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Above & Below

Above & Below | Deutschland/Schweiz/USA 2015 | Documentary | Nicolas Steiner

A couple living in a Las Vegas sewer, a loner in an abandoned military bunker, an army veteran in a Mars research station in the desert. ABOVE AND BELOW is a visually stunning and gentle documentary about people who live where the world ends.

Veins of the World

Die Adern der Welt | Deutschland/Mongolei 2020 | Drama | Byambasuren Davaa | oA

After his father has an accident, 12 year old Amra takes on the role of the resistance leader against the mining giant that threatens to displace the Mongolian nomads.

The Cleaners – Im Schatten der Netzwelt

The Cleaners – Im Schatten der Netzwelt | Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck

The documentary portrays content moderators who look at thousands of pictures and videos on facebook, twitter, and instagram day after day and decide whether they have to be deleted or censored.


Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Monika Hierscher, Matthias Heeder

PRE-CRIME centers on the technology with which the police attempt to predict where potential crimes will happen as well as the tricky issue of who will potentially be the criminal.


Schweiz 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Andy Herzog, Matthias Günter

39 year old Stefan Keller, once a promising short film director, has been working on his last film project for the past five years without success. He is currently travelling through wintry Switzerland, testing youth hostels for money.

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