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Antiporuno | Japan 2016 | Drama | Sion Sono | 16

Sion Sono‘s ANTIPORNO was made as part of a series of films with Japanese studio Nikkatsu that tried to revive the films of the “Pinku Eiga“ or “Roman Porn“ tradition from the 70s.


Ekusute | J 2007 | Horror | Sion Sono

A Japanese horror film by Sion Sono.

Ai no mukidashi

Ai no mukidashi | J 2008 | Drama | Sion Sono | 16

Ore wa Sion Sono da!!

Ore wa Sion Sono da!! | J 1985 | Biography, Documentary | Sion Sono

Tokyo Toraibu

Tokyo Toraibu | Japan 2014 | Drama, Musical | Sion Sono | 16

A garish adaptation of Santa Inoue’s underworld Manga about a mob lord that instigates gang conflict. Shion Sono’s newest film combines many filmic tones and makes a habit of crossing the boundaries of good taste.

Hiso hiso boshi

Hiso Hiso Boshi | Japan 2015 | Science Fiction | Sion Sono | oA

Android Yoko Suzuki works for an intergalactic delivery service, delivering parcels to the few remaining humans she tracks down in the barren landscapes of faraway galaxies - filmed in the abandoned villages surrounding the nuclear reactor of ...

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