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USA 2019 | Comedy | Olivia Wilde | 12

Friends Amy and Molly have spent their school year conscientiously working on getting into a good college. When the find out that others have managed with far less denial, they have a new goal: party hard of the night and thoroughly misbehave before ...

She's Funny That Way

She's Funny That Way | USA 2014 | Comedy | Peter Bogdanovich | oA

In Peter Bogdonvich’s new screwball comedy Izzy (Imogen Poots), callgirl and wannabe actress, upsets the complex web of relationships surrounding the famous director and former client of Izzy Albert Albertson (Owen Wilson).

Extra Ordinary

IRL/B 2019 | Fantasy, Horror, Comedy | Mike Ahern, Enda Loughman

Good Boys

USA 2019 | Comedy | Gene Stupnitsky | 12


Nebraska | USA 2013 | Drama, Roadmovie | Alexander Payne | 6

Woody Grant is a senile, old drunk who believes he won a million dollar sweepstakes. He heads out from Montana to Nebraska to collect his winnings. His son David agrees to take him to Nebraska to claim his prize.

Run & Jump

Run & Jump | IRL/D 2013 | Drama, Comedy | Steph Green | 6

An Irish tragicomedy.

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