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D 2013 | Mystery, Thriller | Yupp Regeler

The film is about the story of an unsuccessful but talented mentalist Karo who travels to the dreary countryside to a town called Kampehl for a job.

Everything always all the time

Kim hat einen Penis | Deutschland 2018 | , Comedy | Philipp Eichholtz | 12

During a stop-over in Switzerland pilot Kim gets a penis and goes home with it to Neukölln, where her nice boyfriend isn‘t very enthusiastic about the new accessory.

Liebe mich!

Liebe mich! | Deutschland 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Philipp Eichholtz | 12

Impulsive and angry young Sarah throws her expensive MacBook out the window because the guy she spent the night with is rejecting her. Maybe the nice guy at the computer shop can fix her laptop. And her life for that matter.

Luca tanzt leise

Deutschland 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Philipp Eichholtz | 12

Director Philipp Eichholtz describes his film about Berliner Luca, who wants to make up her Abitur, as a small love letter to those whose biggest battle is waking up every day.

Rückenwind von vorn

Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Philipp Eichholtz | 6

A career, family planning, a bigger apartment. Charlie is a Berliner in her mid 20s and her life is just beginning to take shape. A too rigid shape.

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