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Detour | D 2017 | Thriller | Nina Vukovic


Django | Frankreich 2017 | Biography, Music Films | Etienne Comar | 12

DJANGO is less a film about guitarist Django Reinhardt and more about the attitude the Nazis had to jazz music and the persecution of Sinti and Roma in France.

Mal de pierres

Mal de pierres | Frankreich 2016 | Drama, Love Stories | Nicole Garcia | 6

Gabrielle gets married to a man she does not love in the 40s. She falls in love with a sick and handsome soldier while in a health resort. She writes him love letters for years and waits for him to come get her.

Ma ma

Ma ma | E 2014 | Drama | Julio Medem | 12

Magda, the mother of a small child, loses one breast after getting diagnosed with breast cancer. She begins a new life and is able to give hope and joy to everyone she comes across – even though the disease has returned.


Petra | E/F 2018 | Drama | Jaime Rosales

Le Prince

Deutschland 2021 | Drama, Love Stories | Lisa Bierwirth | 6

One day Frankfurt curator Monika stumbles into an African bar and meets the mysterious Joseph during a raid. A complex love story begins.

Rewind – Die zweite Chance

Rewind – Die zweite Chance | Deutschland 2017 | Crime Drama, Science Fiction | Johannes Sievert | 12

An accident, a bank robbery, a woman is shot. A dead person leaves strange formulas behind that have to do with time travel. Johannes F. Sievert has made his own sci-fi thriller after making documentaries on German genre films.

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