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Das Floß!

Deutschland 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Julia C. Kaiser | 12

Katha and Jana are going to get married. They want to start a family. But their stag night will put their relationship to the test; While Katha has to spend it on a raft with four men – including their sperm donor - Jana is at a rave with a very ...

Die Hannas

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Julia C. Kaiser | 12

Anna and Hans have been together for so long that their friends simply call the couple “The Hannas“. When both of them start affairs, their desire to experiment soon leads to more serious questions about life and relationships.

Die Luft, die wir atmen

Die Luft, die wir atmen | D 2021 | Drama | Martin Enlen

Die Reste meines Lebens

Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Jens Wischnewski | oA

The life of sound designer Schimon falls apart when his wife Jella dies in an accident. He meets lovable Milena and falls in love with her moments after he learns of Jella's death. Can you trust love when you’re in a state of emotional chaos and ...

Workshop - Which Part Do You Play?

Workshop – Welche Rolle spielst Du? | D | Documentary | Julia C. Kaiser

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