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Captain Marvel

USA 2019 | Action, Science Fiction, Comic book movie | Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

Kree warrior Vers tries to escape the sly shapeshifters on her tail by crashing on Earth, meeting up with the younger Nick Fury and discovering her true strength.

Cry Macho

USA 2021 | Drama | Clint Eastwood | 12

A retired rodeo rider is sent to Mexico to retrieve his former boss' son. Things get complicated when the mother sends goons after the pair.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange | USA 2016 | Adventure, Action, Comic book movie | Scott Derrickson | 12

The life of neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange drastically changes after a bad car accident. He gets healed by the mysterious Kamar-Taj and he quickly realizes that the battle against invisible dark powers have to be fought.


USA 2019 | Phantastischer Film, Children's Film, Animation | Tim Burton

Tim Burton reimagines the Disney classic about a flying elephant calf, in near-realistic CGI.


Großbritannien/USA 2016 | Biography, Drama | Michael Grandage | 6

Jude Law plays Thomas Wolfe and Colin Firth plays his editor, friend, and opponent Maxwell Perkins who forces Wolfe to radically shorten his meandering master piece „Look Homeward, Angel“ and thus helps him towards success.

A Long Way Down

Großbritannien 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Pascal Chaumeil | 6

Adaptation of Nick Horny's bestselling novel. Four people meet accidentally at the top of "Topper House", London's most famous suicide spot, at new year's eve. They decide to stay together and alive for at least a month.

Northern Disco Lights

GB 2016 | Documentary, Music Films | Ben Davis

The King's Man – The Beginning

The King's Man | Grossbritannien/USA 2020 | Agentenfilm, Action, Adventure | Matthew Vaughn | 16

Prequel to Matthew Vaughn's KINGSMEN-films, set in the time of the First World War.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri | USA 2017 | Crime Drama | Martin McDonagh | 12

In the fictional town of Ebbing, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) posts sentences on three billboards meant to bring the resting investigation of her daugher‘s rape and murder back into motion.

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