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La Flor (Part 3)


LA FLOR (The Flower, Mariano Llinás, Argentina 2018) is an outstanding contemporary film project: a director and his four actresses play around with cinema, with their playful urges knowing no bounds. They create fantastical spaces and couldn’t care less about sense, logic, and dramatic structure, even forgetting time in the process. Film history is their adventure playground, where they spent over ten years completing a nearly 14-hour work. Yet one can hardly speak of a closed story. LA FLOR is an open work in the very best sense, continually sprouting new images and blossoming afresh, a wander through genre cinema, divided into three chapters, six episodes, and eight acts. Mariano Llinás from the El Pampero Cine film collective and the acting troop Piel de Lava invite the audience to follow their intertwining narratives, which sometimes cross, but equally digress or simply peter out completely.

LA FLOR – CHAPTER 3, ACT 1 The director of LA FLOR jots down his worries in his diary. The shoot has lasted for five whole years in the meantime and discussions with the actresses are only increasing in frequency. There is a new producer. Costumes have already been tried on for further plot strands, two of the actresses are wearing Canadian Mountie uniforms, a third wears the traditional attire of the indigenous peoples of America. The camera takes its time to observe the beauty of nature, but the actress find themselves more photogenic than trees and force their way into the frame.

LA FLOR – CHAPTER 3, ACT 2 Mariano Llinás’s creative crisis brings forth an associative stream of images that no longer knows any direction and perhaps doesn’t need it either. The relationship between director and actresses is reflected upon in a Casanova episode. The bon vivant is forced to discover that he is the puppet of a gang of women called The Spider. Casanova becomes a doubting, despairing alter ego of the director.

LA FLOR – CHAPTER 3, ACT 3 The image becomes black and white. Two men stick on moustaches and reenact the French classic Partie de campagne by Jean Renoir, albeit as a seductively strange homage in Argentinian gaucho outfits – including a barbecue interlude. From the banks of the river, the journey moves to the solitude of the Wild West. Four women who were kept imprisoned by the Indians are now looking to find their way back into civilization. An existentialist trip with lots of music and without words
(Arsenal Kino)


Original title: La flor (Block III)
RA 2018, 297 min
Genre: Drama, Essay Film
Director: Mariano Llinas
Author: Mariano Llinas
Distributor: GRANDFILM
Cast: Laura Paredes, Pilar Gamboa, Valeria Correa
Release: 25.07.2019




  • OV Original version
  • OmU Original with German subtitles
  • OmeU Original with English subtitles

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