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Der Bunker

Deutschland 2015 | Drama, Horror, Comedy | Nikias Chryssos | 12

Nikias Chryssos debut picture about a student and the bizarre petit bourgeois family, who rent out their windowless cellar to him is a masterpiece of absurd cinema.


Deutschland 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Nico Sommer | oA

Alina and Nico are a couple. They invite Alina's parents to Nico's family country home with his parents for the weekend. The stage is wide open for unpleasant surprises and marital crises.

We are young. We are strong.

Wir sind jung. Wir sind stark. | Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Burhan Qurbani | 12

Burhan Qurbani's film is a fictionalized accuont of the xenophobic attacks against asylum seekers in Rostock-Lichtenhagen on 24. August 1992. He tells the story of helpless and clueless politicians and a group of young people who are angry, bored ...

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