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Release Date 15.07.2021 In his semi-autobiographical film, Lee Isaac Chung depicts Korean-American family Yi, who don‘t move out west in search of the American Dream, but rather from California to rural Arkansas. read more


Release Date 15.07.2021 Vain actor Daniel Brühl (playing himself) is at a corner bar when he encounters bitter neighbor Bruno (Peter Kurth) who takes the opportunity to settle the score with him. read more



Release Date 22.07.2021 Action film about a woman who organises her husband's rescue from Iran after he was arrested there for supposedly spying.


Release Date 22.07.2021 Orpheus becomes ORPHEA: renowned German experimental filmmaker Alexander Kluge and his Filipino colleague Khavn De La Cruz do a gender swap of the ancient Greek saga in their fragmentary essay film. read more

Bliss (2021)

Release Date 22.07.2021 Sascha and Maria meet each other while working in a Berlin brothel and fall in love. Director Henrika Kull films in a semi-documentary form which incorporates real locations and actual sex workers. read more



Release Date 29.07.2021 Franka Potente‘s film HOME is set in a Californian small town hit by poverty and the opioid epidemic. Marvin returns to his hometown after 17 years in prison where the granddaughter of the woman he murdered develops sympathy for him.

Matthias et Maxime

Release Date 29.07.2021 Maxime wants to migrate to Australia for two years. His friend Matthias, with a job and a girlfriend, struggles with the goodbye more than expected. The new Dolan: quick dialogue, a boisterious party atmosphere, and a great soundtrack.


Release Date 29.07.2021 England, at the height of the “video nasty“ era in the mid 80s. Enid works at the censorship board and evaluates horror films, but ends up going deeper and deeper into her own nighmare.


Fabian or Going to the Dogs

Release Date 05.08.2021 Dominik Graf has filmed Erich Kästner‘s saddest novel. A future Berlin classic.

The Final Land

Release Date 05.08.2021 After years of handicraft and an engaged two week low budget shoot, director Barion and his team have created a chamber play-like trip to space that‘s quite impressive.

New Releases

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