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Interview mit Ken Loach zu ICH, DANIEL BLAKE

„Man kann sich die Situation nicht anschauen, ohne wütend zu werden“

Gespräch mit Sean Baker über seinen Film THE FLORIDA PROJECT


Interview mit Asif Kapadia über DIEGO MARADONA

"Maradona macht keine Fehler."

Interview mit Maria Speth zu HERR BACHMANN UND SEINE KLASSE

„Die Kinder haben uns vertraut und uns integriert in ihren Schulalltag“

ACT! Wer bin ich?

Deutschland 2017 | Semi-documentary Film | Rosa von Praunheim

Rosa von Praunheim accompanies theater pedagogue Maike Plath in a production of her Neukölln youth theater group ACT.


Deutschland/Polen 2014 | Drama | Tomasz Emil Rudzik | 16

AGNIESZKA gets out of prison, sets fire to her ex-boyfriend and takes a bus to Munich, where she finds a job as a domina/ballbuster for Madame. A love story with the 16-year old innocent bourgeois Manuel gets Agnieszka in trouble with Madame.


McQueen | Großbritannien 2018 | Documentary, Biography | Ian Bonhôte | 12

Alexander McQueen caused a sensation in the 90s with his provocative fashion shows (“The Highland Rape“) and became the head designer of Givenchy and, later on, Armani. A documentary.

Faith Connections

Unter Pilgern | Frankreich/Indien 2013 | Documentary | Pan Nalin | oA

Filmmaker Pal Nalin dives with his camera into the Kumbh Mela, the ritual bathing ceremony that takes place at the fork of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna and the mythical invisible Saraswati. He portrays pilgrims, wallahs, yogis, sadhus and street ...


Angelo | Österreich 2019 | Drama | Markus Schleinzer

Not much is known about Angelo Soliman, one of the few Afro-Europeans in the 18th century. Markus Schleinzer‘s ANGELO tries to tell his tragic story without simulating historicity.

Auch Leben ist eine Kunst – Der Fall Max Emden

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Eva Gerberding, André Schäfer

Max Emden is mostly known as the founder of KaDeWe and a passionate art collector today. The documentary shows the rise of his upper class Jewish family and their destruction under the Nazi regime.

Back to Maracana

Back to Maracana | Brasilien/Deutschland/Israel 2018 | Drama | Jorge Gurvich | oA

Over the sommer Roberto is meant to take care of his 11 year old son Itay - during the soccer championship of 2014! Together with grandfather Daniel, who actually has a surgery appointment during the semi-finals, the two travel to Brazil.

Baghdad in My Shadow

Schweiz/Deutschland/Großbritannien 2019 | Thriller | Samir | 16

The London Café Abu Nawas is a meeting point for leftwing Iraquis. When a the cultural attachè is murdered the author Taufiq it interrogated by the British authorities.

Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice

Banana pancakes and the children of sticky rice | Niederlande/China/Laos 2017 | Documentary | Daan Veldhuizen

The inhabitants of the isolated Lao village Muang Ngoi are among themselves during rainy season. When it passes, the backpacker arrive every year, clutching their Lonely Planet and searching for the simplicity that many of the villagers want to ...

Berlin Telegram

Belgien 2012 | Drama, Roadmovie | Leila Albayaty

BERLIN TELEGRAM by singer songwriter Leila Albayati paints a romantic and nouvelle vague-ish portrait of Berlin's international scene.


Deutschland/USA 2016 | Horror, Italowestern, Historical Film | Martin Koolhoven | 16

In the village where mute midwife Liz lives with her husband, her daughter, and her stepson, a new preacher comes to town whose appearance puts the fear of God into Liz. A powerful post-Italo-Western with a seemingly feminist perspective.

Cafe Society

Cafe Society | USA 2016 | Drama, Comedy, Love-story | Woody Allen | 12

Woody Allen’s latest endeavor boasts a stellar cast including Jesse Eisenberg and Kirsten Stewart and takes viewers into L.A. and New York in the glamorous 1920s.


Deutschland/ Argentinien/ Norwegen/ Kolumbien/ Kuba 2017 | Drama | Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza | 6

Cuba in the 1990s. Even though Candelaria and Victor Hugo are already over 70, they still have to work hard in order to survive. Romance has fallen by the wayside – until they come across a video camera by chance.

La gatta Cenerentola

La gatta Cenerentola | Italien 2018 | Animation, Modern Fairytale, Thriller | Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri | 12

A wild blend of fairy tale and giallo, watercolors and CGI graphics, futurism and retro musical.

Comrade, where are you today?

Deutschland/Finnland 2011 | Documentary | Kirsi Liimatainen | 12

Kirsi Liimatainen was a student of Marxism-Leninism at the prestigious international “Wilhelm-Pieck” School in the GDR in 1988/89 just before the fall of the Berlin wall. 25 years later, she seeks out friends and comrades from all over the world ...


Coppelia | Niederlande/Belgien/Deutschland 2021 | Dance Film, Animation | Steven de Beul, Ben Tesseur, Jeff Tudor | oA

A real ballet film: there‘s just dancing here, no talking. In the modern version of a ballet from 1870 adapted from E.T.A. Hoffmann, the Dutch National Ballet dances with painted backdrops and digital animation.

Cut Snake

USA/Australien 2014 | Thriller | Tony Ayres | 16 | NEW RELEASE

Merv is about to marry Paula, when his prison buddy Jim aka Pommie shows up. Pommie wants Merv to go back to the old lifestyle, but he also has an erotic interest in Merv. When Merv refuses, Pommie shows his violent side.

Deckname Jenny

Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Samira Fansa

A young woman, “Code Name Jenny,“ joins a militant, autonomous group that is planning two attacks. When the operation is about to fail, “Jenny‘s“ father, who used to be active in a revolutionary cell, takes over.

Loin des hommes

Loin des hommes | Frankreich 2013 | Adventure, Drama | David Oelhoffen | 12

Algeria, 1954: The reclusive teacher Daru (Viggo Mortensen) escorts the farmer Mohamad who is accused of murder. The dissimilar duo venture across the ice-cold Atlas Mountains as they are followed by antagonistic horsemen and villagers.


O Menino e o Mundo | Brasilien 2013 | Adventure, Animation | Alê Abreu

The Brasilian animation THE BOY AND THE WORLD employs a dazzling array of drawing techniques to reflect about the experience of life under dictatorship and paint a cautionary picture of industrialization.

Only the Animals

Seules Les Bêtes | Frankreich/Deutschland 2019 | Thriller, Crime Drama, Drama | Dominik Moll | 16

In a village near a glacier a woman, rich Parisian Evelyne Ducat (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), has disappeared. Her story is told from the perspective of five people who were connected to the woman‘s disappearance in different ways.


Maradona | Großbritannien 2019 | Documentary | Asif Kapadia | 12 | Interview

In Asif Kapadia‘s film about Diego Maradona, he focuses on his time in SC Neapel, the most spectacular era of Maradona‘s career.

Endlich Tacheles!

Endlich Tacheles! | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Jana Matthes, Andrea Schramm | 12

Game developer Yar develops a Shoah game.

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

Al-Taqareer Hawl Sarah Wa Saleem | Palästina/ Niederlande/ Deutschland/ Mexiko 2018 | Drama, Crime Drama, Love-story | Muayad Alayan | 12

Sarah owns a café in West-Jerusalem, Saleem stops by daily to deliver pastries from a Palestinian bakery in East-Jerusalem. They are both married. When their affair is in danger of being discovered, more than just their marriages are at stake.

First Cow

USA 2019 | Drama, Western, Geschichte einer Freundschaft | Kelly Reichardt

FIRST COW is a tender story about the friendship between two men who are different than the Hollywood image of the “pioneers“ of the West.

The Florida Project

USA 2017 | Drama | Sean Baker | 12 | Interview

Moonee lives in a hotel on the highway right before Disneyland with her 22 year old mother Halley. While the adults fight to survive, Moonee and her kid gang are having a great time.

Gloria Mundi

Frankreich/Italien 2019 | Drama | Robert Guédiguian

Saleswoman Mathilda and Uber driver Nicolas are having a baby. They‘re happy, but money is scarce for them and their friends.


Grigris | Frankreich, Tschad 2013 | Drama | Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Grigris is a nightclub dancer in N´Djamena, the capital of Chad. He also has a shorter, partly paralyzed leg, but that doesn´t stop him from delivering sizzling performances. When his stepfather falls ill he asks a local gang boss for work as a ...


Deutschland/Belgien/Luxemburg 2017 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | Govinda Van Maele | 16

German Jens (Frederich Lau) who is looking for work is stranded in a small village in Luxembourg where farmers are strangely friendly to him after giving him a gruff welcome. A tight province thriller.


Die Hälfte der Stadt | Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Pawel Siczek

HALF THE TOWN reconstructs the life of Chaim Berman, a Jewish photographer in the Polish town of Kozniece, where Poles, Germans and a large Jewish community lived next door to each other until the German invasion in 1938.

Heart of a Dog

Frankreich/USA 2015 | Documentary, Essay Film | Laurie Anderson

When her mother, her partner Lou Reed and her dog Loolabelle die in short succession, multimedia artist Laurie Anderson decides to film HEART OF A DOG, a meandering collage about death and the art of saying good bye.

Herr Bachmann und seine Klasse

Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Maria Speth | oA | Interview

A long-term documentary about an extraordinary teacher and his class.

The Way He Looks

Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho | Brasilien 2014 | Drama, Youth Film | Daniel Ribeiro | 6

Leonardo, who is blind from birth, and Giovana are best friends. Giovana might even be in love with Leo. When a new boy, Gabriel, arrives in class the coming-of-age story turns into an tender coming-out drama.

Hip Hop-eration

Hip Hop-eration | Neuseeland 2014 | Documentary | Bryn Evans

HIP HOP-ERATION shows how 27 non-agers between 66 and 95 form a hip hop crew and set out to perform a tribute show at the Hip Hop World Championship in Las Vegas.

Die Hölle – Inferno

Die Hölle – Inferno | Deutschland/Österreich 2017 | Thriller | Stefan Ruzowitzky | 16

DIE HÖLLE is a subdued genre film with serial killers, action, and offbeat characters. The setting is Vienna, the protagonists are aggressive cab driver and Thai boxer Özge and grumpy cop Steiner.

I, Daniel Blake

I, Daniel Blake | Frankreich/Großbritannien 2016 | Drama | Ken Loach | 6 | Interview

I, DANIEL BLAKE is an angry film about the systematic humiliation of the British working class. After suffering a heart attack carpenter Daniel Blake finds himself at the mercy of a social system that has no interest in helping him. He teams up with ...


Ixcanul | Guatemala/Frankreich 2015 | Drama | Jayro Bustamante | 12

Maria, a young Maya, lives with her parents on a coffee plantation in Guatemala. Marrying the supervisor Ignacio who fancies her would improve the lives of her family, but Maria is in love with Pepe, a worker on the plantation.

Jimi's German Woodstock

Deutschland 2010 | Documentary, Music Films | Rasmus Gerlach, Wolfgang Neitzel, Paul Kulms

The scandalous, storm-shaken “Love and Peace“ rock festival on the Isle of Fehmarn in 1970 was one of Jimi Hendrix‘s last performances. Three filmmakers search for rare material and interview diehard fans.

Der Kuaför aus der Keupstraße

Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Andreas Maus | oA

The film shows the aftermath of a 2004 terror attack in a street in Cologne. The Turkish shop owners and victims of the assault are the only suspects the police investigate for years, until the neo-Nazi NSU group turns out to be the perpetrators.

L'chaim!: To Life!

L'chaim!: To Life! | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Israel/ Niederlande/ Belgien 2014 | Biography, Documentary | Elkan Spiller | oA

At the center of this long-term documentary project is the filmmaker's charismatic and non-conformist cousin Chaim Lubelksi. When Chaim's mother needs care, he decides to move back to Antwerp and move in with her to care for her full time.


Deutschland/Österreich 2017 | Drama, Music Films, Historical Film | Barbara Albert | 6

An adaptation of the biography of music teacher, composer, singer, and founder of a music school for the blind Maria Theresia Paradis, a contemporary of Haydn and Mozart.


USA/ Großbritannien/ Kanada/ Deutschland / Australien 2015 | Drama | Anton Corbijn | oA

Dennis Stock’s photos of James Dean appeared in Life Magazine in 1955 under the heading “Moody New Star”. LIFE by star photographer Anton Corbijn recreates the making of these images.

Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding!

Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding! | Deutschland 2019 | Biography | Hermine Huntgeburth | 12

More than a film about a musical career, LINDENBERG is about how someone with a lot of baggage shouldn‘t find success but somehow does, though it does not happen without conflict.

Made in Italy

Großbritannien/Italien 2020 | Comedy | James D'Arcy

In this warm summer feelgood movie an estranged British father and son are trying to sell a rundown villa in Tuscany.

Der marktgerechte Mensch

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary, Sociological Film | Leslie Franke | 6

The crowd-funded film by Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz is a report on the precarious working conditions and the health and social consequences of neo-liberal politics since the 1980s.

Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.

Matangi / Maya / M.I.A. | USA/Großbritannien/Sri Lanka 2018 | Documentary, Biography, Music Films | Steve Loveridge | 16

The portrait of the singer who grew up in Sri Lanka and London is both a pop-documentary and a political documentary.

My Cousin Rachel

My cousin Rachel | USA 2017 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Roger Michell | 6

Philip believes that his Cousin Rachel has murdered his foster father Ambrose, but the Moment she sits in front of him, he falls for her beauty and her charm. Is Rachel a murderous seductress?

Es esmu seit

Es esmu seit | Lettland 2016 | Drama | Renars Vimba | 6

17 year old Raya and her little brother Robis are being raised by their grandmother. When she dies, they try to hide her death in order to be able to stay together in their home.


USA 2017 | Drama | Joshua Z. Weinstein | 6

MENASHE is based on the life of Hassidic stand up comedian Menashe Lustig. After the death of his wife, Hassidic Jew Menashe would like to raise his son on his own but that isn‘t allowed and everything else that Menashe touches goes wrong as ...

Milos Forman: Co Te Nezabije

Milos Forman: Co Te Nezabije | Tschechische Republik 2009 | Documentary | Milos Smídmajer | 12

A biographical documentary about the great Czech film director Milos Forman (ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST, HAIR, AMADEUS).

National Bird

USA 2016 | Documentary | Sonia Kennebeck | 12

In Sonia Kennebeck's documentary NATIONAL BIRD three whistleblowers speak out about how traumatizing it was working with “surgical precision weapons,” better known as war drones.

Comme un avion

Comme un avion | Frankreich 2015 | Comedy | Bruno Podalydès | oA

Middle aged Michel loves gimmicks and gadgets. One day he buys a foldboat and goes kayaking – only to encounter a merry widow and an attractive student at his first stop.

Paco de Lucia: la busqueda

Paco de Lucía: La Búsqueda | Spanien 2015 | Documentary | Curro Sánchez

PACO DE LUCIA, who passed away in 2014, was one of the great innovators in Flamenco. He is best known for his collaboration with jazz musicians like Al di Meola, John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell and Chick Corea.


Deutschland 2016 | Documentary | Hans Puttnies | 16

Hans Putnie‘s essay film shows images of Palmyra before the destruction of the temple by the IS, but the filmmaker is most focused on the obliteration of the living history of Palmyra/Tadmor by the European myth of the ancient city.


Deutschland 2013 | Documentary | Irina Roerig

Portrait of the Russian singer Porträt Elena Frolowa who is a mystic and her mother Maja, a firm socialist.

Los perros

Los perros | Frankreich/Chile 2017 | Drama | Marcela Said

LOS PERROS by Marcella Said is an angry film about the heiresses of the fascist regime in Chile.


Indien 2014 | Rajkumar Hirani

Long, colourful and full of musical numbers is PK your average Bollywood comedy. On the other hand PK is a daring satire on religion and religious cults, all of which the film denounces as dangerous man-made contraptions.

Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution – Queercore: Liberation Is My Lover

Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution – Queercore: Liberation Is My Lover | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Music Films, Sociological Film | Yony Leyser | 16

From 1985 to 1991, Bruce LaBruce and G.B. Jones published the queer punk fanzine “J.D.s“. Since there was no queer punk scene in Toronto, they were inspired by Guy Debord‘s situationist manifesto “The Spectacle and its Society“ and started ...

Reggae Boyz

USA/Deutschland 2018 | Documentary, Sportfilm | Till Schauder

In the documentary REGGAE BOYZ German Winnie Schäfer is preparing the Jamaican national team for the 2014 world championship qualifications. All the hopes rest on local hero Jermaine “Tuffy“ Anderson.


Kanada 2015 | Drama, Thriller | Atom Egoyan | 12

In Atom Egoyans old school thriller the former pianist Zev (Christopher Plummer), who is suffering from dementia, undertakes to find the Nazis that killed his family.

Remember Your Name, Babylon

Belgien 2015 | Documentary | Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe

REMEMBER YOUR NAME, BABYLON shows life at the border of a huge tomato plantation in Almeria. Immigrants are waiting for work, papers, and news in shanty towns made of wooden pallets and plastic foil.

Robert Doisneau, le revolte du merveilleux

Robert Doisneau – Le révolté du merveilleux | Frankreich 2015 | Documentary | Clémentine Deroudille | oA

Clémentine Deroudille made a documentary about her grandfather, Parisian photographer Robert Doisneau. The film shows Doisneau as an extremely friendly, humble, and charming man who had no problem convincing people on the street to reenact scenes ...

Il rosso e Il blu

Il rosso e il blu | Italien 2012 | Drama | Giuseppe Piccioni | oA

ROT UND BLAU takes a gently nostalgic look at life in an Italian highschool.

Die rote Kapelle (2020)

Die rote Kapelle (2020) | Deutschland/Belgien/Israel 2020 | Documentary | Carl-Ludwig Rettinger | 12

The film illustrates the story of the resistance group “Rote Kapelle“ with snippets from FRG and GDR films and gives numerous children and descendants of the resistance fighters as well as historians the chance to speak.

Un sac de billes

Un sac de billes | Kanada/Frankreich/Tschechien 2017 | Drama, Historical Film | Christian Duguay | 12

Brothers Joseph and Maurice are growing up in Paris during the German occupation. When they are forced to wear the yellow star, their parents decide the family needs to flee. They would be too conspicuous together, which is why the two boys have to ...

Sag du es mir

Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Michael Fetter Nathansky | 12

RASHOMON-like tale of a woman who is pushed from a Potsdam bridge for no discernible reason, her sister who wants to find out who did it - and the perpetrator who cannot really say why he did it.


USA 2016 | Drama, History | Martin Scorsese | 12


Skin | USA 2018 | Drama, Biography | Guy Nattiv | 16 | Interview

Jamie Bell plays skinhead Bryon Widner who was raised to become the crown prince of Nazi terrorist group “Vinlanders Social Club“ by a backwoods neo-Nazi couple before leaving the scene with the help of Black activist Daryle Jenkins.

So weit und groß – Die Natur des Otto Modersohn

Deutschland 2010 | Biography, Documentary | Carlo Modersohn | oA

Worpswede painter Otto Modersohn is barely known today unlike his wife Paul Becker-Modersohn. Otto Modersohn’s great-grandson presents the painter’s life and work.

Min lilla syster

Min lilla syster | Schweden 2015 | Drama | Sanna Lenken | 6

Katja is a thin figure skater and her little sister Stella’s idol. When Katja develops anorexia, Stella is the only one who notices but no one listens to her.

Stille Reserven

Schweiz/Österreich 2016 | Science Fiction | Valentin Hitz | 12

Neo noir sci-fi: in the near future insurance agent Baumann sells death insurance. Those who don’t have one are used as organ donors, surrogate mothers, or databases after death. Baumann is promoted and is meant to infiltrate a resistance group ...

Sume: Mumisitsinerup Nipaa

Sume – Mumisitsinerup Nipaa | Dänemark/Grönland 2014 | Documentary | Inuk Silis Hoegh

In 1973 the rock band Sumé released the first album in the Greenlandic language and became the sound of the Greenlandic student movement demanding autonomy from Denmark.

Suzi Q

Australien 2019 | Documentary, Biography | Liam Firmager | oA

The Australian documentary SUZI Q tells the story of the bassist and singer from the beginning when she started the garage band The Pleasure Seekers with her sisters Patti and Arlene and began touring at age 15.

Sweet Country

Australien 2017 | Western | Warwick Thornton | 12

SWEET COUNTRY is an Australian western from an Aboriginal perspective, written and directed by Aboriginal artists.

Dark Horse

The Dark Horse | Neuseeland 2014 | Drama | James Napier Robertson | 12

Chris Curtis plays the now homeless former chess grand master Genesis Potini who is coaching a Maori youth chess club.

Talking Money – Rendezvous bei der Bank

Talking Money – Rendezvous bei der Bank | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Sebastian Winkels | oA

Directory Sebastian Winkels filmed the conversations between customers and bankers in 8 countries, from Switzerland to Pakistan.

Los Bando

Los Bando | Norwegen 2018 | Comedy | Christian Lo | oA

Aksel and Grim, both 14, are a band and want to take part in the rock competition in Tromsø. They need a bassist, but 9 year old cellist Thilda is the only one who comes to their audition...

Tony Conrad – Completely in the Present

Tony Conrad – Completely in the Present | USA 2016 | Documentary, Film about film-making, Biography | Tyler Hubby | 12

TONY CONRAD – COMPLETELY IN THE PRESENT lets the charming and funny filmmaker and musician Conrad give a personal introduction to his work spruced up by the praise of many admirers, especially from the noise pop scene.

The Deposit

tryggd – The Deposit | Island 2019 | Drama | Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir

Journalist Gisella takes in two illegal migrants and rents out rooms to them. When the two turn out to be more high-maintenance than Gisella thought, she starts to invent stricter rules for her tenants.

Unser letzter Sommer

Deutschland/Polen 2015 | Drama, History | Michal Rogalski | 12

Poland 1943. In the midst of war four young people find each other. Romek and Franka are Polish locals, Guido is a German soldier who loves jazz and Bumia is an escaped Jewish girl. In the remote countryside they allow themselves to dream of private ...

Nossa Chape

Nossa Chape | Brasilien 2018 | Documentary | Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist, Julián Duque | 12

Niklas Luhmann wrote a footnote in “Die Kunst der Gesellschaft“ stating that social systems aren‘t held together by social contracts like values and norms, but rather by kings and football.

La region salvaje

La region salvaje | Deutschland/ Dänemark/ Frankreich/ Schweiz/ Norwegen/ Mexiko 2016 | Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Erotic Film, Familientragödie | Amat Escalante | 16

Amat Escalante‘s wild and stylish THE UNTAMED is a social drama and a hardcore arthouse horror film. It‘s about monstrous desire and a repressed, homophobic society – and about sex with a tentacle creature.


Denial | USA/Großbritannien 2016 | Biography, Drama | Mick Jackson | 12

When Debora Lipstadt publishes her book “Denying the Holocaust” in 1993, Holocaust denier David Irving sues her for libel. Lipstadt and her lawyers have to prove that Irving distorted the facts with bad intent.

Das Versprechen

Das Versprechen | Deutschland/USA 2016 | Documentary | Marcus Vetter, Karin Steinberger

Documentary about the German Jens Söring, who has spent 30 years in prison for the murder of his former girlfriend Elisabeth Haysom’s parents. Söring claims he’s innocent.

Von jetzt an kein zurück

Deutschland/Österreich 2014 | Drama | Christian Frosch | 16

A young love is crushed by institutions and familial oppression in 1960´s Germany. Director Christian Frosch shows the continuing effects of Nazism and the violent undercurrents in German society of the era and links them to the rise of militant ...


Goksung | Südkorea 2016 | Thriller, Mystery | Na Hong-jin | 16

The Waldheim Waltz

Waldheims Walzer | Österreich 2018 | Documentary | Ruth Beckermann | 6

In 1986 former UN general secretary Kurt Waldheim ran for president in Austria. When it came out that Waldheim had lied about his past, a big controversy began that laid the lifelong lies of the post-war generation out in the open.

Welcome to Sodom

Österreich 2018 | Documentary | Florian Weigensamer, Christian Krönes | 6

6000 people live in the biggest electric dump in the world in Agogbloshie near Accra. They call the former swamp “Sodom.“

Whitney – Can I Be Me

Whitney – Can I Be Me | Großbritannien/USA 2017 | Documentary, Music Films | Nick Broomfield, Rudi Dolezal | 6

Whitney Houson’s strong faith and her façade as the well-behaved, white-washed pop darling collided with her turbulent private life. The documentary by experienced pop documentarian Nick Broomfield and Rudi Dolezal presents this contradiction as ...

Wo ich wohne. Ein Film für Ilse Aichinger

Wo ich wohne. Ein Film für Ilse Aichinger | Österreich 2013 | Documentary | Christine Nagel

Less an adaptation of Ilse Aichinger´s short story 'Wo ich wohne' than an associative montage inspired by the literature of the Austrian writer, the film circles Aichingers themes of memory and disappearance.


Inxeba | Deutschland/ Frankreich/ Niederlande/ Südafrika 2017 | Drama, Sociological Film, Love-story | John Trengove | 16

Warehouseman Xolani goes to a camp in the mountains to care for rebellious boy Kwanda during the Xhosa circumcision and initiation ritual. Gay Kwanda quickly realizes that Xolani and his macho friend Vija are hiding their relationship.

Zwingli – Der Reformator

Schweiz 2019 | Drama | Stefan Haupt | 12

An opulent biopic about the life of the Swiss reformer.

Zwischen den Jahren

Deutschland 2017 | Drama, Thriller | Lars Henning | 12

Becker recently got released from prison. He has a job as a guard and begins a relationship with cleaning woman Rita, but his past catches up with him when a man recognizes him on the subway.

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