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H 2017 | Drama | Ferenc Török

Das Abenteuer einer schönen Frau

Das Abenteuer einer schönen Frau | D 1932 | Hermann Kosterlitz

Abenteuer im Südexpress

Deutschland 1934 | Erich Waschneck

An amusing crime-drama comedy - on the Mediterranean! A slice of Germany's glamorous high society travels south to the Mediterranean for the winter, including the young widow Lisa von Hellwitz. The dining car waiter Hans promptly falls in love with ...

Das alte Lied...

Das alte Lied... | Deutschland 44/45 | Social Drama | Franz Tappers | 6

After his uncle invites him to a chanson evening to see the singer Pauline, Count Erwin Haltern feels he can't refuse. But he ends up not regretting the evening after he meets Stine, Pauline's sister: It's love at first sight for both of them.

Das andere Ich

D 1941 | Wolfgang Liebeneiner

Arm wie eine Kirchenmaus

Deutschland 1931 | Comedy | Richard Oswald

An old German classic .... this time on Tuesday December 30 at 15:45 in Eva-Lichtspiele.

Arzt aus Leidenschaft

Deutschland 1936 | Love Stories, Literary Film Adaptations, Melodram | Hans H. Zerlett | 16

A believable medical drama with elements of romance and crime-drama films. Schoenhals, the main actor, was a doctor in real life.


Barcarole | D 1935 | Historical Film, Music Films | Gerhard Lamprecht

Ein bißchen Liebe für Dich

Deutschland 1931/32 | Comedy | Max Neufeld


Deutschland 1937 | Comedy, Crime Drama, Love Stories | Eduard von Borsody

A crime caper and thriller that is briskly staged with celebrity married couple Knoteck-Staal in the lead.

Der dunkle Tag

Deutschland 1943 | Crime Drama | Géza von Bolváry | 12

Durch die Wüste

Deutschland 1936 | Mystery | J. A. Hübler-Kahla | 12

Durchlaucht amüsiert sich

Durchlaucht amüsiert sich | Deutschland 1931/32 | Drama | Conrad Wiene

Eine Firma für die Ewigkeit

D 1983 | Science Fiction | Rolf Gmöhling

A dystopian film about Germany in the future.

Frau Lehmanns Töchter

Deutschland 1932 | Comedy, Love Stories | Carl Heinz Wolff

Frau Sixta

Deutschland 1938 | Heimatfilm, Literary Film Adaptations | Gustav Ucicky | 12

The story of the upright Frau Sexta, who in 1861 runs a village post station in the Austrian Alps close to the Italian border: When her husband dies, she also takes over the family farm.

Frauen sind keine Engel

D 1943 | Film about film-making, Liebeskomödie | Willi Forst

Die Freundin eines großen Mannes

Deutschland 1934 | Comedy | Paul Wegener

Die fromme Lüge

Deutschland 1937 | Nunzio Malasomma

Gastspiel im Paradies

Gastspiel im Paradies | Deutschland 1938 | Comedy | Karl Hartl

The determined Ellen takes over her father’s hotel business and does everything at her disposal to increase profits. She closes down a theater and puts the heartthrob Count Wetterstein out on the street because he hasn’t paid his hotel bill for ...

Geheimnis eines alten Hauses

Deutschland 1936 | Comedy | Rudolf van der Noss

This film isn't about a ghosts (as its title indicates) but about a strange bet that goes back to 1736. The bet between the former builder of the house and the client that comes into effect 200 years later...

Glück im Schloss

Deutschland 1933 | Hasso Preiß

Goldblondes Mädchen, ich schenk Dir mein Herz

Deutschland 1931/32 | Rudolf Bernauer

A comedy with the great Felix Bressart.


Großalarm | Deutschland 1938 | Crime Drama | Georg Jacoby

A Berlin crime thriller from the 30s!

Gruß und Kuss, Veronika!

D 1933 | Comedy | Carl Boese

Die heimliche Gräfin

Österreich 1942 | Comedy | Geza von Bolvary | 12

An amusing comedy of errors in aristocratic Vienna at the turn of the century. The actor Wolf Albach-Retty is Romy Schneider's father. And her grandmother Rosa is also in the film.

Heimliches Rendezvous

D 1949 | Drama | Kurt Hoffmann | 16


Heimweh | Deutschland 1937 | Jürgen von Alten

Gustav Knuth convincingly embodies a fisherman carried away by adventure and wanderlust... With external shots of New York and the Curonian Spit.


Deutschland 1937 | Crime Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Herbert Selpin

Die Hochstaplerin

Deutschland 1943/44 | Comedy | Karl Anton

Sybille Schmitz was born 105 years ago on wurde 2 December 1909 in Düren. Her husband wrote the script for her. It was her last film before the end of the war.

Ich bin gleich wieder da

Deutschland 1939 | Comedy | Peter Paul Brauer

All the things that can happen when a young man just goes to buy a cigarette... an UFA comedy from 1939. – The Berliner Mady Rahl was born over 100 years ago on 3 Jan. 1915.

Immer wenn ich glücklich bin

A 1938 | Music Films, Liebeskomödie | Carl Lamac

Ingrid – Die Geschichte eines Fotomodells

D 1955 | Comedy | Geza von Radvanyi

Die Jahre vergehen

Deutschland 1944 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Günther Rittau

Junger Mann, der alles kann...

BRD 1957 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Thomas Engel | 12

Kennwort Machin

D 1939 | Erich Waschneck

Der keusche Josef

D 1930 | Comedy | Georg Jacoby

Klein Dorrit

D 1934 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations, Tragicomedy | Carl Lamac

Kleiner Mann, ganz groß

Deutschland 1938 | Love Stories | Robert A. Stemmle

Krach im Hinterhaus

Krach im Hinterhaus | Deutschland 1935 | Veit Harlan

In a Berlin rear apartment house there is always trouble between the neighbors because someone is stealing coal from the cellar. Everyone suspects the widow Bock and now she needs to find the real thief.

Krach im Vorderhaus

Deutschland 1941 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Paul Heidemann

The sequel to the HINTERHAUS comedy-„Krach“-er. Real Berliner Berliner Schnauze. Rotraut Richter sings "Ich bin ein Berliner Kind" by Willi Kollo.

Kyritz – Pyritz

Kyritz – Pyritz | D 1931 | Comedy, Music Films, Theateradaption | Carl Heinz Wolff

Lachen Sie mit Stan und Ollie

USA | Comedy, Short-film Programme

Ein Lied, ein Kuss, ein Mädel

Ein Lied, ein Kuss, ein Mädel | Deutschland 1932 | Géza von Bolváry


Lockvogel | Deutschland 1934 | Crime Drama | Hans Steinhoff

Madame hat Ausgang

Deutschland/Frankreich 1931 | Comedy | Wilhelm Thiele

A delicious musical/comedy with the enchanting Liane Haid!

Mädchen für alles

D 1937 | Comedy | Carl Boese

Mein Leopold

Deutschland 1931 | Comedy | Hans Steinhoff

Melodie des Herzens

D 1929 | Love Stories | Hanns Schwarz


Deutschland 1934/44 | Hans Steinhoff

Moselfahrt mit Monika

D 1944 | Love Stories | Roger von Norman

Eine Nacht im Mai

D 1938 | Comedy, Love Stories | Georg Jacoby | oA


Nanette | Deutschland 1939/40 | Comedy, Love Stories | Erich Engel

A romance with the jaunty music of Peter Kreuder and the successful duo Jugo/Engels.


Nordlicht | Deutschland 1938 | Adventure, Literary Film Adaptations | Herbert B. Fredersdorf

Die oder keine

Deutschland 1932 | Music Films | Carl Froelich

Onkel Bräsig

Deutschland 1936 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Erich Waschneck

A blue collar comedy based on the book "Ut mine Stromtid.“

Pina schaukelt – Was kleine Kinder brauchen

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Heide Breitel

Heide Breitel documents the development of four children from INA.KINDER.GARTEN in Dresdener Straße for a year and a half.

Rise Fly Fishing Filmfestival 2016

Rise Fly Fishing Filmfestival 2016

..delivering the best in fly fishing entertainment to an international audience since 2006. Since the very first show in Christchurch in 2006, RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival has been entertaining fly fishermen across the globe on an annual basis.

Roads – Zwischen Düsseldorf und New Orleans

Deutschland 2015 | Jessica Jacoby

Klaus Jacoby, a Jewish photography apprentice, flees to the US in 1938 filled with hope and tries to build a life for himself and also save his parents in Nazi Germany. “Claude” returns to Germany as a journalist and starts a family, but he ...

Rote Orchideen

Deutschland 1938 | Crime Drama | Nunzio Malasomma

Das Schloss im Süden

Das Schloss im Süden | Deutschland 1933 | Géza von Bolváry

While shooting on the Dalmatian coast an actor playing a prince falls into the water and ruins his costume. The real Prince Mirano is present wearing a similar uniform and he is asked to take over the role.

Schwarz auf Weiß

Schwarz auf Weiß | Deutschland 1943 | Comedy | E. W. Emo

Solistin Anna Alt

Deutschland 1944 | Drama, Music Films | Werner Klingler | 12

Anna and Joachim meet at a music conservatory and marry once they finish. The future looks promising for this talented couple: Anna celebrates her success as a concert pianist and Joachim receives the well-respected Mozart prize. However the life of ...


Deutsches Reich 1943/44 | Comedy | Karl Ritter

Die Sonne geht auf – Schön ist jeder Tag den Du mir schenkst, Marie Luise

D 1933 | Willy Reiber

Das Spiel auf der Tenne

D 1937 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Georg Jacoby

Stärker als Paragraphen

Deutschland 1936 | Mystery | Jürgen von Alten

A crime drama - but even more exciting than a psychodrama: A lawyer finds himself in a moral crisis. Should he obey his duty to remain silent or follow his sense of justice...

Der Täter ist unter uns

Deutschland 1944 | Crime Drama | Herbert B. Fredersdorf

A suspenseful crime film with Paul Dahlke.

Und Du mein Schatz fährst mit

Deutschland 1936 | Music Films | Georg Jacoby

A musical starring Marika Rökk and Hans Söhnker!

Die unentschuldigte Stunde

Die unentschuldigte Stunde | D 1937 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | E.W. Emo

Walk With Me

Walk With Me | Frankreich, USA, Großbritannien 2017 | Documentary | Marc Francis, Max Pugh

A documentary about Zen Buddhist monks and nuns.

Ein Walzer für dich

Deutschland 1934 | Comedy | Georg Zoch

War es der im dritten Stock?

War es der im dritten Stock? | Deutschland 1938/39 | Carl Boese

Was tun, Sybille?

Deutschland 1938 | Peter Paul Brauer

A story about female high school students with Jutta Freybe. Based on a novella by Sofie Schieker-Ebe.

Zentrale Rio

Deutschland 1939 | Adventure, Literary Film Adaptations | Erich Engels

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