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Dayu haitang

Dayu haitang | VRC 2016 | Animation, Modern Fairytale | Xuan Liang, Zhang Chun | 6

Chun makes a trade with a soul trader to resurrect her dead saviour Kun. The world goes off balance and a wave of destruction is unleashed.

La buena vida

La buena vida | Deutschland/ Schweiz/ Niederlande/ Kolumbien 2014 | Documentary | Jens Schanze | oA

El Cerrejón in northern Columbia is the largest pit coalmine in Latin America. Daily over 100,000 tons of coal are mined and shipped to Europe. The overexploitation threatens the surrounding nature and particularly the indigenous peoples, the ...

High Performance – Mandarinen lügen nicht

High Performance – Mandarinen lügen nicht | Österreich 2013 | Comedy | Johanna Moder | oA

A clash of cultures in Vienna. Two brothers who at first glance couldn’t be more different. Rudi: a convinced wearer of suits and owner of a villa outside of Vienna. Daniel: a impoverished actor in Vienna’s off-theatre scene. Both, of course, ...

Las insoladas

Las Insoladas | Argentinien 2014 | Comedy | Gustavo Taretto | oA

Six women meet at the top of a Buenos Aires skyscraper to tan, talk and dream of a trip to Cuba together. A brightly coloured snap-shot of Argentina in the 1990s.

Learning to Drive

Learning to Drive | USA 2014 | Drama, Comedy, Love Stories | Isabel Coixet | oA

When the literary critic and mother of a grown up daughter Wendy (Patricia Clarkson) finds herself suddenly single after twenty years of marriage, she decides to finally take driving lessons. Her teacher is the deeply religious Sikh Darwan (Ben ...


Maixabel | Spanien 2021 | Drama, Biography | Iciar Bollain

In her personal and political film, Icíar Bollaín tells the story of Maixabel, the widow of Juan Mari, the governer who was murdered by the ETA, and Ibon, one of the responsible ETA terrorists who is in prison for it.

Mein gestohlenes Land

Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Marc Wiese

Micro and macrocosm: Paúl is the leader of an armed, indigenous protest against the exploitation of the Río Blanco mine. Fernando is a journalist and has uncovered a secret contract between Ecuador and China which threatens Ecuador‘s ...


Deutschland 83 | Psychothriller | Florian Gottschick | 12

Anna and Stefan from Berlin meet her gay ex-boyfriend Bernd and his partner in Anna’s small hometown that is about to be strip mined. Something sinister gradually comes to the surface as the power shovel nears.

Ein Papagei im Eiscafe

A Parrot at the Milkbar | Deutschland / Spanien 2014 | Documentary | Ines Thomsen

A humorous observation in Barcelona’s immigrant neighbourhood El Raval. Four barber shops, four places of remembrance, strange time and space capsules inhabited by people who left their home to find a better one, while the Spaniards are about to ...

Pepe Mujica – Der Präsident

Pepe Mujica – Der Präsident | Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Heidi Specogna | oA

Although he doesn’t come to parliament on his scooter anymore, but in his car he still doesn’t wear a tie – not even when he met with Angela Merkel. An homage to unbroken idealism and the modesty of a former flower farmer, guerilla and ...

Senor Kaplan

Mr. Kaplan | Uruguay 2012 | Comedy | Alvaro Brechner | oA

The Jewish Jacobo fled Poland in 1937 and came to Uruguay. At 76, he could live out his twilight years comfortably. Instead, he opts to go on a Nazi hunt with his sidekick Wilson, a policeman past his prime. A surreal and colorful senior citizen ...

Father - Otac

Otac | Serbien/Kroatien/Deutschland 2020 | Drama | Srdan Golubovic | 12

When the corrupt youth welfare office take away both of his children, Nicola decides to go to Belgrade to file a complaint. He‘s going 300 kilometers by foot, since he neither has a car nor the money for a bus.

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