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25km/h | Deutschland 2018 | Comedy, Roadmovie | Markus Goller | 6

At their father‘s funeral, brothers Georg (Bjarne Mädel) and Christian (Lars Eidinger) decide to go on the trip that they never went on as teens and chug along with their mopeds in the direction of Timmendorf Beach.

Last Days in the Desert

Last Days in the Desert | USA 2015 | Adventure, Drama, History | Rodrigo Garcia | 12

A Good American

Österreich 2015 | Friedrich Moser

A documentary about William Binney, a system analyst for the NSA, whose ‘Thin Thread’ program might have prevented 9/11 without violating the population’s privacy and about why he quit his job.

The Operative

The Operative | USA/Deutschland/Israel/Frankreich 2019 | Agentenfilm, Thriller | Yuval Adler | 16

One day Rachel, a missing spy for the Mossad, reports back. A story of a woman who was deployed in increasingly more reckless ways for unknown purposes unfolds in her supervisor‘s report to his superior.

Tutto quello che vuoi

Tutto quello che vuoi | Italien 2017 | Comedy, Tragicomedy | Francesco Bruni

23 year old slacker Alessandro is ordered by his father to help Alzheimer‘s afflicted Giorgio and befriends the old man.

Anhedonia – Narzissmus als Narkose

Deutschland 2015 | Comedy, Experimental film | Patrick Siegfried Zimmer

In the near future two young aristocrats are sent to an innovative clinic in order to find purpose in their overstimulated lives.

Anna and the Apocalypse

Anna and the Apocalypse | Großbritannien 2017 | Horror, Comedy, Musical | John McPhail | 16

A Christmas teen zombie apocalypse musical.


USA 2017 | Drama, Romance Films | Timothy McNeil | NEW RELEASE


Deutschland 2020 | Thriller, Drama | Julian Richberg

Shortly after the turn of the century, best friends Erik and Sebastian living in a Thuringian small town close to the former border are waiting for “something big“ to finally happen. They already have a plan.

Asi mit Niwoh – Die Jürgen Zeltinger Geschichte

Deutschland 2018 | Biography, Documentary | Oliver Schwabe | 12

Jürgen Zeltinger, an original Cologne punk, was always older, fatter, sweatier, louder, and more generous than the rest of the world.

The Assistant

The Assistant | USA 2019 | Kitty Green

Jane, assistant to a choleric, elusive producer suspects that something untoward is happening at the office. But will she act on that suspicion?

Asteroid City

USA 2023 | Comedy | Wes Anderson | 12

Like Richard Linklater in APOLLO 10 ½ Wes Andersons ASTEROID CITY explores a mythical Space Age that dreamt of a bright future very different from the present.


Schweiz/Belgien/Italien 2021 | Drama | Niccolò Castelli

Atomic Blonde

USA 2017 | Agentenfilm, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | David Leitch | 16

Baby Driver

USA/Großbritannien 2017 | Action, Music Films, Love-story | Edgar Wright | 16

Baby is the best getaway driver in the city. He always listens to music to drown out his tinnitus. He just has one more heist to pull off – then he’s free. An action musical from Edgar Wright (SHAUN OF THE DEAD).


Bait | Großbritannien 2019 | Drama | Mark Jenkin

Director Mark Jenkin tells a tale of gentrification of Cornwall in grainy 16mm black and white that‘s jumpy and scratched. Martin, a fisherman without a boat, has to renovate the house of newly arrived Londoners, but he has his own plans.

You Were Never Really Here

USA/Frankreich 2017 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | Lynne Ramsay | 16

Former soldier Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) has a life filled with trauma behind him. His flashbacks and suicidal plans are kept in check with pills and he uses his violent impulses to become an expert in freeing kidnapped girls.

Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull

Deutschland 2021 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Detlev Buck | 12

Adaption of the novel by Thomas Mann of the same title.

Beti and Amare

Beti and Amare | USA/ Spanien/ Rumänien/ Deutschland/ Kanada/ Äthiopien 2014 | Fantasy, Love-story, Science Fiction | Andy Siege | 16

A young woman flees from the war into the desert but the war gives chase. Fortunately, so does a young man from outer space. A gorgeously shot debut feature about love, monsters and desert flowers.

Birds of Passage

Pájaros de verano | Dänemark/Kolumbien 2018 | Drama, Crime Drama, Familientragödie | Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra | 12

BIRDS OF PASSAGE, based on real events, tells the story of the rise and fall of the Colombian Wayuu in 5 cantos who entered the drug trade in 1960 before the beginning of the cartels.


USA 2019 | Horror | Joe Begos

Dezzy, an artist going through an artistic block and looming homelessness experiences increasingly extreme fragments of a hellish trip between her blackouts after taking a new super drug.

Bohemian Rhapsody

USA/Großbritannien 2018 | Biography, Drama, Music Films | Dexter Fletcher, Bryan Singer | 6

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY tells the story of Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury against the backdrop of the band Queen.

The Brandnew Testament

Le tout nouveau testament | Frankreich/Belgien/Luxemburg 2014 | Comedy | Jaco van Dormael | 12

God’s daughter, fed up with her father’s tyrannical tendencies, sets out to find six disciples of her own for a brand new testament.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany Runs a Marathon | USA 2019 | Drama | Paul Downs Colaizzo | 6

At 27 Brittany decides to stop the unhealthy party life and prepares for a marathon.


USA 2020 | Horror, Literary Film Adaptations | Nia DaCosta | 16

Nia DaCosta‘s CANDYMAN is both a sequel and a revision of Bernard Rose‘s horror classic CANDYMAN from 1992, which was progressive in terms of Black visibility in horror, but was told from a White perspective.


Censor | Großbritannien 2021 | Horror | Prano Bailey-Bond | 16

England, at the height of the “video nasty“ era in the mid 80s. Enid works at the censorship board and evaluates horror films, but ends up going deeper and deeper into her own nightmare.


Tschechische Republik/ Irland/ Polen/ Slowakische Republik 2020 | Biography | Agnieszka Holland | 16

An unconventional biopic about the life of Czech herbalist Jan Mikolášek, whose unusual healing methods made him wealthy but also puts him in conflict with the state..

Chumm mit – Der Schweizer Wanderfilm

Schweiz 2022 | Documentary | Daniel Felix

Daniel Felix and his friends are hiking across all 26 Swiss cantons and keep “accidentally“ meeting people who can extensively report on the Swiss stystem of the hiking trails or the history of Swiss cartography.

Cocaine Bear

USA 2023 | Thriller, Tierfilm, Black Comedy | Elizabeth Banks

A bear takes cocaine. This is not good. No one needs a bear on cocaine. The premise may be silly but the film is fairly entertaining.

The Dark and the Wicked

The Dark and the Wicked | USA 2020 | Horror | Bryan Bertino | 16

Director Bryan Bertino (THE STRANGERS) uses elements from the haunted house films of the last 30 years and keeps heightening the scares right until it reaches the last confrontation revolving around old David Straker‘s soul

Dark Glasses

Occhiali Neri | Italien/Frankreich 2022 | Horror | Dario Argento | 18

A killer targets Rome escorts. Diana has escaped him once but lost her sight in the process. And he is stil after her....

Das Land der Heiligen

La terra dei santi | Italien 2015 | Crime Drama, Family Film | Fernando Muraca

The mafia from the female perspective: prosecutor Vittoria came from northern Italy to tear down the structures of Ndragheta. She crosses paths with Assunta, who is forced to marry the brother of her dead husband in order to keep “the family” ...

David Lynch: The Art Life

David Lynch: The Art Life | Dänemark/USA 2016 | Documentary, Film about film-making, Biography | Jon Nguyen, Olivia Neergaard-Holm, Rick Barnes | oA

David Lynch isn’t just a world-famous director of mysterious films; he is also a successful surrealist painter. The documentary DAVID LYNCH: THE ART OF LIFE is dedicated to this lesser known side of Lynch.

The Death of Stalin

Großbritannien/Frankreich 2017 | Black Comedy, Historical Film, Satire | Armando Iannucci | 12

Armando Iannucci turns the political scramble surrounding the leadership after Stalin‘s death into a hilarious satire.

Those who are well

Dene wos guet geit | Schweiz 2017 | Drama, Satire | Cyril Schäublin

During the day Alice works at a call center in Zurich. She uses her free time calling older women pretending to be their granddaughter in desperate need of (their) money. An offbeat debut from Switzerland.


Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Nancy Brandt

THE ELECTED follows the struggles, challenges and successes of five young members of the German parliament during their first term in office.


Uchenik | Russland 2016 | Drama | Kirill Serebrennikov | 12

A teenager furiously studies the Bible and begins to imprint his faith on his blasé surroundings. His biology teacher is the only one who sees something wrong in this. At the end somebody dies and somebody makes a declaration of faith.


Knock | Frankreich 2017 | Tragicomedy, Gangster Film, Theateradaption | Lorraine Levy | 6

A tragicomedy about a former crook who pretends to be a doctor and settles down in a small village and convinces the residents that they are in need of treatment.


Frankreich/USA 2023 | Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama, Tierfilm | Luc Besson

DOGMAN deals with a similar brand of incel teen misanthropy as Todd Phillip‘s JOKER (2019), but approaches it in a less serious and more honest way.

Drop Out – Nippelsuse schlägt zurück

Drop Out – Nippelsuse schlägt zurück | Deutschland 1997 | Crime Comedy, Experimental film | Beatrice Manowski | 18

Private detective Marion Niplowski, nicknamed Nippelsuse, is suspected of murder and uncovers a conspiracy in Hamburg society. The main actress/director/co-screenwriter of the no-budget parody from 1998 is Beatrice Manowski (NEKROMANTIK, WINGS OF ...

Ciemno, prawie noc

Ciemno, prawie noc | Polen 2019 | Drama, Crime Drama, Mystery | Borys Lankosz | 16

Alicja, an investigative journalist, returns to her hometown to research a series of child kidnappings and stumbles across a world of bad memories and fairy tale creatures.


Edie | Großbritannien 2017 | Drama | Simon Hunter | oA

Edie Moore took care of her paralyzed husband for 30 years. When he dies, the octogenarian continues with her daily routine – until an old postcard falls into her lap and she remembers an old dream of hers.

Einsamkeit & Sex & Mitleid

Einsamkeit & Sex & Mitleid | Deutschland 2017 | Comedy, Drama | Lars Montag | 16

13 protagonists battle with their small dramas in Lars Montag’s adaptation of Helmut Krausser’s flashy short story collection. They search for love, happiness, themselves, friends, and the moment when everything started to go wrong.

El fulgor

El fulgor | Argentinien 2021 | Documentary | Martín Farina | 6

In EL FULGOR, Martín Farinas depicts the daily lives of Argentinian gauchos - and their carneval tradition of wearing opulent, glittery costumes which seems to go against the men‘s typical macho stance. Told entirely without dialogue.


Deutschland/USA/Schweiz 2014 | Documentary | Marcel Gisler

The rise and eventual disintegration of the inter-disciplinary success story of ELECTROBOY Florian Burkhardt.

Poesia sin fin

Poesia sin fin | Frankreich/Chile 2016 | Biography, Drama, Fantasy | Alejandro Jodorowsky

In the second part of his surreal and exuberant autobiography, Alejandro Jodorowsky depicts the young artist cutting ties with his father and him becoming a poet.


USA 2015 | Drama | Rick Alverson | 16

A roadtrip – through the desert, into despair. Loosely based on Gregg Turkington’s “Neil Hamburger“ character, it is funny in the same way that ERASERHEAD is heartwarming.


Erde | Österreich 2019 | Documentary | Nikolaus Geyrhalter

ERDE is the most beautiful film about the end of humanity since Lars von Trier‘s MELANCHOLIA. Director Nikolaus Geyrhalter shows the enormous changes that Earth goes through because of people in seven chapters.


IT (2017) | USA 2017 | Horror | Andres Muschietti | 16

A group of kids are confronted with evil clown Pennywise in this Stephen King adaptation.

Es war einmal in Deutschland

Deutschland/Belgien/Luxemburg 2017 | Comedy | Sam Garbarski | 12

A group of Jewish survivors in post-war Frankfurt try to get the money together to emigrate to the US with dubious businesses. What they all have in common is their acting abilities, inventiveness, and the wish to exact some revenge on Germany.

Ex Libris: New York Public Library

Ex Libris: New York Public Library | USA 2017 | Documentary | Frederick Wiseman | oA

A documentary about New York's public library.

The Fare

USA 2018 | Phantastischer Film, Mystery, Love-story | D.C. Hamilton | 12

SciFi-mystery about a cab driver and his fare caught in a time-loop.

Flux Gourmet

GB/USA/H 2022 | Comedy | Peter Strickland

Forever Young

Les Amandiers | Frankreich 2022 | Drama, Comedy | Valeria Bruni Tedeschi | 12

In her most recent film, Valerie Bruni Tedeschi processes her time at the famous Parisian acting school Théâtre des Amandiers. FOREVER YOUNG followers a group of acting students for close to a year, from the auditions to the premiere of their ...

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary | USA 2019 | Horror, Literary Film Adaptations | Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer | 16

Thirty years after Mary Lambert's film adaptation of King’s novel, PET SEMATARY rises again. But something is off about it.

Ganz große Oper

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Oper, Ballett | Toni Schmid | oA

An upbeat portrait of the Bavarian state opera.

Die Geheimnisse des Schönen Leo

Die Geheimnisse des Schönen Leo | Deutschland 2018 | Documentary, Biography, Familiy History | Benedikt Schwarzer

A documentary about the co-founder of the CSU directed by the politician's grandson.

Girl You Know It's True

Deutschland 2023 | Drama, Biography, Music Films | Simon Verhoeven

A feature film about the rise and fall of the 80s pop duo Milli Vanilli.

The Good Liar

The Good Liar | USA 2019 | Drama | Bill Condon | 12

Ian McKellen plays con man Roy, who meets recently widowed Betty, played by Helen Mirren.

The Greatest Showman On Earth

The Greatest Showman On Earth | USA 2017 | Musical, Biography, Love Stories | Michael Gracey | 6

An all-singing, all-dancing biography about circus impresario P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and his rise to fame. About as nutritious and addictive as a large tub of buttered popcorn.

Mielensäpahoittaja Eskorttia etsimässä

Mielensäpahoittaja Eskorttia Etsimässä | Deutschland/Finnland 2022 | Tragicomedy, Roadmovie | Mika Kaurismäki

Mika Kaurismäki tells a charming, warm-hearted story of two estranged brothers who reconnect after years of silence on a road trip across Germany.

Die Habenichtse

Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Florian Hoffmeister | 12

Just after 9/11: impulsive newlyweds Jakob and Isabelle move to London to flee from tragedy and a lack of purpose. But the world they find is silent and threatening. Do they still have each other or themselves?

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge | AUS/USA 2016 | Drama, War Film | Mel Gibson | 16

Desmond Doss insists on going to rhe army though he refuses to use a weapon for religious reasons. He is successful and finds himself unarmed in May 1945 in one of the bloodiest offensives of the Pacific War.

Hagazussa – Der Hexenfluch

Hagazussa | Deutschland/Österreich 2017 | Horror, Heimatfilm, Modern Fairytale | Lukas Feigelfeld

Albrun, who is labeled a witch by the villagers, lives in the Austrian mountains with her goat and her child. HAGAZUSSA is a horror film, a psychological portrait of a mother, a historical film about superstition, and a psychedelic trip.

Das Hamlet-Syndrom

Das Hamlet-Syndrom | Deutschland 2022 | Documentary | Elwira Niewra, Piotr Rosolowski

When the war broke out in eastern Ukraine in 2014, five actors had to make a decision: Fight or not? Stay or flee? The film documents rehearsals for a play based on their reflections on that decision.

The House By The Cemetery

Quella villa accanto al cimitero | Italien 1981 | Horror | Lucio Fulci

A cinematic re-release of the video nasty from 1981. A scientist tries to find out the reasons for his mentor’s suicide. What he finds is a spooky girl, a rabid bat, and a homicidal maniac. There is also some blood.

Hell or High Water

USA 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Social Drama, Western | David Mackenzie | 12

A neo Western about two lowlifes who rob banks in order to buy back their Ma’s farm. Jeff “TRUE GRIT” Bridges is the Sheriff who is after them. Nick Cave made the music.

Der Homo communis – Wir für alle

Homo Communis | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary | Carmen Eckhardt | oA

Documentary focusing on several groups and cooperations from Germany and Venezuela trying to create a better, more sustainable world. The important point is to connect with others.

Der Hund begraben

Deutschland 2016 | Black Comedy | Sebastian Stern

In this comedy a bland everyman realizes how empty his life is. Having lost his job and unwilling to own up to his shortcomings, he struggles to find his place in a world usurped by a dog and a shifty geezer.

Il Traditore - The Traitor

Il Traditore | Italien 2019 | Biography, Crime, Drama | Marco Bellocchio | 12

Former Sicilian mafia boss Tommaso Buscetta decides to go on record as a chief witness and discuss all the details about the “honorable society“. The resulting “Maxi trial“ took six years in a bulletproof room and resulted in the indictment ...

Sisters Apart

Im Feuer – Zwei Schwestern | Deutschland/Griechenland 2020 | Drama, War Film | Daphne Charizani | 12

In the Middle of the River

USA 2018 | Western, Familientragödie, Sociological Film | Damian John Harper | 16

War veteran Gabriel returns to New Mexico from Iraq as an injured and traumatized man in a world shaped by drugs, violence, and racism. Gabriel has to find out who killed his sister here.


Südafrika 2022 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | Travis Taute

Travis Taute‘s first feature-length film, the South African INDEMNITY, is in the tradition of the US action thriller which filled cinemas and video stores in the 90s and wants to cover all of the tropes of the genre at once.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race

Finnland 2018 | Comedy, Science Fiction, Trash | Timo Vuorensola | 12

A parody of right-wing conspiracy theories that turns into blunt entertainment part II.

Death by Death

Je me tue à le dire | Frankreich/Belgien 2016 | Tragicomedy | Xavier Seron

When his mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Michel panics – he might also have breast cancer. A strange Belgian comedy about an adult hypochondriac and his stifling, loving mother.

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway | Estland/Äthiopien 2019 | Action, Comedy, Science Fiction | Miguel Llansó

The cyber agent thriller takes its destruction of reality seriously. There‘s no reliable savior here, no ultimate truth, just the next transitional reality made up of 80s pop culture, Afrofuturism, Estonian brutalism, and Spanish chiptune music.

Jojo Rabbit

USA 2019 | Youth Film, Comedy, Slapstick | Taika Waititi | 12

Ten-year-old Jojo discovers that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl. Not even his imaginary friend Hitler knows what to do. Taika Waititi‘s garish comedy offers jokes in volleys, but it also contains an emotionally moving story.

Her er Harold

Her er Harold | N 2014 | Tragicomedy | Gunnar Vikene | 6

Harold had running a small furniture store for 40 years when an Ikea Megastore opens in viewing distance. Harold goes bankrupt an begins to plot revenge.

Matar a dios

Matar a Dios | Spanien 2017 | Comedy, Black Comedy, Splatter | Caye Casas, Albert Pintó | 16

A run-down dwarf crashes a New Year‘s party: he introduces himself as god himself and announces that he will wipe out all of humanity by New Year‘s Day - all but two people.

Little Germans

Kleine Germanen | Deutschland/Österreich 2019 | Documentary, Animation | Frank Geiger, Mohammad Farokhmanesh | 12

The documentary KLEINE GERMANEN interviews representatives of the New Right and shows how right-wing ideology is transmitted within the family.

Knives Out

Knives Out | USA 2019 | Crime Drama, Sociological Film, Black Comedy | Rian Johnson | 12

A homage to good old-fashioned whodunnits including a famous victim, a dysfunctional family, and a flamboyant master detective (Daniel Craig) with the nice name of Benoit Blanc.

Kolyma: Road of Bones

Kolyma | Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Roadmovie | Stanislaw Mucha | 12

“You must have nothing to lose to want to live here today.“ Filmmaker Stanislav Mucha goes on a road trip across northern Siberia.

Sage femme

Sage Femme | Frankreich 2017 | Drama, Familientragödie | Martin Provost | 6

Catherine Frot and Catherine Deneuve play two different women who get closer to each other: Claire (Frot) is a midwife. She lives for her work, is sensible and serious, and is a confidant for the mothers - the exact opposite of Beatrice (Deneuve), ...


Deutschland 2019 | Documentary | Alice Agneskirchner | oA

The Friedrichstadtpalast regularly has revues with children and teens, the so-called “young ensemble.“ Alice Agneskirchner accompanies some of the young stars of the “Spiel mit der Zeit“ show – from the casting to the premiere.


Österreich 2015 | Documentary | Kurt Langbein | oA

All over the world, peasants are driven off their land by multinational agricultural companies.


Großbritannien/Frankreich 2015 | Gangster Film, Thriller | Brian Helgeland | 16

Skipping their rise and fall, Tom Hardy (BRONSON) playing both Kray brothers as they punch, charm and shout their way through Swinging London. Actual events may have been altered but this is legendary crime at its most entertaining.

Leif In Concert

Leif In Concert | Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Christian Klandt | oA

Barkeeper Lene who has been sorely missed by her regulars is back in town. A night at a bar.

Die Liebe frisst das Leben – Tobias Gruben, seine Lieder und die Erde

Die Liebe frisst das Leben – Tobias Gruben, seine Lieder und die Erde | Deutschland 2019 | Documentary, Music Films | Oliver Schwabe | 12

Lobster Soup

Spanien/Island/Litauen 2020 | Documentary | Pepe Andreu, Rafael Molés

Every day the same personnel meet in a small cafe in a tiny Icelandic village at the end of the world.

Look Me Over: Liberace

Look Me Over: Liberace | Deutschland 2020 | Documentary, Biography | Jeremy J.P. Fekete | 12

LOOK ME OVER – LIBERACE takes a look beneath the fabulous facade of “Mr. Showmanship“ while also reveling in his brand of spectacle.

Loriots große Trickfilmrevue

Loriots große Trickfilmrevue | Deutschland 2023 | Animation, Short-film Programme, Comedy | Peter Geyer, Loriot | oA

The 31 animated films of Loriot from the years 1967-78, which Peter Geyer lovingly polished up, include classics like the gentlemen in the bathtub and the couple with the breakfast egg, but also lesser known films like a report about a married ...


Frankreich/Belgien 2022 | Crime Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Patrice Leconte | 12

Commissioner Maigret (Gerard Depardieu) is called to the scene of a murder of a young woman. She has no identifying markers, but she is wearing an expensive evening gown and has a bottle of laudanum with her. Maigret tries to reconstruct the life of ...


GB/USA 2023 | John Trengove

Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns | USA 2018 | Family Film, Fantasy, Music Films | Rob Marshall | oA

While the original Banks children have now grown up, there’s a new generation of Banks children in need of Mary’s particular brand of whimsy, and so, Mary Poppins… um... returns

Master Cheng in Pohjanjoki

Mestari Cheng | Finnland/China/Großbritannien 2019 | Drama, Comedy | Mika Kaurismäki

Master Cheng, a polite chef from Shanghai, and his shy son are searching for a friend in a remote village in the mountains of Lapland and decide to stick around there.


Matilda | Russland 2017 | Drama, Historical Film, Love Stories | Aleksei Uchitel | 12

The film adaptation of an affair between the Russian crown prince and later Czar Nicholas II led to censorship attempts and participants and cinemas being threatened with violence. The film itself is a fairytale with impressive scenery and costumes.


Belgien 2022 | Horror, Splatter, Thriller | Karim Ouelhaj

Ma vie de Courgette

Ma vie de courgette | Frankreich 2016 | Animation, Children's Film | Claude Barras | 6

Icare, nicknamed ‘Courgette‘, has to live in a home after accidentally killing his mother. The other children there come from similarly difficult families and he soon makes friends. Brave Camille especially catches his eye. The sweetest film ...

My Internship in Canada

Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre | Kanada 2015 | Comedy | Philippe Falardeau | oA

A rural politician is suddenly faced with the deciding vote on military action. How will he fare against angry truckers, his wife and the might of the “gluten-free mercenaries”, if what he really wants is to not make any decision at all?

Memory Games

Deutschland/USA/Schweden 2018 | Documentary | Janet Tobias, Claus Wehlisch | oA

MEMORY GAMES depicts four memory athletes as they prepare for the world championship in Indonesia. Their secret is the “memory palace,“ a method that connects the stored information to visual and emotional stimuli.

Men (2022)

Men | USA 2022 | Drama, Science Fiction, Horror | Alex Garland | 16

Harper has come to the countryside to recover from her relationship with an aggressive partner, but the men in the rural idyll aren‘t particularly sympathetic either. Modern folk horror directed by Alex Garland.

Knife + Heart

Un couteau dans le coeur | Frankreich 2018 | Crime Drama, Film about film-making, Love-story | Yann Gonzalez | 16

1979: theres a murderer in the Parisian gay scene. The killer is targeting the cast of director Anna‘s (Vanessa Paradis) new porn film. When the police don‘t take action, Anne investigates herself.

The County

Héraðið | Island 2019 | Drama | Grímur Hákonarson | 6

After the death of her husband and shortly before filing for bankrupcy, Icelandic dairy famer Inga goes against the local cooperative, accusing them of operating a mafia scheme.


GB 2020 | Drama | Andrew Levitas

Johnny Depp as the former war photographer Eugene Smith sent to the fishing town of Minamata to report on a spate of birth defects and illness amongst the population.

Mon pire ennemi

Mon pire ennemi | F/CH 2023 | Mehran Tamadon

Tomorrow we shall be free

Morgen sind wir frei | Deutschland 2019 | Drama | Hossein Pourseifi | 12

Beate, a successful chemical engineer, is at odds with the ruling GDR ideology. After the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, she hopes for a new beginning in Iran with her husband Omid, an Iranian diplomat.

Mr. Jones: Red Secrets – Im Fadenkreuz Stalins

Mr. Jones (2019) | PL/GB/UA 2019 | Biography, Historical Film, Drama | Agnieszka Holland

Die Nachbarn von Oben

Die Nachbarn von Oben | Schweiz 2023 | Comedy | Sabine Boss

The neighbors upstairs seem to be having a lot of sex, Anna and Thomas’ relationship, on the other hand, is stagnating. An evening together unfolds in an interesting way. A Swiss comedy.

Nebel im August

Deutschland/Österreich 2015 | Drama | Kai Wessel | 12


Radin! | Frankreich 2016 | Comedy | Fred Cavayé | oA

Dany Boon plays pathological curmudgeon François Gautier, who uses street lamp lights to light up his dinner made up of slightly expired food. He doesn’t care that no one especially likes him – until he falls in love and a daughter unexpectedly ...

O Beautiful Night

Deutschland 2019 | Metropolitan Movie, Comedy, Love Stories | Xaver Böhm | 12

Hypochondriac Berliner Juri constantly feels death approaching. One night he finally meets him for real, looking a small time criminal. Together they take a trip through the city's night life. There's danger, love and exotic birds.

Kawaita hana

Kawaita Hana | Japan 1964 | Drama, Thriller | Masahiro Shinoda

The world has changed in the three years that Muraki has served in prison for murder. The lightness of the swinging sixties has even taken a hold of the gangsters. The Yakuza wanders through the city and at an illegal card game he meets Saeko, who ...


La paranza dei bambini | Italien 2019 | Drama, Gangster Film, Youth Film | Claudio Giovannesi | 16

A Neapolitan child gang battle the mafia bosses in the neighborhood, until the kids see themselves as the bosses.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

USA 2019 | Roadmovie, Comedy, Sportfilm | Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz | 12

Two men on the lam: 22 year old Zak with Down syndrome and outsider Tyler sail towards Florida on a raft and become friends.


USA 2022 | Horror | Ti West

The origin story of Ti West’s X. On a remote farm, Pearl (Mia Goth) lives with her embittered, sick father and her controlling mother and dreams of a more exciting life.

Petting statt Pershing

Es ist aus, Helmut | Deutschland 2018 | Tragicomedy | Petra Lüschow | 12

West Germany in the 1980s. In the province, 17 year old Ursula fights for her freedom.

Plan A: Nakam

Deutschland/Israel 2021 | Drama | Yoav Paz, Doron Paz | 12

Max joins the Jewish partisan group “Nakam“ after the war. They plan on poisoning the drinking water of German big cities and killing six million German civilians as revenge for the murdered Jews.

Platzspitzbaby – Meine Mutter, ihre Drogen und ich

Platzspitzbaby – Meine Mutter, ihre Drogen und ich | Schweiz 2020 | Drama | Pierre Monnard | 12

Mia‘s mother Sandrine stays clean for a month before she meets an old acquaintence in her home town who introduces her to the smalltown junkie meeting place. From that point on Mia knows that she will only experience her mother‘s love ...

Polder – Tokyo Heidi

Polder – Tokyo Heidi | Deutschland/Schweiz 2015 | Drama, Science Fiction | Samuel Schwarz | 16

A German-Swiss cyberpunk adventure involving cosplay, witches, and the search for lost family-members. Question reality before it starts questioning you. You are the hero, aren’t you?

Poppy Field

Rumänien 2020 | Drama | Eugen Jebeleanu

Produkty 24

Produkty 24 | RUS/SLO/TR 2022 | Drama | Michael Borodin

Raman Raghav 2.0

Raman Raghav 2.0 | Indien 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Anurag Kashyap

PSYCHO RAMAN is a copycat killer who molds his persona after a 1960’s Bombay serial killer. Soon he begins to focus on the policeman who pursues him. Both develop a mutual fascination with each other.

Queen of Earth

USA 2015 | Drama | Alex Ross Perry

After a traumatic experience, two good friends meet for their annual vacation at an idyllic lake house. The period of recuperation soon spirals into personal disintegration.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Deutschland/ Kanada/ Frankreich/ Australien 2016 | Paul W.S. Anderson

The franchise that wouldn’t die walks again. Alice has 48 hours to return to the Hive and release the antivirus to save humanity. More of the same but the second-best installment P.W.S. Anderson has directed.

Rewind – Die zweite Chance

Rewind – Die zweite Chance | Deutschland 2017 | Crime Drama, Science Fiction | Johannes Sievert | 12

An accident, a bank robbery, a woman is shot. A dead person leaves strange formulas behind that have to do with time travel. Johannes F. Sievert has made his own sci-fi thriller after making documentaries on German genre films.

Roamers – Follow Your Likes

Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Lena Leonhardt | 16


Großbritannien 2019 | Drama, Biography, Music Films | Dexter Fletcher | 12

The ultimate Elton John musical: prioritizing energy and fun over historical accuracy. ROCKETMAN gaily races through the life of Elton John from his youth until 1983.

Sand Dollars

Dólares de Arena | Argentinien/ Mexiko/ Dominikanische Republik 2015 | Drama, Love-story | Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán | oA

Noeli is offering wealthy visitors to a beach resort company in exchange for gifts. She is caught between the affection for her boyfriend and the promise of a new life in Paris. A quest for love and trust, communicated largely through glances and ...

Schattenstunde – Jochen Kleppers letzter Tag

Schattenstunde – Jochen Kleppers letzter Tag | Deutschland 2021 | Drama | Benjamin Martins | 12

Christian author Jochen Klepper, his wife Hanni and their daughter Renate committed suicide in 1942 when the wife, who was considered Jewish, was threatened with deportation. Benjamin Martin‘s film follows Klepper‘s diary entries.

La belle epoque

La belle époque | Frankreich 2019 | Comedy, Love-story | Nicolas Bedos | 12

Viktor‘s best day was May 14th 1974. He was a carefree 25 year old, dreaming of a career as a cartoonist and meeting the woman he would go on to marry. With the help of an event agency, Viktor wants to experience this day again as immersive ...

Score: A Film Music Documentary

Score: A Film Music Documentary | USA 2016 | Documentary, Film about film-making | Matt Schrader | 12

SCORE investigates the development of film music with the musicians who had a major impact on the field.

Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado

Sicario: Day of the Soldado | USA/Italien 2018 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama, Drama | Stefano Sollima | 18

Stefano Sollimas (SUBURRA) directs the sequel about ruthless CIA agent Graver (Josh Brolin) and his mercenary Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro) that revolves around the kidnapping of the daughter a drug lord.

Sick Of Myself - Syk Pike

Syk Pike | Norwegen/Schweden 2022 | Comedy | Kristoffer Borgli | 12

Signe takes questionable medication with strong side effects and becomes an “interesting“ medical case because she wants to get the same attention that her boyfriend Thomas usually gets.

Sie nannten ihn Spencer

Deutschland/Österreich 2017 | Documentary, Film about film-making | Karl-Martin Pold | oA

Karl-Martin Pold has made the first feature-length documentary about the life and work of Carlo Pedersoli, better known as “Bud Spencer”, with the help of Hill & Spencer fans from around the world.

HaChayal HaTov: The Good Soldier

HaChayal HaTov: The Good Soldier | Israel/Frankreich/Deutschland 2021 | Documentary | Silvina Landsmann | 12

The NGO “Breaking the Silence“ was founded in 2004 by veterans of the Israeli armed forces in order to give a more realistic image of the military operations than the government bodies do.

Sophia, der Tod und ich

Deutschland 2023 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Charly Hübner

Death is meant to pick up Reiner, but something goes wrong and so Reiner, death trapped in a human body, and Reiner‘s ex Sophia find themselves in a surreal road movie traveling across Germany.

SPK Komplex

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Gerd Kroske | 6

The Socialist Patient Collective began as an alternative therapy group for psychiatric patients that were also critical of society in 1970. The ex-members being interviewed aren‘t in agreement about how contact between SPK and RAF was made.

Stan & Ollie

Großbritannien/USA/Kanada 2018 | Drama, Tale of a friendship, Biography | Jon S. Baird

When Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy embark on a theater tour across Britain in 1953, their glory days seem to be behind them and their artistic relationship is also strained.

Steig. Nicht. Aus!

Deutschland 2017 | Thriller | Christian Alvart | 12

The Strangers: Prey at Night

The Strangers: Prey at Night | USA 2018 | Horror | Johannes Roberts | 16

Where Does A Body End?

Where Does A Body End? | Kanada 2019 | Documentary, Biography, Music Films | Marco Porsia | 12

In his documentary about the industrial-noise-rock band Swans, director Marco Borsia chooses to focus on band founder Michael Gira.

The Mute

Krew Boga | Polen/Belgien 2018 | Drama, Historical Film | Bartosz Konopka

The dark Middle Ages: two knights try to convert a pagan tribe to Christianity, otherwise there will be a massacre...

Taste of Cement

Deutschland/ Libanon/ Syrien/ Katar/ VAE 2017 | Semi-documentary Film, Essay Film | Ziad Kalthoum

Numerous Syrian refugees work on construction sites in Beirut. Ziad Kalthoums‘ essay film combines the voiceover of a worker with the machine sounds of the construction site, music, images of war, and the roars of the sea and assembles a ...


Taurus | USA 2022 | Tim Sutton

Tehran Taboo

Deutschland / Österreich 2017 | Animation, Sociological Film, Metropolitan Movie | Ali Soozandeh | 16

TEHRAN TABOO, which was filmed with rotoscoped images in order to protect the cast, is about the lives of young people living in Tehran whose private lives are in conflict with the system.


USA/Großbritannien/Kanada 2020 | Action, Science Fiction | Christopher Nolan | 12

For the most part, TENET is a fun two-and-a-half hours of sci-fi spy-thriller immersion. For better and worse, it finds Nolan in pure entertainment mode while also going all-in on his chrono fetish.

Ranenyy Angel

Ranenyy Angel | Deutschland/Frankreich/Kasachstan 2015 | Drama | Emir Baigazin

Four boys are leaving behind their childhood in post-Soviet Kazachstan and growing up in a gorgeously terrifying world.


Frankreich 2021 | Thriller, Drama | Julia Ducournau | 16

The comparison to David Cronenberg‘s CRASH is obvious. However, Cronenberg‘s film is cold and intellectual and TITANE is emotional and disturbing.

Total Thrash! – The Teutonic Story

Total Thrash! – The Teutonic Story | Deutschland 2022 | Documentary, Music Films | Daniel Hofmann | 12

In TOTAL THRASH, the protagonists discuss the German metal scene in a very calm and jovial manner. They delve into how bands emerged from youth clubs and dirty rehearsal rooms in the early 80s, screaming against the boredom and frustration of living ...

Trouble Every Day

Frankreich 2001 | Drama, Erotic Film, Horror | Claire Denis | 18

A glamorous couple arrives in Paris, a biker picks up a beautiful, enraptured woman in a parking lot. Claire Denis‘ film with Vincent Gallo, Beatrice Dalle, and music by the Tindersticks.

The Two Sights

CDN/GB 2020 | Documentary, Essay Film | Joshua Bonetta

Canadian filmmaker Joshua Bonetta was making a film examining the sounds of the Scottish Hebrides when he came upon the long-held belief that the Hebrides are a “soft place” where the borders between the living and the passed-on are less clear.

Und wer nimmt den Hund?

Deutschland 2019 | Tragicomedy, Drama, Romance Films | Rainer Kaufmann | oA

Children, a dog, and 25 years of marriage. Doris (Martina Gedeck) and Georg (Ulrich Tukur) have had enough. They wants to discuss their relationship one more time with their marriage counsellor and then call it quits.

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir | Frankreich 2018 | Adventure, Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Ken Scott | 6

A French-Indian drama about a young man trying to find his father.

Die vergessene Armee

Deutschland, Dänemark 2017 | Documentary | Signe Astrup | 6

After the end of the GDR, a quarter of a million soldiers as well as Stasi and police officers didn’t just lose their jobs, they lost their value system. Signe Astrup’s documentary examines how the former executive powers of the party have dealt ...

Vicious Fun

USA 2020 | Horror, Comedy | Cody Calahan

Horror journalist Joel wakes up in a closed bar where serial killers are having a self-help seminar. Everyone has set their sights on him. A horror comedy.

The Viewing Booth

IL/USA 2019 | Semi-documentary Film | Ra'anan Alexandrowicz

We are the Flesh

Tenemos la carne | Frankreich/Mexiko 2016 | Horror | Emiliano Rocha Minter | 18

Mariano distills booze from organic material and drums. A brother and sister discover his solitary world and he begins to play a game with them. The stakes are flesh, incest, sex, blood, and death.

Weil Du nur einmal lebst – Die Toten Hosen auf Tour

Deutschland 2019 | Documentary, Music Films | Paul Dugdale, Cordula Kablitz-Post | 6

Documentarian Cordula Kablitz-Post and concert director Paul Dugdale accompany Die Toten Hosen on their “Laune der Natour“ tour and witness a very disciplined band.

Wer hat eigentlich die Liebe erfunden?

Deutschland 2017 | Tragicomedy, Roadmovie, Modern Fairytale | Kerstin Polte | 6

Charlotte has been married to Paul for over 37 years, but doesn‘t know why anymore. One day she leaves him in a service station and goes to the sea. WER HAT EIGENTLICH DIE LIEBE ERFUNDEN deals with serious topics like love and death with a light ...

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters | Großbritannien 2017 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama, Science Fiction | Tommy Wirkola | 16

A strict one-child rule has been introduced because the world population has exploded and resources are dwindling. The septuplets Monday, Tuesday, and so on pretend to be one person in order not to get caught.

What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy

My Nazi Legacy | Großbritannien 2015 | Documentary, Familiy History, War Film | David Evans

Philippe Sands, born in 1960, lost almost his entire family in an area controlled by Nazi officers Hans Frank and Otto Wächter. He travels with the sons of both of them and goes to the places where their fathers ruled.

Where to Invade Next

Where to Invade Next | USA 2015 | Documentary | Michael Moore | 12

Michael Moore ‚invades‘ European countries in order to ‚steal‘ solutions for American problems from them. May contain traces of idealism.

Wien vor der Nacht

Deutschland/Frankreich/Österreich 2016 | Documentary | Robert Bober

Rober Rober is looking for his great-grandfather who spent the last part of life in Viennese Leopoldstadt, the former Jewish quarter, looking for a Vienna that no long exists.


Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built | USA/Australien 2018 | Horror, Historical Film | Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig | 16

An Australian horror film with Helen Mirren.

A Woman Captured

Ungarn/Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Bernadett Tuza-Ritter | 12

Director Bernadett Tuza-Ritter Eta meets domestic worker Marish in Hungary. Marish has been living in her boss‘s house for 10 years without receiving pay while giving away her factory wage and being beaten.

Wunder der Wirklichkeit

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary, Biography | Thomas Frickel

Shortly before Christmas 1991 a historical DC-3 crashes near Heidelberg with artist Martin Kirchberger and his team on board. Kirchberger‘s friend, filmmaker Thomas Frickel, examines the circumstances of the tragedy and Kirchberger‘s short ...

X (2022)

X | USA 2022 | Horror | Ti West

In 1979, a small, ambitious film crew drives to an isolated farm where they plan on filming THE FARMER‘S DAUGHTER, an “artful“ porn. 24 hours after the team‘s arrival, the local sheriff is confronted with the traces of a bloodbath.


Belgien 2019 | Splatter, Comedy | Lars Damoiseaux | 18

Zombie outbreak in a dodgy eastern European beauty clinic.


Zoologiya | Deutschland/Frankreich/Russland 2016 | Drama | Ivan I. Tverdovskiy

The life of mid-fifties Natasha is as gray and cold as the coastal town she lives in. The colleagues in the zoo administration ridicule her by calling her a frigid hippo and doctors can’t find a remedy against the pain and tiredness. Then, one ...

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