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Streaming in Solidarity

Usually you would find here all about upcoming releases. During the coronavirus lockdown we list films that can be streamed in solidarity with Berlin's cinemas instead. When you watch any of the following films and a bit of the profit goes towards your favorite cinema.

"I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians"

Release Date 30.05.2019 Radu Jude‘s newest film fights against historical revisionism in Romania while also gauging the limits of artistic engagement. read more

After the Wedding

Release Date 17.10.2019 Isabel (Michelle Williams) had dedicated her life to working in an Indian orphanage. Businesswoman Theresa (Julianne More) brings her back to New York under the pretense of wanting to donate money, but she actually has an entirely different motive. read more


Release Date 29.11.2018 Alexander McQueen caused a sensation in the 90s with his provocative fashion shows (“The Highland Rape“) and became the head designer of Givenchy and, later on, Armani. A documentary. read more


Release Date 16.07.2015 The fast-paced career of Amy Winehouse and her untimely death at 27 due to alcohol poisoning are still fresh in our collective memory. Asif Kapadia attempts to showcase a more intimate side of a well-documented woman beloved by the tabloids. read more

Apocalypse Now – Final Cut

Release Date 15.07.2019 read more


Release Date 05.10.2017 Singer Félicité experiences a personal tragedy when her son is severely injured in an accident. She tries to raise enough money to pay for his necessary operation. Alain Gomis’ intoxicating, poetic film is about the dialectic between fighting ... read more

Estiu 1993

Release Date 26.07.2018 It‘s summer in Barcelona and 6 year old Frida is sad. She has to move to her relatives in the countryside after her mother‘s death. read more

In the Middle of the River

Release Date 16.08.2018 War veteran Gabriel returns to New Mexico from Iraq as an injured and traumatized man in a world shaped by drugs, violence, and racism. Gabriel has to find out who killed his sister here. read more

Joan of Arc

Release Date 02.01.2020 Whereas JEANNETTE is sing-songy, JEANNE is talky talky. It has none of the aspirations toward campiness or originality of its predecessor. Missing this eccentricity, the film becomes a trial — for both Joan and the person watching.

Die Känguru-Chroniken

Release Date 05.03.2020 Scatter-brained artist Marc-Uwe and his anarchist roommate, the Kangaroo, have to outwit a property speculator who wants to rebuild Kreuzberg. An adaptation of Marc-Uwe Kling‘s cult classic “The Kangaroo Chronicles.“ read more

La La Land

Release Date 12.01.2017 A lovely old-fashioned musical romance about a jazz pianist (Ryan Gosling) and an actress (Emma Stone) waiting for success and the conflict between external forces and idealistic wishes. read more

Love, Cecil

Release Date 12.07.2018 Lisa Immordino Vreeland‘s lively doc about famous British glamour photographer Cecil Beaton is above all a celebration of his images and rightly so. read more

Law Not War

Release Date 12.11.2015 27 year old Benjamin Ferencz was the prosecuter of the 1947 “Task Force“ process against Nazi war crimes in the Soviet Union. A MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE is a portrait of the 95 year old lawyer who fought for the establishment of an ... read more

Mary Shelley

Release Date 27.12.2018 Mary Wollstonecraft is only 17 when she falls hard for the romantic – and married – poet Percy Shelley and runs off with him and her sister. She writes her classic novel“Frankenstein“ at 21. read more

Paddington 2

Release Date 23.11.2017 Paddington wants to buy a pop-book for his aunt Lucy‘s birthday in London, but first he has to save money and then the book gets stolen. There are new, lovably set-up adventures surrounding the little bear. read more


Selbstkritik eines bürgerlichen Hundes

Release Date 08.06.2017 While searching for love and solidarity, director Julian Radlmeier’s alter ego stumbles along the exploiter’s apple plantation. A “burlesque essay film” about Marxism, Franz von Assissi, and Berlin’s intellectual milieu. read more

Slow West

Release Date 30.07.2015 In this postmodern western Jay (Kodi Smit-McPhee), a young Scottish emigrant, travels to the West to find his girl. He pays a ruthless bounty hunter (Michael Fassbender) to protect him. read more

Sweet Country

Release Date 27.09.2018 SWEET COUNTRY is an Australian western from an Aboriginal perspective, written and directed by Aboriginal artists. read more


Release Date 05.09.2019 Cryptic, associative, fast-paced, physical, and generally extreme: young Israeli Yoav (Tom Mercier) tries to shed his cultural identity and become French in Paris. The 2019 Golden Bear winner. read more

Tulip Fever

Release Date 24.08.2017 Based on the novel by Deborah Moggach, director Justin Chadwich tells the story of the intertwined fates of two women in Amsterdam of the 17th century during the “tulip mania” era, one of history’s first speculative bubbles. read more

The Biggest Little Farm

Release Date 11.07.2019 A couple wishes to do their bit for a better global future by starting an organic farm in California. They have a rocky road ahead. read more


Release Date 14.04.2016 Annoyed with her boring job, Ania captures a wolf and lives with it in her flat. Her desire is not to domesticate the animal, but to become wild herself. read more