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Die Einsamkeit des Killers vor dem Schuss

Deutschland 2014 | Crime Comedy | Florian Mischa Bröder | 12

Koralnik is a contract killer for the EU. Yet he's been waiting for eight years to get his first contract. When the professional killer meets Rosa, it just so happens that on his first date with her he gets the phone call.


Gespenster | D/F 2005 | Drama | Christian Petzold

Get Lucky

Get Lucky | Deutschland 2019 | Comedy | Ziska Riemann | 12

Gott, Du kannst ein Arsch sein!

Deutschland 2020 | Drama | André Erkau | 6


Deutschland 2015 | Satire | Dietrich Brüggemann | 12

A relentless satire about right-wing networks and social ignorance. The plot centers on the East German backwater town of Prittwitz . The leader of a right-wing faction plans an invasion into Poland while the secret service recruits informants and ...

Intrigo: Death of an Author

Intrigo – Death of an Author | Schweden/USA/Deutschland 2018 | Crime Drama, Literary Film Adaptations, Thriller | Daniel Alfredson | 12

INTRIGO is the first part of a crime trilogy from Swedish beststelling author Håkan Nesser that will be released in cinemas and bookstores at around the same time. The first part is about writers, real and alleged murders, and the question of who ...


D 2008 | Drama | Christian Petzold | 12

Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek

Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek | NL/D/L/B 2006 | Mystery, Fantasy | Ben Sombogaart | 12

Joyeux noel

Joyeux noel | F/D 2005 | Drama | Christian Carion | 12


Deutschland 83 | Psychothriller | Florian Gottschick | 12

Anna and Stefan from Berlin meet her gay ex-boyfriend Bernd and his partner in Anna’s small hometown that is about to be strip mined. Something sinister gradually comes to the surface as the power shovel nears.


Nackt | D 2002 | Comedy | Doris Dörrie | 12


D/CH/A 2008 | Mystery, Drama | Philipp Stölzl | 12

Quatsch und die Nasenbärenbande

Deutschland 2014 | Drama, Family Film | Veit Helmer | oA

Market researchers think the town’s inhabitants make the perfect product testers, and the adults comply enthusiastically. However, senior citizens are excluded and sent straight to the nursing home. The six girls and boys in the nursery group ...


Deutschland/Frankreich 2016 | Science Fiction | Tarek Ehlail | 16

Germany, the near future. Refugees are penned up in awful transit zones. The police acts like an army of merceneries. When “Volt” accidentally kills an African one night, the mood boils over. A violent, dark thriller.

W ciemnosci

W ciemnosci | Polen/Deutschland/Kanada 2011 | Drama, War Film | Agnieszka Holland | 12

Der blinde Fleck (2014)

Der blinde Fleck (2014) | D 2013 | Drama, Thriller | Daniel Harrich | 12

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