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1000 Arten Regen zu beschreiben

Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Isabel Prahl | 12

What other teens do for days is something Mike has been doing for weeks: he isn‘t coming out of his room.

Dark Eden

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Jasmin Herold, Michael Beamish | 6

One of the biggest oil deposits on the planet is close to the remote community of Fort McMurray in Canada. The oil industry is a generous employer, guarantees prosperity – and is the cause of disease and environmental destruction.

Global Family

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Andreas Köhler, Melanie Andernach | oA

Captain Shaash was the captain of the national soccer team and a real star in Somalia. When the still on-going Civil War broke out in 1989, Shaash and his family had to flea and have been dispersed in Germany, Italy, Canada, and Ethiopia ever since.

Promised Lands

Kinder der Hoffnung – Promised Lands | Deutschland/Israel 2021 | Documentary | Yael Reuveny | oA

Jewish director Yael Reuveny, born in 1980 in Petah Tikva, visits her classmates who all promised to “always stay here and build up the country.“


Heye shalom, Peter Schwarz: Farewell, Herr Schwarz | Israel/Deutschland 2013 | Documentary | Yael Reuveny | oA

The Israeli Yael Reuveny lives in Berlin and is searching for traces of her family in Israel and Germany. At the centre of the family history is the story of her great uncle Feiv'ke, a Holocaust survivor, who later married and settled in Germany.

Schwester Weiß

Deutschland 2015 | Tragicomedy | Dennis Todorovic | oA

A tragicomedy directed by Dennis Todorovic.

Tour du Faso

Deutschland 2014 | Documentary | Wilm Huygen | oA

This documentary film is about three outsiders who take part in Africa's biggest cycling race, the Tour du Faso. German amateurs, French ex-Profis, and local African heroes compete with spirit to win.

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