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Deutschland 2018 | Drama | David Nawrath | 12

Furniture mover Walter mostly does evictions. When his criminal boss tasks him with kicking out the last tenant of a Berlin altbau apartment, he sees that the tenant is his son Jan.

Dieses bescheuerte Herz

Deutschland 2017 | Tragicomedy | Marc Rothemund | oA

Gefährliche Wahrheit

Gefährliche Wahrheit | D 2021 | Crime Drama | Jens Wischnewski

Heinrich Vogeler

Heinrich Vogeler | Deutschland 2022 | Semi-documentary Film, Drama | Marie Noëlle | 12

Jugendstil artist Heinrich Vogeler, who worked a draftsman, painter, and an illustrator as well as a designer and architect, created a poetic and artistic alternative world to daily life. A documentary.


Deutschland 2014 | Drama | Andreas Pieper

Cem grew up in Berlin-Neukölln and defends his neighborhood against Nazis and speculators. When he gets into it with xenophobic Roman during a football match, Cem swears revenge - and the duel between the two escalates.

Patong Girl

Deutschland/Thailand 2013 | Drama, Comedy | Susanna Salonen | 6

When the family spends their Christmas holidays in Phuket the 19-year-old Felix meets Fai, a charming girl about his age. He falls in love and decides to stay longer in Thailand - only then does Fai tell him that she had a sex change and used to be ...

Polizeiruf 110 – Der Tag wird kommen

D 2020 | Crime Drama, | Eoin Moore

Polizeiruf 110 – Söhne Rostocks

D 2019 | Crime Drama, | Christian von Castelberg

Der Samurai

Deutschland 2014 | Fantasy, Horror, Thriller | Till Kleinert | 16

Is the SAMURAI who hangs out in Brandenburg a psychopath or only the bloody revenge fantasy of a young police officer who feels uncomfortable in the presence of the sexist villagers? This first feature-length film by Berliner Till Kleinert is ...

Schönefeld Boulevard

Deutschland 2013 | Tragicomedy | Sylke Enders | 12

A coming-of-age-film about the shy outsider Cindy, who hangs around the unfinished Berlin airport until she falls in love with the Finnish engineer Leif.

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