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Le huitième jour

Le huitième jour | B 1995 | Drama | Jaco von Dormael | 6

Avant l'hiver

Avant l'hiver | Frankreich 2013 | Drama | Philippe Claudel | 12

Paul (Daniel Auteuil), a neurosurgeon, is being followed by a young Moroccan waiter named Lou. He starts receiving anonymous bouquets of flowers. Philippe Claudel’s unconventional combination of thriller, marriage drama, and a critical picture of ...

Sostiene Pereira

Sostiene Pereira | I 1996 | Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Roberto Faenza | 12

Au nom de ma fille

Au nom de ma fille | Deutschland/Frankreich 2016 | Familiy History, Crime Drama | Vincent Garenq | 12

André Bamberski’s 14-year-old daughter Kalinka died in 1982, while in the care of her mother and her stepfather Dr. Dieter Brombach. Bamberski has fought for decades to bring Brombach, the alleged rapist/murderer of Kalinka, to justice.

N (Io e Napoleone)

N (Io e Napoleone) | F/I/E 2006 | Comedy | Paolo Virzi

Elba, 1814. Napoleon is in exile. The emperor hires young Martino Acquabona as his secretary. Little does he know that Martino is a jakobin who wants to see him dead.

Remi sans famille

F/B 2018 | Drama, Family Film | Antoine Blossier

Entre amis

Entre amis | Frankreich 2015 | Comedy | Olivier Baroux | 12

Three friends and their wives are holidaying on a comfortable yacht in the Mediterranean. On their journey they have to weather marital and metereological storms.

Amoureux de ma femme

Amoureux de ma Femme | Frankreich 2018 | Comedy | Daniel Auteuil | oA

A French comedy revolving around a love triangle.

Le brio

Le Brio | Frankreich 2017 | Comedy, Family Film | Yvan Attal | oA

The quick-witted student Neila and the self-righteous chauvinist professor Pierre Mazard butt heads during her first lecture. The university forces the professor to coach Neila for a rhetoric competition.

Le confessioni

I/F 2016 | Drama, Thriller | Roberto Ando

La belle epoque

La belle époque | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Love-story | Nicolas Bedos | 12

Viktor‘s best day was May 14th 1974. He was a carefree 25 year old, dreaming of a career as a cartoonist and meeting the woman he would go on to marry. With the help of an event agency, Viktor wants to experience this day again as immersive ...

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