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Anders essen: Das Experiment

Anders essen: Das Experiment | Österreich 2020 | Documentary | Kurt Langbein, Andrea Ernst | oA

Anne Clark – I'll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Music Films | Claus Withopf | oA

Documentary about the singer and poet.

Becoming Black

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Ines Johnson-Spain

For a long time Ines Johnson-Spain didn't know why her skin was a different colour from her family's. In her documentary she searches for her roots and explores the history of racism in the GDR.

Berlin Rebel High School

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Alexander Kleider | oA

The Berlin School for Adult Education (SFE) has stayed true to its grassroots democratic principles since it was founded in 1973: no grades, no principal, and student autonomy instead of academic pressure.

Die beste aller Welten

Deutschland/Österreich 2017 | Drama, Youth Film | Adrian Goiginger | 12

Adrian Goiginger’s autobiographical feature-length debut is about a childhood living on the fringe of Salzburg society with a loving and imaginative mother who is battling a heroin addiction.

Jeune Femme: Montparnasse Bienvenüe

Jeune Femme | Frankreich/Belgien 2017 | Comedy, Drama | Léonor Serraille | oA

Paula is 31, with no job, and has recently become single. Her restless energy and honesty can be annoying, but she‘s also right in a way.

Road to La Paz

Camino a La Paz | Argentinien 2015 | Drama, Roadmovie | Francisco Varone | oA

By chance, eternal teenager Sebastián becomes a chauffeur for Kahlil, an older man and a devoutly religious Muslim who is in frail health. Kahlil wants to go to his brother who lives in La Paz which is 3,000 kilometers away...

Cloclo und ich

Quand j’etais Cloclo | Schweiz 2017 | Documentary, Familiy History | Stefano Knuchel

Stefano Knuchel tells the story of his capricious, 7-headed family and a childhood on the run in this colorful essay film. The Knuchel’s kept moving instead of paying the rent for 20 years. There were wild parties, night club openings, and despite ...

Dance Fight Love Die – With Mikis Theodorakis On the Road

Dance Fight Love Die – With Mikis Theodorakis On the Road | Deutschland 2017 | Biography, Documentary, Music Films | Asteris Kutulas

Asteris Kutulas poetic, associative homage to Greek composer, writer, rebel, and politician Mikis Theodorakis whirls past the viewer and wants to be absorbed rather than understood.

Die Dohnal – Frauenministerin / Feministin / Visionärin

Die Dohnal – Frauenministerin / Feministin / Visionärin | Österreich 2019 | Documentary, Porträt | Sabine Derflinger | oA

Austrian politician and feminist Johanna Dohnal hasn‘t entered the Austrian history books to this day. In this film, Sabine Derflinger commemorates the politician who died in 2010.

Der Doktor aus Indien

The Doctor from India | USA 2018 | Documentary | Jeremy Frindel

Dr. Vasant Lad, the charismatic protagonist of Jeremy Frindel‘s documentary, was one of the first Indian ayurveda doctors to bring this holistic method to the west in the 70s.


Draußen | Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Johanna Sunder-Plassmann, Tama Tobias-Macht | 12

Johanna Sunder-Plassman and Tama Tobias-Macht portray four men with no permanent residences.

The Eremites

Die Einsiedler | Österreich 2017 | Drama | Ronny Trocker | 12

Director Ronny Trocker’s feature debut depicts the fate of a mountain farmer family in a reserved way with a respectful distance and few words.

Las herederas

Las Herederas | Paraguay/ Deutschland/ Uruguay/ Norwegen/ Brasilien/ Frankreich 2018 | Drama | Marcelo Martinessi | oA

Two seniors, melancholy, unconventional artist Chela, and tough, organized doer Chiquita, have lived together for a long time in their lavish house in Asución. Then money gets tight.


Deutschland 2022 | Drama | Philip Scheffner

Zohra aka Rhim can finally walk upright. She was able to travel to France in order to treat her severe scoliosis. The start of a potential future is cut short when her residence permit is rejected.

Final Portrait

Frankreich/Großbritannien 2017 | Drama, Love Stories | Stanley Tucci | oA

Stanley Tucci develops a multi-faceted portrait of Alberto Giacometti, a choleric and amusing genius, based on the notes of author James Lord who posed for the famous painter and sculptor.

Gestorben wird morgen

D 2018 | Documentary | Susan Gluth | 6

A documentary about Sun City, a retirement community in the US.

The Peacock's Paradise

Il paradiso del pavone | Deutschland/Italien 2021 | Drama, Family Film | Laura Bispuri

In the ensemble film directed by Laura Bispuri, members of a large family reunite to celebrate their grandmother‘s birthday. A kind of family portrait.

Im Land meiner Kinder

Deutschland/Schweiz 2018 | Documentary, Familiy History | Dario Aguirre | oA

Filmmaker Dario Aguirre uses his naturalization as a chance to capture his journey – also his internal one - to Germany in scenes.


Frankreich 2017 | Documentary, Dance Film | Emilio Belmonte | oA

Rocia Molina is considered a flamenco revolutionary who burst open the traditional corset of the dance and experimented in all directions. Rock, visual art, gender discourse – Molina lets everything flow into her work.

In einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt

Deutschland 2022 | Drama, Historical Film | Aelrun Goette

The late 80s in the GDR: Suzie is photographed on the street and discovered as a model. Aelrun Goette‘s autofictional film offers a refreshingly authentic view of GDR‘s fashion scene that goes beyond GDR nostalgia.

Ink of Yam

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Tom Fröhlich | 6

Daniel and his partner Poko have a tattoo studio in Jerusalem as a kind of counter concept to the city‘s conflicts and psychology. Everyone is welcome there, no matter what nationality or religion. A documentary.


USA 2017 | Documentary, Biography, Tierfilm | Brett Morgen | oA

Brett Morgen‘s portrait of Jane Goodall is based on footage of the young primate researcher that was lost for over 50 years. The footage was taken by the famous wildlife photographer Hugo van Lawick in Gombe/Tanzania.


Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Henrika Kull

The two lovers in JIBRIL are both stuck in their own way: Maryam, mother of three, is trapped in her routine. Jibril is literally behind bars. The other person becomes a projection screen.

A Kid

Le fils de Jean | Kanada/Frankreich 2016 | Drama, Familientragödie | Philippe Lioret | 6

When Mathieu travels to Canada to get the inheritance of his unknown father, he meets his father‘s grumpy best friend and two stepbrothers who aren‘t supposed to know about him.

The Children Act

The Children Act | Großbritannien 2017 | Drama | Richard Eyre | 12

Emma Thompson plays a family court judge whose private life is in shambles and loses her professional distance because of it. An adaptation of the novel “The Children Act“ by Ian McEwan.

Art Comes from the Beak the Way It Has Grown

Kunst kommt aus dem Schnabel wie er gewachsen ist | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Sabine Herpich | oA

A documentary about the art studio “Mosaik“ in Berlin Spandau where people with disabilities work.

A decent woman

Los Decentes | Argentinien/Österreich/Südkorea 2016 | Drama | Lukas Valenta Rinner

Domestic worker Belén discovers a nudist camp in her employer‘s neighborhood. This new form of physicality leads to a liberating awakening.

Life on the Border

Life on the Border | Irak/Syrien 2015 | Documentary | Mahmod Ahmad, Ronahl Ezzadin, Samel Hossein, Delovan Kekha, Hazem Khodelde, Diar Omar, Zohour Saeid | 6

A documentary about Kurdish refugees.

Maikäfer flieg

Maikäfer flieg | Österreich 2016 | Drama | Mirjam Unger | 12

An adaptation of the autobiographical children’s book bestseller “Maikäfer, flieg!” by Christine Nöstlinger. Vienna is a destroyed city at the end of World War II but unlike the adults, nine year old Christine finds freedom within the chaos.

The Man Who Sold His Skin

The Man Who Sold His Skin | Tunesien/ Frankreich/ Deutschland/ Belgien/ Schweden 2020 | Satire | Kaouther Ben Hania | 12

In a bar Sam meets the famous artist Jeffrey Godefroi who offers his a deal: refugee Sam will get a Schengen visa tattooed across his back, and then be able to use it to enter Europe.

Maybe, Baby!

Deutschland 2018 | Comedy | Julia Becker | 12

Marie goes off to have a weekend affair in a Tirol cabin because of all the stress of trying to conceive with her partner Sascha. But Sascha is making himself comfortable there as well with his woman on the side, Birgit, in tow.

Mein liebster Stoff

Mon tissu préféré | Frankreich/Deutschland/Türkei 2018 | Drama | Gaya Jiji | 12 | NEW RELEASE

As the war in Syria approaches, 25 year old Nahla is meant to get married to the older Samir who lives in the US – a ticket to safety for her family. But Nahla doesn‘t play along.

My Cabinets Of Wonder

Meine Wunderkammern | Deutschland 2021 | Documentary, Children's Film | Susanne Kim | oA

Every child has places where they feel at home or where they make their wishes – their “cabinets of wonder.“ Leipzig director Susanne Kim accompanied a number of children and made a film together with them.

Muito romantico

Muito romantico | Deutschland/Brasilien 2017 | Drama | Gustavo Jahn, Melissa Dullius

Brazilian couple Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn move to Berlin and film an experimental feature about romance and creativity.

Parasol – Mallorca im Schatten

Parasol | Belgien 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Valéry Rosier

Three lost vacationers try to find a bit of happiness in off-season Mallorca.

Republic of Silence

Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Syrien/ Italien 2021 | Documentary | Diana El Jeiroudi

In her very personal film diary, Diana El Jeiroudi, who lives in exile in Berlin today, talks about her childhood, life in an autocratic regime, war, and escape.


Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Mark Michel | oA

Veronika Raila, a poet and student of theology and literature who is severely disabled from birth, talks about her world in this moving, poetic documentary.

Shalom Italia

Deutschland/Italien/Israel 2016 | Documentary | Tamar Tal Anati | oA

The documentary follows 3 brothers, charming Bubi (74), wiry mountain climber Andea (82), and depressed intellectual Emmanuel (84) as they search for the place where they hid from the Nazis in 1943.


Deutschland/Slowakei 2020 | Family Film | Martina Sakova | 6

Jonas is supposed to travel to the sea with his mother, but prefers to go to his grandpa‘s alone as he always has the best summers with him. But grandpa has sold his boat and is just lounging around. It‘s clear to Jonas: grandpa needs a woman ...

Das stille Leuchten

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Anja Krug-Metzinger | oA

Director Anja Krug-Metzinger‘s documentary shows institutions and initiatives that have mindfulness training for children and teens as a fixed component of their pedagogical approach.

Stiller Kamerad

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Tierfilm | Leonhard Hollmann | 12

A documentary about traumatised soldiers seeking horse therapy.

Tagundnachtgleiche – Equinox

Tagundnachtgleiche – Equinox | Deutschland 2020 | Drama | Lena Knauss | 16

Silent Alexander begins a passionate affair with artist Paula. Shortly after, the beautiful stranger is dead, and Alexander loses it.


Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Susanne Kim | oA

A group of senior citizens learns to swim. For some it’s the fulfillment of a long cherished wish, for others it’s about overcoming an old fear.

Holy Dilemma: Mi Atyank

Holy Dilemma: Mi Atyank | Ungarn 2021 | Documentary | Julianna Ugrin, Martin Vizkelety

Robi the priest has been carrying a secret with him for 10 years: while he preaches, organizes the local football tournament and unites the village youth during their singling lesson, his three children and their mother Anka are waiting for him. A ...

Walter Pfeiffer – Chasing Beauty

Schweiz/Frankreich/Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Biography | Iwan P. Schumacher | 12

In the early 80s his photographs of young handsome men were deemed too offensive and pornographic for the mainstream. Today, Walter Pfeiffer, now in his 70s, is a star of fashion photography.

Wann wird es endlich wieder Sommer?

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary, Sociological Film, Music Films | Barbara Lubich, Michael Sommermeyer | oA

At first “Banda Internationale,“ formerly known as “Banda Comunale“ played against Pegida with their catchy brass music with Balkan beats, then they invited refugee musicians to play with them.

Why Are We Creative?

Why Are We Creative? | Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Herrmann Vaske | oA

Hermann Vaske asked celebrities like Marina Abramovic, David Bowie, Mel Gibson, Neo Rauch, Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, and Bono where their creativity actually comes from.

Wolf and Sheep

Dänemark/ Frankreich/ Schweden/ Afghanistan 2016 | Drama | Shahrbanoo Sadat

The film is set in an Afghani village where the worlds of the girls and the boys are separated from each other and little Sediqa has to tend to the sheeps on her own because people say she‘s been cursed.

Zeit für Utopien

Österreich 2018 | Documentary | Kurt Langbein | oA

From dynamic, growing capitalism to post-growth economy: director Kurt Langbein introduces businesses all over the world that focus on ecology and social compatibility while still contributing to the economy.

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