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Interview mit Robin Campillo zu 120 BPM

„Wir waren jung und hatten nichts zu verlieren, das machte uns unaufhaltbar.“

Interview mit Ali Abbasi über BORDER

„Ich hatte große Lust darauf, eine Liebesgeschichte mit hässlichen Menschen zu erzählen“

120 battements par minute

120 battements par minute | Frankreich 2017 | Drama | Robin Campillo | 16 | Interview

In the early 1990s, Parisian activist group ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) fights against civilian and governmental ignorance as well as the corrupt pharma companies.


Deutschland/Österreich 2016 | Drama | David Clay Diaz | 16

A man has brutally murdered his girlfriend. His motives are unknown. AGONIE follows two very different protagonists, each of whom might be the murderer.

Beach Rats

USA 2017 | Drama, Youth Film | Eliza Hittman | 16

In the anonymity of chatrooms Frankie is gay, but when he goes out to the beach and meets his buddies, he wears a mask of toxic, heteronormative masculinity.


Gräns | Schweden 2018 | Drama, Fantasy, Horror | Ali Abbasi | 16 | Interview

A chromosomal defect is the reason for Tina‘s special appearance. And something else is strange about Tina too, she can literally smell bad intentions at her job working for the Swedish border patrol.

Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name | Frankreich/Italien 2017 | Drama, Love-story | Luca Guadagnino | 12

Italy, 1983. Young American Oliver spends his vacation with the Perlmans and their 17 year old son Elio. A summer with antique art and very contemporary desires.

The Disaster Artist

USA 2017 | Comedy, Film about film-making, Biography | James Franco | 12

THE DISASTER ARTIST is about the genesis of the “best worst film of all time,“ THE ROOM, by writer-director-actor-producer Tommy Wiseau.


USA 2019 | Phantastischer Film, Children's Film, Animation | Tim Burton

Tim Burton reimagines the Disney classic about a flying elephant calf, in near-realistic CGI.


Eiðurinn | Island 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Baltasar Kormákur | 16

DER EID is a Finnish film about letting go and the painful dissolution of a father-daughter relationship under the guise of a straightforward vigilante thriller where daddy isn’t the shining hero at the end.

Es war einmal Indianerland

Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Western, Sportfilm | Ilker Çatak | 12

In the last days of summer, right before an important boxing match, 17 year old Mauser falls in love more than once.


USA 2018 | Drama, Thriller | Neil Jordan | 16

Isabelle Huppert places a mysterious piano teacher who puts young people under her spell.

Kill Your Friends

Großbritannien 2015 | Comedy, Crime Drama, Thriller | Owen Harris

Steven Stelfox is an unscrupulous A&R manager in the pop business who is constantly stoned, cynical and arrogant – and on a downward spiral with bursts of extreme violence. A poisonous, satirical look at the music industry.

King Cobra

USA 2016 | Biography, Drama | Justin Kelly | 18

Justin Kelly’s movie about the gay porn producer Bryan Kocis (Christian Slater) and his company is less interested in the business as such, than in the characters behind the facades.

Lady Bird

USA 2017 | Comedy | Greta Gerwig | oA

Christine McPherson, who calls herself “Lady Bird“, comes from idyllic, sheltered Sacramento, California and is bored with 2002. Most of all, she‘s annoyed with her sacrificing mother.


Deutschland 2015 | Drama | Christian Moris Müller | oA

Steffen and Katharina try to break out of their predetermined lifestyle, leave everything behind and start anew. They start by burning their possessions. LICHTGESTALTEN tries to be a wakeup-call towards a more self-determined life.

Measure of a Man

Measure of a Man | USA 2017 | Drama, Comedy | Jim Loach

Jim Loach‘s film has all the ingredients of an archetypical coming-of-age film but is much sadder than the majority of films in the genre


Mid90s | USA 2018 | Comedy | Jonah Hill | 12

13-year-old Stevie befriends a small gang of cool skaters who are all older than he is. MID90s is one of the most honest looks at teens from bad environments in modern US cinema.

Mistress America

USA 2015 | Comedy | Noah Baumbach | 6

Tracy, the new girl in town and at college, teams up with her slightly older and wiser soon to be step sister. In MISTRESS AMERICA American Indie director Noah Baumbach (WHILE WE’RE YOUNG) takes an atmospheric look at life in one’s twenties.


Österreich 2017 | Drama | Monja Art | 12

17 year old Paula is caught between the love definition of Bovary and Proust in French class and between shy Charlotte and extroverted Lilli in her private life. The winner of the 2017 Max Ophüls Prize.

Sin & Illy Still Alive

Deutschland/Österreich | Maria Hengge

Young Sin wants to go cold turkey with her friend Illy and it should ideally be far away from Frankfurt’s dreary drug scene, like on a beach in Greece.

Sing Street

Irland 2016 | Comedy, Music Films | John Carney

Ireland in the mid-Eighties. 14-year-old Conor decides to form a band as a way of escaping the Irish depression but mostly to impress cool Raphina.

Super Dark Times

USA 2017 | Drama, Thriller | Kevin Phillips

Philips deals with the loss of a boyhood friendship and the emotionally brutal consequences of young love under the guise of a nightmarish paranoid thriller.

True Love Ways

Deutschland 2014 | Horror, Thriller | Mathieu Seiler | 18

Séverine is haunted by a reocurring dream that makes her doubt her relationship with her boyfriend. She decides to spent a couple of days alone at the seaside to think everthing over. But instead, she’s got to face her own primal fears.

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