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Millennium Mambo

Release Date 21.09.2023 Hou Hsiao-Hsien‘s portrait of young people in Taipei with no prospects at the turn of the century premiered in Cannes. Two decades later, it shines in new splendour. read more



Release Date 28.09.2023 Björn and Luise, a reserved Danish couple with a small daughter, are visiting their vacation acquaintances, the extroverted Dutch couple Patrick and Karin. While there, they are exposed to small but gradually escalating transgressions. read more

Something in the Dirt

Release Date 28.09.2023 John and Levi experience a seemingly supernatural phenomenon in Levi‘s shabby apartment. They decide to make a documentary in order to sell it to Netflix and become rich. read more


Release Date 28.09.2023 ANHELL69 is a film that was never made about young, beautiful, queer people from Medellín, about a country and a generation that doesn‘t know peace. The recipient of the Golden Dove at the documentary festival DOK Leipzig in 2022. read more


Blue Jean

Release Date 05.10.2023 1988 in Newcastle, northern England: Jean (Rosy McEwen) is a lesbian PE teacher while the Tory act “Section 28“ bans the “promotion of homosexuality“ at schools and other public institutions. read more

The Lost King

Release Date 05.10.2023 Stephen Frears directs the true story of how Richard III‘s body was found under a parking lot in Leicester in 2012 due to the dogged research of hobby archeologist Philippa Langley (Sally Hawkins). read more

To Catch A Killer

Release Date 05.10.2023 Eleanor is a young patrolwoman of the Baltimore Police Department who is plagued by suicidal thoughts. FBI chief investigator Lammark believes she is predestined to hunt down a disturbed criminal – due to her dark tendencies, she is capable of ... read more



Release Date 12.10.2023 DOGMAN deals with a similar brand of incel teen misanthropy as Todd Phiillip‘s JOKER (2019), but approaches it in a less serious and thereby more honest way. read more