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Lucky Loser – Ein Sommer in der Bredouille

Mike has been separated from his wife Claudia for 9 years, works in a crappy carwash, and is about to lose his apartment. But Mike has a plan: he goes camping with his 15 year old daughter and hopes that Claudia will get back with him.


Peter Trabner is always sensational. Not just in the improvised Germany mumblecore universe, but also in scripted productions like LUCKY LOSER. He plays Mike here, who is having a life crisis. His separation from his wife Claudia (Annette Frier) has lasted for 9 years, he has a stupid job at a car wash, he’s losing his apartment, and what does he do? He goes camping with his 15 year old daughter, hoping that Claudia will come back to him. Trabner makes Mike very charming and intense in all of his simmering dubiousness.

Nico Sommer, who is also a mumblecore veteran since SILVI, directed the film and proves that he can tell a perfectly timed comedy outside the wild world of improv with a fresh dynamic. On the camping trip, where there is absolutely no privacy and where freedom and autonomy rule, things get intense. His daughter Hannah invites her boyfriend Otto, who is older and black. Claudia meets him and so does her partner Thomas, played by Kai Wisinger with superb sleaziness. Mike is in the cross fire: he is forced to recognize that his daughter is a sexual being! Otto, the German from Ghana, has to be saved from Nazis. Claudia has to reunite with him. How does the neighbor manage to bring home a different woman every night?

Interpersonal friction is unavoidable in narrow spaces, but getting closer is also possible. Mike, the loser without any drive has to rattle himself before he can have a happy end.

Harald Mühlbeyer

Translation: Elinor Lewy


Original title: Lucky Loser – Ein Sommer in der Bredouille
Deutschland 2017, 94 min
Genre: Comedy
Director: Nico Sommer
Author: Nico Sommer
DOP: Thomas Förster
Montage: Nico Sommer, Carlotta Kittel
Distributor: farbfilm Verleih
Cast: Kai Wiesinger, Annette Frier, Peter Trabner, Emma Bading
Release: 10.08.2017




  • OV Original version
  • OmU Original with German subtitles
  • OmeU Original with English subtitles

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