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Kill Your Friends

Steven Stelfox is an unscrupulous A&R manager in the pop business who is constantly stoned, cynical and arrogant – and on a downward spiral with bursts of extreme violence. A poisonous, satirical look at the music industry.


KILL YOUR FRIENDS pulsates. In Steven Stelfox’s (Nicholas Hoult) unpredictable psyche, in the booming Britpop soundtrack, and most of all in the cruel dog eat dog world that is the music industry in which Stelfox (like everyone else) is just after one thing: furthering his career. The music itself isn’t interesting, it’s just about what will make money and what the dumb masses can chant “suck my dick” too. Profit instead of quality, that’s the cynical and surely realistic attitude of John Nivel, who wrote the novel and the screenplay and was once an A&R manager of a label himself. Director Owen Harris either undermines all glimmers of hope or lets it crash under the weight of corruption which spreads like a virus. Stelfox’s downward spiral is like a dark mirror to the corrupt business and lets the unhealthy competitiveness shine through in satirical violent bursts. That AMERICAN PSYCHO is the film’s role model is most obvious in the characterization of the protagonist as an intoxicated, Patrick Batemanesque persona who breaks the fourth wall, though Harris carefully abstains from using obvious quotes. His arrogant asshole routine means there are no likeable figures which enables KILL YOUR FRIENDS to take an unabashed look behind the lie-infested curtains. Moritz Bleibtreu makes a nice cameo in what is otherwise a one man show for Nicholas Hoult (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD).

Hardy Zaubitzer

Translation: Elinor Lewy


Großbritannien 2015, 108 min
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Crime Drama, Thriller
Director: Owen Harris
Author: John Niven
Montage: Bill Smedley
Music: Junkie XL
Distributor: Ascot Elite
Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Ed Skrein, James Corden




  • OV Original version
  • OmU Original with German subtitles
  • OmeU Original with English subtitles

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