA

APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR is the first feature by Desiree Akhavan, author of the web comedy series THE SLOPE. After the recent break-up with her girlfriend, the bisexual Shirin drifts through her Brooklyn life making things worse by antagonizing her ...

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe | USA 2022 | Drama | Aitch Alberto

Becoming Astrid

Unga Astrid | Schweden 2018 | Biography, Drama | Pernille Fischer Christensen | 6

Before Astrid Lindgren became the most famous children‘s author in the world, she spent many tough years as a working mother of an illegitimate child.


Deutschland 2019 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Neele Leana Vollmar | 12

Neele Leana Vollmer‘s adaptation of the bestelling novel by Bov Bjerg captures all of the dreariness of small town life in the early 1980s.

Arab Blues

Arab Blues: Un divan a Tunis | Tunesien/Frankreich 2019 | Drama, Comedy | Manele Labidi | 6 | Interview

When she was 10 years old, Selma emigrated with her parents to Paris. To everyone's consternation she has now decided to return to Tunis to work as a psychoanalysist.

Bamboo Stories

Bangladesh/Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Shaheen Dill-Riaz | oA

A documentary about people in Bangladesh making their living off of bamboos.

Barricade - Pictures Of A Forest Occupation

Barrikade | Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | David Klammer | 6

Climate activists occupy the Dannenrod Forest in 2019 in order to prevent the construction of a highway. The documentary follows the operation and also portrays the alliances that are made between the protestors and the locals.

Pawn Sacrifice

Pawn Sacrifice | USA 2014 | Drama | Edward Zwick | 6

In 1972, in the middle of the cold war, the brilliant but disturbed American chess wunderkind Bobby Fischer challenges the Russian champion Boris Spasski in the world finals in Iceland. The game becomes a proxy war by the two super powers.

Berlin Excelsior

D 2017 | Documentary | Erik Lemke, Andre Krummel | oA

Where'd You Go, Bernadette

Where'd you go, Bernadette? | USA 2019 | Comedy, Drama | Richard Linklater | 6

Cate Blanchett is Bernadette Fox. Once a celebrated architect in LA, she is now a feared, eccentric neighbor and mother in Seattle.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel | USA/Großbritannien 2015 | Drama, Comedy | John Madden | oA

The BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL is still a run-down hotel in India’s Jaipur where a group of eccentric Englanders, played by the crème de la crème of British actors, and under the supervision of the young, hyperactive, hotel owner Dev Patel, ...

A Street Cat Named Bob

A Streetcat Named Bob | Großbritannien 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Roger Spottiswoode | 12

A STREECAT NAMED BOB is based on the international bestseller of the same title which in turn is based on a true story. When London junkie and busker James is befriended by a ginger cat he manages to overcome his addiction.

Otez-moi d'un doute

Ôtez-moi d'un doute | Frankreich 2017 | Comedy | Carine Tardieu | 6

When Erwan finds out that his father isn‘t his real father, he hires a detective to find his biological father. The search leads him to a charming old man who could fit the bill.


Brooklyn | Kanada/Irland/Großbritannien 2015 | Drama, Love-story | John Crowley | oA

Based on a screenplay by Nick Hornby, BROOKLYN follows young Eilis as she emigrates from Ireland to the US in the early 1950s.

The Bookshop

The Bookshop | Spanien/Großbritannien/Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Isabel Coixet | oA

England in the 1950s. Florence Green has a big dream. She wants to open a bookshop in the small fishing village Hardborough. Her friendly and brave untertaking is met with unexpected resistance from the local cultural elite.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

The Man Who Invented Christmas | Irland/Kanada 2017 | Biography, Comedy, Drama | Bharat Nalluri | 6

The film connects Charles Dickens' “A Christmas Carol“ about stingy Mr. Scrooge with a story about how the author wrote the story in just a few months.

Checker Tobi und die Reise zu den fliegenden Flüssen: Checker Tobi und der unsichtbare Schatz

Checker Tobi und die Reise zu den fliegenden Flüssen: Checker Tobi und der unsichtbare Schatz | Deutschland 2023 | Documentary, Youth Film | Johannes Honsell

Checker Tobi receives a strange box in the mail. In order to uncover its secret, he first has to find his girlfriend Marina and then follow the mysterious clues that lead him to the largest cave in the world and the highest tower of Brazil, among ...


Boychoir | USA 2014 | Drama | François Girard | oA

11 year old Stet, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, loves to sing. When his mom dies and his absent dad packs him off to an elite choir school, he has the chance to develop his unique talent, yet the odds are stacked against him.


Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Erik Schmitt | 6

Erik Schmitt‘s first feature-length film is a playful, partially animated, lively homage to Berlin and a red-headed young woman named Cleo who is on a scavenger hunt.


Stella loves Dotty | USA/Kanada 2011 | Drama, Comedy, Roadmovie | Thom Fitzgerald

Stella (Olympia Dukakis) and Dotty (Brenda Fricker) have been a couple for 31 years. When Dotty's granddaugther tries to put her in a home, the women go on a road trip to Canada to get married.


Großbritannien 2018 | Biography, Drama | Wash Westmoreland | 6

A lively and opulent biopic about the first wild years of notorious French author Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle Claudine Colette, 1873-1954).

Crescendo #makemusicnotwar

Italien 2019 | Drama, Music Films | Dror Zahavi | 6

Conductor Eduard Sporck is meant to assemble an Israeli-Palestinian youth orchestra as a symbolic cultural supporting program at the next Middle East conference in Austria.

The Danish Girl

USA/Großbritannien 2015 | Drama | Tom Hooper | 6

Tom Hooper’s (THE KING’S SPEECH) lavish reimagining of the life of Lili Elbe, one of the first transsexuals ever to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

Das unerwartete Glück der Familie Payan

Le petit locataire | Frankreich 2016 | Comedy | Nadège Loiseau

At the age of 49 Nicole finds herself once again preganant - as if her already existing family wasn't trouble enough.


Misbehaviour | Großbritannien 2020 | Comedy, Drama | Philippa Lowthorpe | oA

The Miss World beauty contest in 1970 is hosted by comedian Bob Hope and transmitted from London to the entire world. The newly founded “Women‘s Liberation Movement“ decides to protest against the sexism of the event.

Dinky Sinky

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Mareille Klein | oA

Sports teacher Frida from Munich wants to have a child. Her boyfriend breaks up with her and Frida becomes a SINKY (Single Income No Kids) just when it becomes clear to her that her window of time for having children isn‘t long anymore.


Frankreich 2022 | Drama, Biography, Music Films | Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Based on true events, the film tells the story of Zahia Ziouani, the daughter of Algerian migrants who doesn‘t just want to become a conductor, she also starts her own symphony orchestra in her older 20s.

Efekt domina

Efekt domina | Deutschland/Polen 2014 | Documentary | Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski

The republic of Abkhazia, idyllically situated on the Black Sea, is a Georgian splinter state. The country’s sport minister, Rafael Ampar and his Russian wife, the opera singer, lead a modest and quiet life.

Dream Horse

Großbritannien 2020 | Comedy | Euros Lyn | 6

Based on a true story: a Welsh village community starts race horse breeding and raises a winner in an allotment garden.

Early Man

Early Man | Großbritannien/Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Sportfilm, Children's Film | Nick Park | oA

Nick Park‘s new claymation is set in the transitional era between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age and is filled with cuddly, silly prehistoric people that are reminiscent of the citizens of a certain Gaellic village, but it is a football film at ...


Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | David Sieveking | oA

When documentarian Devid Sieveking has a daughter, the topic of vaccination comes up. Sieveking would follow the doctor‘s recommendations if it were just up to him, but his wife is sceptical, and so he embarks on a research trip.

Eisenstein in Guanajuato

Mexiko/ Frankreich/ Belgien/ Niederlande/ Finnland 2015 | Drama, Love Stories | Peter Greenaway | 16 | Interview

In his usual eccentric and ultra-cineastic style Peter Greenaway recounts ten days in the life of famous film director Sergej Eisenstein. In the period from October 21st 1931, when he arrives in the Mexican town of Guanajuato to October 31st, the ...

The Lamb

The Lamb | Äthiopien/ Frankreich/ Deutschland/ Norwegen/ Katar 2015 | Drama | Yared Zeleke | 6

After his mother’s death Ephraim stays with relatives in the Ethiopian highlands while his father looks for work in Addis Abeba. Ephraim is a dreamer and is very attached to his lamb Chuni, but his uncle wants to slaughter Chuni for the Feast of ...


The price of fairness | USA 2017 | Documentary, Sociological Film | Alex Gabbay | oA

A kaleidoscopic documentary that touches on different aspects of the principle of fairness – what do people view as fair? Is fairness hereditary or acquired? The film introduces us to people from all over the world who are committed to making the ...

The Collini Case

Der Fall Collini | Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Marco Kreuzpaintner | 12

70 year old Fabrizio Collini killed industrial magnate Hans Meyer for allegedly no reason. A courtroom drama adapted from the bestseller by Ferdinand von Schirach.

Family Business

Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Christiane Büchner, Herbert Schwarze

In Poland Jowita and her husband have run out of money to complete their house. In Germany 88-year-old Anne needs a live-in aid. Her daughters turn to a Polish-German agency that places Jowita with them. FAMILY BUSINESS portrays how both sides adapt ...

Finsteres Glück

Schweiz 2016 | Drama | Stefan Haupt | 12

8 year old Yves lost his entire family in a car accident. With professionalism and calmness, psychologist Eliane takes over the job of taking care of Yves until he goes to his relative. The two develop a close relationship during that time.

Come to My Voice

Were Dengê Min: Come To My Voice | Deutschland/Frankreich/Türkei 2014 | Drama | Hüseyin Karabey | oA

All the men are arrested in a small Kurdish village in the mountains: they were supposedly hiding a gun. Grandmother Berfe and granddaughter Jiyan go on an absurd mission to find the weapon so they can turn it over.

Mal de pierres

Mal de pierres | Frankreich 2016 | Drama, Love Stories | Nicole Garcia | 6

Gabrielle gets married to a man she does not love in the 40s. She falls in love with a sick and handsome soldier while in a health resort. She writes him love letters for years and waits for him to come get her.

Frau Mutter Tier

Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Felicitas Darschin | oA

Marie is a typical super mom. Two children, extremely organised, yet still overwhelmed at all times. Tine, who works at an organic market and mourns her party days, and Nela, who wants to have a career and doesn‘t tell her office about her son, ...

OXV: The Manual

Australien/Großbritannien 2014 | Love-story, Mystery, Science Fiction | Darren Paul Fisher

Coincidences don’t exist in the world Zac and Marie inhabit. The destiny of each individual is measured by their personal frequency. It is unchangeable and is measured at the end of elementary school - determining the course of their life. ...


Truman | Spanien/Argentinien 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Cesc Gay | oA

Tomás travels from Canada to Madrid to visit his best friend Julian who has terminal cancer. Throughout the visit the friends maintain their customary laconic banter as they deal with the in turns sad and absurd minutiae of Julians impending ...

L'etudiante et Monsieur Henri

L'Etudiante et Monsieur Henri | Frankreich 2015 | Comedy | Ivan Calbérac | oA

Constance, a young woman from Orléans, wants to study in Paris and moves into a sublet at grumpy old Monsieur Henri’s. When Constance is late with her rent, Henri offers her free boarding - if she seduces his middle aged son.

Fühlen Sie sich manchmal ausgebrannt und leer?

Deutschland 2017 | Comedy, | Lola Randl | 12

When couples therapist Luisa discovers that she has a very relaxed doppelganger that is taking over her boring marriage, she is very happy at first...

Adopte un veuf

Adopte un veuf | Frankreich 2016 | Comedy | François Desagnat | oA

Hip student Manuel moves in with depressed widower Hubert by chance. After some unease at first Hubert is excited about the flat share and lets freshly divorced lawyer Paul- Gérard and kind-hearted nurse Marion move in as well.

The Story Of My Wife

A feleségem története | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Italien/ Ungarn 2021 | Drama, Romance Films | Ildikó Enyedi | 12

Ildikó Enyedi‘s adaptation of Milán Füst‘s novel alternates between scenes at sea, where routine and great clarity prevail and scenes onshore, where captain Jakob Störr struggles with the depths of human relatonships.

Geschichten vom Franz

Österreich/Deutschland 2022 | Children's Film, Youth Film | Johannes Schmid | oA

Franz has three problems: firstly, he is still very small for his age, secondly he has blonde locks and is often mistaken for a girl because of it, and thirdly, he gets a really squeaky voice when he‘s excited.

Get on Up

Get on Up | USA 2014 | Biography, Drama, Music Films | Tate Taylor | 12

Chadwick Boseman gives an electric performance as James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul".

Die goldenen Jahre

Schweiz 2022 | Tragicomedy | Barbara Kulcsar

DIE GOLDENE JAHRE shows the challenges of a long marriage in a pleasant way, but it incidentally sneaks in some refreshing perspectives on familiar problems.

And So It Goes

And So It Goes | USA 2014 | Comedy | Rob Reiner | oA

Michael Douglas plays the misanthropic realtor Oren, and Diane Keaton is his whiny lounge singer neighbor Leah. A romantic comedy by this genre’s veteran Rob Reiner (HARRY UND SALLY).


USA 2014 | Biography, Drama | Jean-Marc Vallée | 12

WILD is based on the autobiographical bestseller by Cheryl Strayed, a woman who decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail on her own as a way to recover from a recent life crisis. The trail runs along from southern California to the mountains of ...

Grüner wird’s nicht

Grüner wird’s nicht | Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Comedy | Florian Gallenberger | oA

When his nursery is facing bankruptcy, gardener Schorsch mounts his tiny, red biplane and heads off to see the polar lights.

Gsätten – A Gschicht über d'Lieb

Gsätten – A Gschicht über d'Lieb | Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Peter Evers | 12

The Black Forest in the 50s. No one can know about siblings Maria and Gregor‘s love, but everyone knows about everything in the village.


Hampstead | Großbritannien 2017 | Love-story, Drama | Joel Hopkins | oA

A love story and real estate fairy-tale with Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson. American Emily sees a man swimming in a pond from her skylight in her London apartment. Donald is illegally living in a self-made hut in the park that is about to be ...

Hao Are You

Deutschland 2023 | Documentary | Dieu Hao Do

Heaven Can Wait: Wir leben jetzt

Heaven Can Wait: Wir leben jetzt | Deutschland 2022 | Documentary, Music Films | Sven Halfar

In Hamburg‘s “Heaven Can Wait“ choir, seniors sing rock and pop songs. The youngest member is 70 years old.

Hector and the Search for Happiness

Deutschland 2014 | Literary Film Adaptations, Tragicomedy | Peter Chelsom | 12

Hector (Simon Pegg) a London psychiatrist and his girlfriend Carla (Rosamund Pike) lead a very organised life. One day Hector begins to question if he is happy and decides to go on a journey to find out. Adaptation of the bestselling novel by ...

Before We Grow Old

Heute oder morgen | Deutschland 2019 | Love-story, Metropolitan Movie | Thomas Moritz Helm | 16

During one summer in Berlin, Maria, Niels, and Chloë become a loving throuple. Then Chloë gets pregnant and their lifestyles and utopias are called into question.

Tell It to the Bees

Tell it to the Bees | Großbritannien 2018 | Drama, Romance Films | Annabel Jankel | 12

When Lydia is thrown out of her apartment with her 8 year old son Charlie, Jean, her doctor and a beekeeper, offers her a job. Soon rumours about the two women spread around the Scottish village...

Die Hüter der Tundra

Deutschland 2013 | Documentary | René Harder | oA

Only about 2000 Samin still practice reindeer breeding and follow the old traditions on the Kola-Peninsula in Russia. THE TUNDRA TALE dokuments life in a remote Samin village and the struggle of the Samin to get political recognition.

Miss You Already

Miss You Already | Großbritannien 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Catherine Hardwicke | oA

Londoners Milly (Toni Colette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) have been best friends since childhood. When Milly is diagnosed with cancer Jess faces the ordeal with her but the demands of the illness eventually put a strain on their friendship.

Summers Downstairs

Im Sommer wohnt er unten | Deutschland/Frankreich 2015 | Tragicomedy | Tom Sommerlatte | 12

Layabout Matthi has moved into his rich parents' holiday cottage with his girlfriend and her son in the South of France. Tensions rise when his brother turns up to spend his holidays in the house, in this very well observed summer comedy.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Usa 2017 | Documentary | Jon Shenk, Bonni Cohen | 6

AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: TRUTH TO POWER is Al Gore’s answer to climate change deniers who currently make up the US government. The film follows Al Gore during his tireless campaign, gives evidence of climate change, and commends the development of ...


Deutschland 2021 | Comedy | Aron Lehmann | 12

Aron Lehman‘s womens' trip comedy is pretty crude and violent, THE HANGOVER and BRIDESMAIDS are definite relatives. But the chemistry is right: the three women are all wonderful and each of them has their own brand of physical comedy.


Großbritannien 2019 | Biography, Drama | Rupert Goold | oA

Renée Zellweger plays Judy Garland at the end of her career with full commitment walking the fine line between high tension and losing control.

Die Känguru-Chroniken

Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Dani Levy | oA

Scatter-brained artist Marc-Uwe and his anarchist roommate, the Kangaroo, have to outwit a property speculator who wants to rebuild Kreuzberg. An adaptation of Marc-Uwe Kling‘s cult classic “The Kangaroo Chronicles.“

Kiss Me Before it Blows Up

Kiss Me Before It Blows Up | Deutschland 2020 | Comedy | Shirel Peleg | 12

In her four-language-culture-clash comedy, filmmaker Shirel Peleg fits in as many dramatic couple constellations as possible: the grandmother loves an Arab and the granddaughter loves a German.

Kleine graue Wolke

Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Sabine Marina | oA | NEW RELEASE

When Sabina Marina is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis her world darkens as her dreams for the future crumble. In this brave and very honest documentary Marina describes how her feelings evolve and the steps she took to confront the mysterious ...

Der kleine Rabe Socke – Suche nach dem verlorenen Schatz

Der kleine Rabe Socke – Suche nach dem verlorenen Schatz | Deutschland 2019 | Adventure, Children's Film | Verena Fels, Sandor Jesse | 6

Together with Eddie the bear and a small badger, small raven Socke makes his way to the mountains to find treasure. He will then become King and everyone will have to do what he says.

Krähen – Die Natur beobachtet uns: Nature Is Watching Us

Krähen – Die Natur beobachtet uns: Nature Is Watching Us | Österreich/Deutschland 2023 | Documentary, Tierfilm | Martin Schilt

In KRÄHEN, Martin Schilt directs his attention towards people’s roommates who usually fly under the radar.

L'ora legale

L'ora Legale | Italien 2018 | Comedy | Salvo Ficarra, Valentino Picone

The residents of a Sicilian small town don‘t reelect the corrupt mayor. The euphoria doesn‘t last long because no one counted on the new one actually adhering the law.

Medecin de campagne

Médecin De Campagne | Frankreich 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Thomas Lilti | oA

Jean-Pierre is a country doctor in rural France. When he is diagnosed with cancer he refuses treatment and the offer of an assisstant. When his colleagues sent him Nathalie anyway, he behaves horridly towards her until he realizes that she is ...

Leanders letzte Reise

Deutschland 2017 | Romance Films, War Film, Drama | Nick Baker-Monteys | 6

Jürgen Prochnow plays 90 year old Leander, who goes on an unexpected trip to the Ukraine after his wife passes away to find the woman he was together with during his time as a Wehrmacht soldier.

Das Leben meiner Tochter

Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Steffen Weinert | 12

8 year old Jana desperately needs a donor heart. While her mother Nathalie tries to shape the long waiting time in the hospital, father Micha researches for “alternatives“ online and comes across an “agency“ that gives organs.


Rumänien/ Kanada/ Deutschland/ Schweden 2018 | Drama | Ioana Uricaru

Mara came to the US 6 months ago as a nurse. She was “lucky“ and married Daniel, one of her patients, before her visa ran out. Now she “just“ has to convince the immigration authorities that she didn‘t just marry him for the greencard.


Lolo | Frankreich 2015 | Comedy | Julie Delpy | 6

Violette smiles at friendly programer Jean-René while on vacation in Biarritz. There are a few catches in this potential romance though: Jean-René is a square who wears tennis socks with sandals, Violette is a prototypical neurotic, and her almost ...

LOMO – The Language of Many Others

Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Julia Langhof

LOMO tells a coming-of-age story in which the real and virtual world fluidly merge in a stylistically assured way that gets close to its characters and has good dialogue.

Lady Susan: Love and Friendship

Lady Susan: Love and Friendship | USA 2016 | Drama, Comedy, Love Stories | Whit Stillman | oA

Whit Stillman constructs a biting marriage comedy based on Jane Ausen’s early epistolary novel “Lady Susan” with the scheming quick-witten widow Lady Susan, played by Kate Beckinsale, at the center.


Aurore | Frankreich 2017 | Comedy | Blandine Lenoir | oA

Aurora (Agnès Jaoui) is in the midst of menopause and is plagued by brutal heatwaves. Then a bunch of new hurdles suddenly start popping up.

Magic in the Moonlight

USA 2014 | Liebeskomödie | Woody Allen | oA

Stanley (Colin Firth), a renowned magician, and Sophie (Emma Stone) a young American spiritualist meet at Côte d'Azur in the late 1920s. Stanley is convinced that he can unmask Sophie as a fraud, but instead succumbs to her own brand of magic.


Mahana | Neuseeland 2016 | Action, Drama, Historical Film | Lee Tamahori | 12

New Zealand in the 1960s. Tamahani Mahana, patriarch of the Mahana Family, rules his clan with an iron fist- Only 14-year-old Simeon dares to rebel and even question the feud with the Poata family.


Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Matto Barfuss | oA

A cheetah mother must raise her six cubs. Directed by “Leopard Man” Matto Barfuss.

En man som heter Ove

En Man Som Heter Ove | Schweden 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Hannes Holm

Ove is a grumpy old man and a stickler for the rules. When he loses his job he decides to end it all. But his suicide attempt is interrupted every time by another neighbour trying to borrow a ladder, offer him food, or asking about the stray cat. ...


Schweiz 2018 | Drama, Love Stories, Sportfilm | Marcel Gisler

Mario and Leon play in the Swiss U21 and both of them are treated as up-and-coming talents. When they fall in love with each other, their soccer careers are endangered.

Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts | Indonesien 2017 | Drama, Thriller | Mouly Surya | 16

An Indonesian feminist revenge thriller about a women getting back at her attackers.


Österreich 2021 | Drama | Adrian Goiginger

A farmer orders his son Elias to live alone for half a year on a mountain pasture, in the Märzengrund, in order to get him out of his depression. When the six months are up, Elias refuses to return to the valley.

Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben

D 2017 2016 | Comedy | Marc Rothemund | oA

With the help of his best friend the almost blind half-Singhalese Saliya Kahawatte has a successful career: from a trainee to the head of a restaurant in a luxury hotel.


Poly | Frankreich/Belgien 2020 | Tierfilm, Literary Film Adaptations | Nicolas Vanier | oA

When her parents get divorced, 10-year-old Cécile has to move into the countryside with her mum. She hates it there until she meets the circus pony Poly and decides to rescue him.

Un homme a la hauteur

Un homme à la hauteur | Frankreich 2016 | Liebeskomödie | Laurent Tirard | oA

Diane, an immensely beautiful and successful lawyer, falls in love with Alexandre, an architect who is likewise high-flying and charming. Everything could be perfect, but Alexandre is just around 1,40 m tall and Diane worries what people might think.

The Meddler

The Meddler | USA 2015 | Drama, Liebeskomödie | Lorene Scafaria

Energetic New York widow Manie (Susan Sarandon) moves to L.A. to allegedly support her adult daughter Lori (Rose Byrne), but in fact her real reason for moving is to fill the void that her late husband left behind.

Merkel must go

Montags in Dresden | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Sabine Michel

Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner | Großbritannien 2014 | Biography, Drama | Mike Leigh | 6

Mike Leigh tells the story of the last years of the British painter William Turner who developed an impressionist sensibility 50 years before the French impressionists entered the scene. Timothy Spall as Mr. Turner delivers the best performance of ...

In grazia di dio

In Grazia di Dio | Italien 2014 | Drama | Edoardo Winspeare

When her small clothing factory goes bankrupt, Adele has to sell the family home to cover the most pressing debts. She starts to cultivate vegetables and chicken with her mother, daughter and sister, slowly building a new existence for the family.


Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Matthias Starte | 12

After the death of his father Danny leaves college and returns to his hometown over the summer. He meets up with old mates and gets back together with his former girlfriend. At the end of the summer he has to decide which direction to take.

June Again

June Again | Australien 2020 | Drama | JJ Winlove

After five years of dementia, June suddenly has a “lucid phase“ and is shocked to find out that the family has fallen apart in her absence. She proceeds to straighten things up with matriarchal vehemence.

Oben rum, unten rum. Lamberts gesammelte Einakter

Oben rum, unten rum. Lamberts gesammelte Einakter | Deutschland 2008-2019 | Short-film Programme | Lothar Lambert

Director Lothar Lambert has filmed in Berlin for over 50 years. Now he has compiled some of the footage and turned it into a cheerful documentary compilation album.


Kner | Niederlande/Belgien 2022 | Animation, Youth Film | Mascha Halberstad | oA

Nine year old Babs is happy when her grandfather Tuitjes suddenly shows up on her birthday and gives her a cute piglet. But her best friend Tjin is mistrustful: grandpa Tuitjes is up to something.

Once Again

Indien/Deutschland 2018 | Drama, Romance Films | Kanwal Sethi | oA

Amar, an aging Bollywood star, and Tara, the head of the restaurant where he orders his food, have been talking to each other every day for some time now. Amar keeps trying to suggest to meet and Tara stonewalls him.

Radio Silence

Radio Silence | Schweiz/Mexiko 2019 | Documentary | Juliana Fanjul

Der Ost-Komplex

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Jochen Hick | 12

At the age of 17 Mario Röllig tried to escape from the GDR via Hungary to join his boyfriend in West Berlin. He was arrested and questioned in the Stasi Prison at Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. Today he visits schools and conferences as a contemporary ...

Padurea e ca muntele, vezi?

Padurea e ca muntele, vezi? | Deutschland/Rumänien 2014 | Documentary | Christiane Schmidt, Didier Guillain

For over a year Christiane Schmidt and Didier Guillain shared and filmed life at a Roma village in central Rumania. With images of great beauty and subtlety they portray the hardships of daily village life.


Schweiz 2014 | Comedy, Love-story | Mathieu Urfer | oA

Sami, a completely unambitious musician and Julia, a medium ambitious lawyer, have been together for four years. When Julia suddenly demands a relationship break, Sami escapes into his music and plots ways to win her back. A very relaxed Swiss rom ...

Photo de famille

Photo de famille | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy, Drama | Cécilia Rouaud | oA

When their beloved grandmother needs care, three troubled siblings start being a part of each other's life again.


Brasilien 2017 | Documentary | Mariana Oliva, Renata Terra, Bruno Jorge | 6

The rain forest in which two of the last three known members of the nomadic Priripkura tribe live in is protected – as long as they live there. A search.

Mr & Mme Adelman

Monsieur & Madame Adelman | Frankreich/Belgien 2017 | Drama | Nicolas Bedos | 12

The fast-paced lifelong love story of a Parisian writer couple is reminiscent of Woody Allen‘s urban comedies.

The Man Who Knew Infinity

The Man Who Knew Infinity | Großbritannien 2015 | Biography, Drama | Matt Brown | 6

Intuition vs proof: THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY fictionalizes the story of two opposed characters: Indian mathematician and autodidact Srinivasa Ramanujan (Dev Patel) and Cambridge mathematics professor G.H. Hardy (Jeremy Irons).


Deutschland 2022 | Documentary | Joscha Bongard | 18

In his documentary, director Joscha Bongard follows a “verified couple,“ a young couple in their early 20s who earn a living doing internet porn and who are actually together in real life.


Push | Schweden 2019 | Documentary | Frederik Gertten | oA

PUSH follows Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing on her travels and explains how global finance is the root cause of exploding rents in cities all over the globe.


Rebelles | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Crime Drama | Allan Mauduit | 16

REBELLES is reminiscent of the violent gangster and stoner comedies from England. The difference here is that the bustling and opinionated “buddies“ are women.

How to Please a Woman

How To Please A Woman | Australien 2022 | Drama | Renée Webster

50 year old Gina acquires a bankrupt moving company and hires the movers as erotic cleaners.

The Chairs Game

Reise nach Jerusalem | D 2018 | Drama | Lucia Chiarla | 6

Alice is forced to do a course on job application. There are a thousand ways to break an unemployed person's spirit and a thousand ways to hide the shame.

Rhinland. Fontane

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Essay Film | Bernhard Sallmann

In the second part of his “Walks through the Mark Brandenburg“ trilogy, Bernhard Sallman reads Theodor Fontane‘s “Die Grafschaft Ruppin“ and captures the present-day scenery.

Rodinny film

Rodinný Film | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Tschechien/ Slowenien 2015 | Drama | Olmo Omerzu | 12

The parents go on a sailing trip together with the family dog Otto for several months. Son Erik (15) and daughter Anna (18) are left alone in their posh Prague apartment. Then they lose skype contact with their parents.

Rückenwind von vorn

Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Philipp Eichholtz | 6

A career, family planning, a bigger apartment. Charlie is a Berliner in her mid 20s and her life is just beginning to take shape. A too rigid shape.

Die Rückkehr der Wölfe

Schweiz 2019 | Documentary, Tierfilm | Thomas Horat | 6

The documentary asks people from different parts of the world – like Bulgaria, where wolves were never wiped out, and Switzerland, where they have resettled in the past few years – about how they deal with wolves.

Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt. All Russians Love Birch Trees

Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt. All Russians Love Birch Trees | Deutschland 2022 | Drama | Pola Beck | 12

Based on the eponymous bestseller by Olga Gryasnowa from 2012, Pola Beck tells the story, both quickly and sensitively, of a global generation that continually recomposes its own coordinate systems of “home“ and “family.“


What We Did On Our Holiday | Großbritannien 2014 | Comedy | Guy Jenkin, Andy Hamilton | 6

The McLeon’s are in the midst of a divorce but decide to travel with their children to a family birthday gathering in Scotland and pretend they are one big happy family....


USA 2018 | Thriller | Aneesh Chaganty | 12

SEARCHING plays out entirely on a laptop screen. David Kim‘s relationship with his daughter has become more distant since her mother‘s death. When his daughter disappears without a trace, he desparately tries to reconstruct what could have ...

La ritournelle: Paris follies

Paris Follies | Frankreich 2014 | Comedy | Marc Fitoussi | oA

Brigitte (Isabelle Huppert) is bored with her daily life on a prize cattle farm in Normandy. Under a pretext she spents two days in Paris looking for romance. A grown-up romantic comedy.

She Chef – Wanderjahre

Wanderjahre | Deutschland/Österreich 2023 | Documentary, Biography | Melanie Liebheit, Gereon Wetzel

After her internship at the Viennese two star restaurant Steirereck, young chef Agnes Karrasch wants to learn the kitchen styles of other top restaurants around the world in an internship that will last several months.


Sibyl | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Drama | Justine Triet | 12

Psychologist Sybil wants to focus on writing again, but instead she gets more and more involved with the case of a young patient who reminds her of a past relationship of hers.

Stille hjerte

Stille hjerte | Dänemark 2014 | Drama | Bille August | 12

Bille August’s drama shows the last weekend get-together of a family. Mother Esther has decided to take a lethal dose of drugs, before ALS stops her from administering it herself.


Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Tragicomedy, Roadmovie | Markus Goller | 6

Frederick Lau is Ben, a lost man in his early 20s. David Kross is “Simpel“, his less young, mentally disabled brother. Their lives change drastically when their mother dies.

Der Stein zum Leben

Der Stein zum Leben | Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Katinka Zeuner | 6

The documentary observes how mason Michael Spengler finds the right tombstones for the dearly departed together with their surviving relatives.

Sugar And Stars

À la belle étoile | Frankreich 2023 | Drama | Sébastien Tulard

Yazid, the son of Moroccan migrants, is raised in a foster family and different homes and fights his way up to become a world-class pastry chef.

Tango Pasión

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Kordula Hildebrandt | oA

TANGO PASION looks at the vibrant Tango community of Berlin and talks to its protagonists.


Sedmikrasky | Tschechoslowakei 1966 | Comedy, Experimental film | Vera Chytilova | 16

Vera Chytilová‘s film DAISIES was banned after the Prague Spring, but later turned into an anarchist-feminist cult film. It is primarily about having fun and smashing everything.

Träum Weiter!

Träum Weiter! | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Valentin Thurn | oA

A portrait of five people who have decided to pursue unconventional lives and career paths and who dream of a different society.

True Story

True Story | USA 2015 | Drama, Psychothriller | Rupert Goold | 12

Based on a true story TRUE STORY explores the uneasy relationship of two professional storytellers and liars: the journalist Michael Finkel and the suspected murderer Christian Longo.


Una | Großbritannien 2016 | Drama | Benedict Andrews | 12

15 years ago 13 year old Una and her 30 year old neighbor Ray had a type of relationship. Ray was convicted of abuse. He has built a new life for himself but Una is still asking herself what happened back then. She seeks Ray out.

Eine unerhörte Frau

Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Hans Steinbichler | 12

Based on a true story, EINE UNERHÖRTE FRAU follows the attempts of Bavarian farmer Hanni to finally find a doctor who takes the symptoms of her little daughter Magdalena seriously.

The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm | USA 2018 | Documentary | John Chester | oA

A couple wishes to do their bit for a better global future by starting an organic farm in California. They have a rocky road ahead.

Entre amis

Entre amis | Frankreich 2015 | Comedy | Olivier Baroux | 12

Three friends and their wives are holidaying on a comfortable yacht in the Mediterranean. On their journey they have to weather marital and metereological storms.

Falling for Figaro

Falling For Figaro | Australien/USA/Großbritannien 2020 | Comedy, Romance Films | Ben Lewin

London funds manager Millie is about to be promoted to project manager. However, she isn‘t all that happy about it because Millie actually wants to be an opera singer.

La famille Belier

La famille Bélier | Frankreich 2014 | Comedy | Eric Lartigau | oA

The Béliers live in a farm in a small French village. The mother, father and 15-year-old Quentin Bélier are deaf. The only one in the family who can hear and speak, and who serves as the family translator, is 16-year-old Paula – and she dreams ...

The Bra

Vom Lokführer, der die Liebe suchte | Deutschland 2018 | Comedy, Love Stories | Veit Helmer | 6

In Veit Helmers dreamy film with no dialogue, an old train driver is looking for the owner of a blue bra that got caught in his train.

Von Bananenbäumen träumen

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Antje Hubert | oA

The citizens of Oberndorf an der Oste are trying to prevent the erosion of their village life due to rural migration. They turn to a Berlin agency that develops a plan that seems strange at first: the plentiful manure in the area could create enough ...

The Mercy

The Mercy | Großbritannien 2017 | Biography, Drama | James Marsh | 6

In 1968 amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst takes part in the Sunday Golden Globe Race. The goal is to sail across the world without stopping. Things start going wrong right at the beginning, but Crowhurst cannot and will not give up.

Identifying Features

Sin Señas Particulares | Mexiko/Spanien 2020 | Drama | Fernanda Valadez | 16

With calm resolve, Magdalena searches for her son Jesús who set out to the US with his best friend Rigo to find his luck – like so many young Mexican men.

What might have been

Was gewesen wäre | Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Florian Koerner von Gustorf | 6

Paul and Astrid want to spend a romantic weekend in Hungary, but when Astrid recognizes one of the other hotel guests as her childhood sweetheart, the couple‘s trip turns into a trip to the past.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

We Have Always Lived in the Castle | USA 2018 | Drama, Familientragödie, Scary Film | Stacie Passon | 12

Stacie Passon‘s adaptation of the eponymous Shirley Jackson novella looks like a colorful Young Adult novel adaptation at first glance, but the abysses soon open up more and more.

Welcome Venice

Italien 2021 | Drama | Andrea Segre

A Venetian story: the parental home that the brothers inherited would make for a lucrative vacation home, but Piero, the crab fisherman, doesn‘t want to sell it.

Die Wiese – Ein Paradies nebenan

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary, Naturfilm | Jan Haft | oA

The documentary captures biodiverse life in a meadow.

Retour chez ma mere

Retour chez ma mère | Frankreich 2016 | Comedy | Eric Lavaine | oA

When her company folds, high achiever Stéphanie has to move back in with her mother. Her mother has reservations about the move too: she has been having a happy long term affair with neighbor Jean which none of her children know about.


Wonder | USA 2017 | Drama | Stephen Chbosky | oA

10 year old Auggie prefers to wear his astronaut helmet so that no one can see that his face is deformed from birth. But now he has to go to a normal school and learn to stand up to bullies and find friends.

The Last Word

The Last Word | USA 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Mark Pellington | oA

Harriet Lauler (Shirley MacLaine) is a control freak. She assigns the obituary writer of her local paper (Amanda Seyfried) to write her obituary while she’s still alive. The problem is that no one, absolutely no one, has anything good to say about ...

Zu weit weg – Too Far Away

Zu weit weg – Too Far Away | Deutschland 2018/19 | Youth Film, Family Film, Tale of a friendship | Sarah Winkenstette | oA | NEW RELEASE

Il a deja tes yeux

Il a déjà tes yeux | Frankreich 2016 | Comedy | Lucien Jean-Baptiste | oA

Young married couple Paul and Sali Aloka are over the moon when the department of children’s services calls them and tells them they can adopt little Benjamin. Others aren’t as enthusiastic because they’ve never seen a white child in a black ...

Zwischen uns

Zwischen uns | Deutschland 2021 | Drama | Max Fey | 12

Single mom Eva wants her son Felix, who has Aspergers, to go to a normal school. She doesn‘t want to acknowledge that this is overwehelming Felix as well as her.

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