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Men, Women & Children | USA 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Jason Reitman | 12

MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN, a mellow, floating ensemble piece, portrays several parents and teenagers and their ways of using, abusing, controling or exploring the internet.

Dallas Buyers Club

USA 2013 | Biography, Drama | Jean-Marc Vallee | 12

USA, 1986: Ron Woodroof is diagnosed with full blown AIDS with 30 days to live. The young Texan doesn't accept this fate and decides to take matters into his own hands tracking down alternative treatments from around the world, legally or otherwise.


Juno | USA 2007 | Comedy | Jason Reitman | 6

Love, Simon

USA 2018 | Drama, Comedy, Romance Films | Greg Berlanti | oA

Simon is a normal average US teen. The 16 year old hasn‘t told anyone he‘s gay though. When a fellow student talks about his own homosexuality online, Simon establishes contact with the anonymous person.

Wonder Park

Wonder Park | Spanien/USA 2019 | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | David Feiss | oA

June and her mother create the magical Wonderland in their minds, an amusement park run entirely by friendly animals. Somehow the park becomes a reality but June soon finds her creation under threat from a cloud called The Darkness.

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