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Blackbird | USA/Großbritannien 2019 | Drama | Roger Michell | 12

The remake of Bille August‘s film STILLE HJIERTE (2014) is about terminally ill Lily (Susan Sarandon) who wishes to take her own life and wants to gather her family around her beforehand for one last time.


Vision | Frankreich/Japan 2018 | Drama | Naomi Kawase | oA

Jeanne is searching for a plant that takes away all of people‘s pains and fears and only appears once every 997 years. She meets Tomo in the mountains, who knows that something is wrong with the forest. Naomi Kawase‘s poetic new film.

Born to Be Blue

Born to Be Blue | Kanada, Großbritannien 2015 | Biography, Music Films | Robert Budreau | 12

BORN TO BE BLUE is a cinematic portrait of terrific jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, a humorous homage that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That also has to do with Ethan Hawke’s performance, who manages to approximate Baker without losing himself.

Code of Survival

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Bertram Verhaag | oA

Director Bertram Verhaag contrasts the gen tech giant Monsanto’s destructive agriculture with three sustainable projects from India, Egypt, and Bavaria.

Ein deutsches Leben

Österreich 2016 | Documentary | Christian Krönes, Olaf Müller, Roland Schrotthofer, Florian Weigensamer | 12

Brunhilde Pomsel is a 103 year old woman. In EIN DEUTSCHES LEBEN she talks about her life in a precise, frighteningly unemotional, sometimes critical way, especially the years between 1942 and 45 when she was the secretary of the Reich’s ...


USA 2017 | Comedy, Science Fiction, Sociological Film | Alexander Payne | oA

A new strategy to conserve resources has been created: shrinking people down to 12.9 centimeters. The shrunken Matt Damon lands in mini-utopia “Leisureland“ and meets Udo Kier and Christoph Waltz, who aren‘t as ecologically idealistic.

55 Steps

55 Steps | USA/Deutschland/Belgien 2017 | Biography, Drama | Bille August | 12

Mentally ill Eleanor Riese (Helena Bonham Carter) turns to a patient advocacy agency because she is prescribed high doses of neuroleptics against her will. Her lawyer Colette Hughes (Hilary Swank) fights for patient rights with her.

Eva Hesse

Deutschland 2015 | Biography, Documentary | Marcie Begleiter

Eva Hesse was born in 1936 as daughter of a Jewish lawyer in Hamburg and grew up in the USA, where she later became one of the most famous female artists of her generation.

Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some !! | USA 2015 | Comedy, Sportfilm | Richard Linklater | 12

1980, on the cusp of college. The film depicts the three days before the beginning of the semester. Jake the freshman moves into a frat house with other baseball players. They drink, smoke pot, play ping pong, dance, and have women, or girls, on ...

From Business to Being

Deutschland 2015 | Documentary | Hanna Henigin, Julian Wildgruber | oA

FROM BUSINESS TO BEING is a portrait of three managers that quit and asks experts how a different and more meaningful economic and working world could look like.

Fuchs im Bau

Österreich 2020 | Drama | Arman T. Riahi

The prison class under the care of the committed and somewhat deranged Mrs. Berger isn‘t big, but there‘s almost always turmoil. The new teacher, Mr. Fuchs, has his work cut out for him.

Hannah: Buddhism's Untold Journey

Hannah: Buddhism's Untold Journey | Deutschland/ Dänemark/ Ungarn/ Spanien/ Großbritannien/ Indien/ Honkong/ Nepal 2014 | Semi-documentary Film, Biography | Marta György-Kessler | 12

A loving film portrait of Danish Hannah Nydahl, who tirelessly worked on spreading Buddhism in the West together with her husband Ole Nydahl.

Hello, I Am David! – Eine Reise mit David Helfgott

Hello, I Am David! – Eine Reise mit David Helfgott | Deutschland 2015 | Documentary, Music Films | Cosima Lange | oA

HELLO, I AM DAVID! follows Australian pianist David Helfgott, who startet his career as a wunderkind and was later treated for depression and schizophrenia, as he tours across Europe.

Janis: Little Girl Blue

USA 2015 | Documentary | Amy Berg | oA

JANIS: LITTLE GIRL BLUE is a rather conventional yet moving portrait of rock icon Janis Joplin.

An: Sweet Red Bean Paste

An | Japan 2015 | Drama | Naomi Kawase | oA

In this poetic potrayal of Tokyo in the cherry blossom season a lonely street vendor meets an old lady who helps him with his pastries.

Der Klang der Stimme

Schweiz 2018 | Documentary | Bernard Weber | oA

Swiss director Bernhard Weber focuses on 5 people in his documentary: a voice therapist, soprano Regule Mühlemann, voice artist Andreas Schaerer, and voice researcher Matthias Echternach.

Life, Animated

Frankreich/USA 2016 | Semi-documentary Film, Animation, Family Film | Roger Ross Williams | oA

Owen Suskind stopped talking at the age of 3. The diagnosis: autism. After years of isolation his father found a way to reach him: Owen communicates with the characters from his beloved Disney films. A documentary.

Multiple Schicksale – Vom Kampf um den eigenen Körper

Multiple Schicksale – Vom Kampf um den eigenen Körper | Schweiz 2016 | Documentary | Jann Kessler | 12

Jann Kessler has been living with his mother who has MS in a special-care home for years. In the hopes of learning more about the disease, the 18 year old director meets other people who are also affected by the incurable disease.

Nicht schon wieder Rudi!

Deutschland 2015 | Comedy | Ismail Sahin, Oona-Devi Liebich | oA

NICHT SCHON WIEDER RUDI! looks like a buddy movie about four men on a weekend trip in the beginning. Later on it turns out that one of them suffers from the onset of dementia.

On the Milky Road

Lungo la Via Lattea | Serbien 2016 | Drama | Emir Kusturica | 16

Milk man Kosta runs away with a beautiful Italian (Monica Bellucci). A film about love and war, dancing hawks and milk drinking snakes. Emir Kusturica's (ARIZONA DREAM) ninth film is subtly erotic, somewhat tragic, very light, and filled with ...


Serbien/Montenegro/Malta/USA 2017 | Drama, Biography, Literary Film Adaptations | Michael Noer | 12

The remake of PAPILLON (1973), one of the most powerful prison films of all time, remains remarkably close to the original and is a worthy new interpretation.


Deutschland 2016 | Biography, Drama | Christian Schwochow | 12

An affectionately filmed homage to expressionist painter Paula Modersohn-Becker known for her self-portraits, rural scenes, and child portraits. Carla Juri (FEUCHTGEBIETE) plays the steadfast, sunny painter.

Renzo Piano, an Architect for Santander

Renzo Piano, an Architect for Santander | Spanien 2018 | Documentary | Carlos Saura | oA

Celebrity architect Renzo Piano built the “Centro Botín“ in Santander. The pleasantly calm documentary by Carlos Saura gives enlightening insights behind the curtains of a big construction project.

Die Rüden

Deutschland 2020 | Drama | Connie Walter | 12

Four real, former criminal offenders encounter three vicious dogs in Connie Walther‘s film experiment which lasts six days and six nights. The film documents the process of bonding in an extremely stylized way.

The Royal Game

Schachnovelle | Deutschland/Österreich 2020 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Philipp Stölzl | 12

The impressive, partially shocking psychological portrait of an indomitable character. Philip Stölzl adapted Stefan Zweig‘s last text, “The Royal Game.“

The Glass Castle

Glass Castle | USA 2017 | Drama | Destin Daniel Cretton | 12

THE GLASS CASTLE is a striking adaptation of the autobiographic bestseller by Jeannette Walls about her exciting but difficult childhood on the road with an alcoholic and paranoid father, an artistic and egotistical mother, and three siblings.


Sparrows | Dänemark/Island/Kroatien 2015 | Drama | Rúnar Rúnarsson

16 year old Ari who lives in Reykjavik with his mother is sent to his father who lives in the barren northwest of Iceland.

Das starke Geschlecht

Deutschland 2021 | Semi-documentary Film | Jonas Rothlaender

Nine alternating talking men. A questioner. A black background. It‘s about rape fantasies, desires, the role of their own mother, projections, constellations during sex, weaknesses, hopes, feminism.

Stille Post

Deutschland 2021 | Drama | Florian Hoffmann

Elementary school teacher Khalil has lived in Germany for years. He begins a feverish search when he believes he recognizes his sister in pictures from Kurdistan.

System Error

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary, Sociological Film | Florian Opitz | oA

Florian Opitz‘s documentary takes capitalism and the dominant growth ideology to task and shows how topical many of Karl Marx‘ analyses still are today.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri | USA 2017 | Crime Drama | Martin McDonagh | 12

In the fictional town of Ebbing, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) posts sentences on three billboards meant to bring the resting investigation of her daugher‘s rape and murder back into motion.

Tomorrow - Demain

Demain | Frankreich 2015 | Documentary | Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent

Actress Melanie Laurent and activist Cyril Dion travel around the world to find encouraging projects focused on sustainable development. TOMORROW recently won the “César”, the French Film Academy Award for best documentary.

Un moment d'egarement

Un moment d'égarement | Frankreich 2015 | Comedy | Jean-François Richet | 12

Two Fathers and their daughters go on a trip to Corsica. One of the girls falls in love with her friend’s father, who doesn't dare tell his friend about the affair. Jean-François Richet’s film upholds a fine balance between comedy and drama.

The Visit

The Visit: An Alien Encounter | Deutschland/ Dänemark/ Norwegen/ Finnland 2015 | Documentary | Michael Madsen | 6

Danish conceptual artist and director Michael Madsen acts out a scene that not only engages the sciences but also the arts: the first human contact with an alien civilization. The interviewed experts are urged to pretend like the first contact has ...

Das Vorspiel

Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Ina Weisse | 12

DAS VORSPIEL is a film about disappointment, about music obsessiveness, about a women without a center amongst five men (son, father, husband, lover, violin student).

Ice and the sky

La Glace et le Ciel | Frankreich 2014 | Documentary | Luc Jacquet | oA

The documentary feature ICE AND THE SKY focuses on the life of scientist Claude Lorius whose work in Antarctica since the 1950s has been instrumental in the research of global warming.

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