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Atomic Blonde

USA 2017 | Agentenfilm, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | David Leitch | 16

It: Chapter Two

IT: Chapter 2 | USA 2019 | Horror, Thriller | Andy Muschietti | 16

27 years after the events of IT, the Loser's Club, who have gone their separate ways, comes together again - because the evil returns every 27 years.


USA 2018 | Action, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction | M. Night Shyamalan | 16

Incarcerated in a mental institution, superhuman security guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis) meets up with his old nemesis Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), as well as a new opponent with 24 personalities (James McAvoy).


Submergence | USA 2018 | Drama, Thriller | Wim Wenders | 12

A MI6 agent pretending to be a hydraulic engineer and a deep-sea researcher fall in love on the Norman beach. He is then captured by Islamists and she submerges in the Nordic Sea.

The Last Station

The Last Station | GB/D/RUS 2009 | Drama | Michael Hoffman | 6


Split | USA 2016 | Horror, Thriller | M. Night Shyamalan | 16

The lives of three girls become a nightmare when a creepy man kidnaps them. The kidnapper is psychotic and has dissociative personality disorder. The girls desperately try to look for a way to escape.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them | USA 2014 | Drama | Ned Benson | 6

The story of a couple trying to reclaim the life and love they once knew and pick up the pieces of the past.

X-Men: Apocalypse

USA 2016 | Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction | Bryan Singer | 12

Apocalypse is immortal and invincible. Awakened after thousands of years he is put off by earthly reality and recruits a squad of powerful mutants, among them Magneto, to create a new one.

Dark Phoenix

USA 2018 | Action, Comic book movie, Fantasy | Simon Kinberg | 12

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