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Die Känguru-Chroniken

Scatter-brained artist Marc-Uwe and his anarchist roommate, the Kangaroo, have to outwit a property speculator who wants to rebuild Kreuzberg. An adaptation of Marc-Uwe Kling‘s cult classic “The Kangaroo Chronicles.“


In Marc-Uwe Kling‘s legendary “The Kangaroo Chronicles“, the scatter-brained artist and narrator Marc-Uwe Kling tells anecdotes from his life, with the kangaroo who moves into his apartment one day playing a decisive role. The kangaroo is the kind of anarchist roommate that doesn‘t like to differentiate between “mine“ and “yours“ and eats all of the pralines himself but lets you take on the cooking. The kangaroo also beats his friends up when the situation he finds himself in predictably escalate. He likes to watch Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films and enriches Marc-Uwe‘s life with tireless know-it-all commentary. The well-animated kangaroo, with his cowboy-like swinging walk and annoying voice is the star of the adaptation, but unlike the books Dany Levy‘s adaptation has a relaxed plot which keeps the rapid sequence of gags together. The ambience is reminiscent of Berlin in the 90s, but the drama is very current: property speculator and right-wing populast (we say “patriot“) Jörg Dwigs (Henry Hübchen) wants to rebuild Görlitzer Park. The renovated corner building in which Marc-Uwe (Dimitri Schadd), the kangaroo, Herta‘s corner bar, and the kiosk are in is meant to stay, but due to a chain of stupid events, which the kangaroo is mostly responsible for, Dwigs decides to build a parking lot there. The film is a future Berlin film classic.

Toni Ohms

Translation: Elinor Lewy


Deutschland 2019, 92 min
Language: German
Genre: Comedy
Director: Dani Levy
Author: Dani Levy, Marc-Uwe Kling
DOP: Filip Zumbrunn
Distributor: X-Verleih
Cast: Dimitrij Schaad, Rosalie Thomass, Carmen-Maja Antoni, Henry Hübchen, Tim Seyfi
Release: 02.07.2020


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