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Vicious Fun

Horror journalist Joel wakes up in a closed bar where serial killers are having a self-help seminar. Everyone has set their sights on him. A horror comedy.


Joel‘s career as a horror film journalist isn‘t going so well, but it‘s going better than his attempts at coming on to his roommate Sarah. In a bar, the alleged “nice guy“ chats up sleazy Bob, who Sarah just had a date with, in the hopes of exposing him as an asshole with a hidden dictation device and winning over Sarah this way. The plan fails quickly, Joel gets drunk and wakes up after a nap in the closed bar that‘s empty except for a group of serial killers who are having a seminar. He pretends to be like them for a while, but when Bob reappears and reveals himself to be an AMERICAN PSYCHO rip-off, Joel is quickly exposed. And even though he narrowly escapes his own death, he only has a slight lead on the German clown, the masked giant with a machete, the cannibal ninja, the knife lover, and Bob, who are all after him with brutal zeal. Joel has a lot of genre knowledge, but if he wants to make it to the end as a “final boy,“ he‘ll need more than just theory.
VICIOUS FUN is exactly what the title suggests. Blood flows, entrails fall to the floor, and the slasher film cliches and neon aesthetic of the early 80s are paid homage to without it all being taken too seriously. Ari Miller (Orphan Black) seems to be especially enjoying himself once Bob totally flips out, while Evan Marsh‘s Joel is always unexpectedly, sarcastically reminded of the fact that he‘s not suitable to be a hero and also that there‘s life beyond horror films.

Christian Klose

Translation: Elinor Lewy


USA 2020, 103 min
Language: English
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Director: Cody Calahan
Author: Cody Calahan, James Villeneuve
DOP: Jeff Maher
Music: Steph Copeland
Distributor: drop-out Cinema
Cast: Evan Marsh, Bernstein Goldfarb, Ari Millen, Julian Richings, Robert Maillet
Release: 04.11.2021




  • OV Original version
  • OmU Original with German subtitles
  • OmeU Original with English subtitles

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