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Kaptn Oskar

Deutschland 2012 | Drama | Tom Lass | 12

In this German "mumblecore" experiment the young Berlin drifter Oskar ist stalked by a furious ex girlfriend, meets a new girl, Masha, and tries and fails to lead a platonic realtionship with her.

Everything always all the time

Kim hat einen Penis | Deutschland 2018 | , Comedy | Philipp Eichholtz | 12

During a stop-over in Switzerland pilot Kim gets a penis and goes home with it to Neukölln, where her nice boyfriend isn‘t very enthusiastic about the new accessory.

Luca tanzt leise

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Philipp Eichholtz | 12

Director Philipp Eichholtz describes his film about Berliner Luca, who wants to make up her Abitur, as a small love letter to those whose biggest battle is waking up every day.

So was von da

Deutschland 2018 | Tragicomedy | Jakob Lass | 16

It‘s New Year‘s Eve and Oskar has to close his music club on the Reeperbahn. Everyone is there and goes wild one last time on the very last club night.

Der lange Sommer der Theorie

Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Irene von Alberti | oA

Three young woman, Nola, Katya, and Martina, have made it their mission to search for happiness. Irene von Albertis film floats between feminist discourse-pop and a journalistic report.

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