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The price of fairness

A kaleidoscopic documentary that touches on different aspects of the principle of fairness – what do people view as fair? Is fairness hereditary or acquired? The film introduces us to people from all over the world who are committed to making the ...


The kaleidoscopic documentary FAIRNESS sheds light on different aspects of the concept. The filmmaker firsts ask whether fairness is hereditary or acquired and visits behavioral and primate researchers who show that monkeys also sulk when they feel unfairly treated and that small children treat mean hand puppets less well than those that behave in a socially appropriate way. Experiments with adults prove that the idea of meritocracy, the concept of rewarding the best, is deeply embedded in western thinking.

FAIRNESS introduces people from all over the world who see it differently and are working towards a more egalitarian society. People like Lord Victor Adobewale, founder of the London Fairness Commission, who asks citizens about their visions for a just city, whistleblower Antoine Deltour, who made the tax avoidance strategies of Amazon & co public, Indian Kiran who is fighting against the discriminatory caste system, or the young idealistic representatives of the Icelandic Pirate Party founded in 2012 who received almost 15% of the votes after the Panama Papers emerged. All of the introduced projects, people, and initiatives are interesting on their own. Unfortunately there is no time for an in-depth engagement with the issues, and so FAIRNESS motivates to deal with the topic further independently – perhaps inspiring other documentarians as well.

Toni Ohms

Translation: Elinor Lewy


Original title: The price of fairness
USA 2017, 77 min
Genre: Documentary, Sociological Film
Director: Alex Gabbay
Author: Alex Gabbay
Distributor: mindjazz pictures
Release: 29.06.2017


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