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Vision | Frankreich/Japan 2018 | Drama | Naomi Kawase | oA

Jeanne is searching for a plant that takes away all of people‘s pains and fears and only appears once every 997 years. She meets Tomo in the mountains, who knows that something is wrong with the forest. Naomi Kawase‘s poetic new film.


Hikari | Frankreich/Japan 2017 | Drama, Romance Films | Naomi Kawase | oA

RADIANCE tells the story of the bumpy encounter between a young woman who makes audio descriptions for films and a photographer who is going blind.

An: Sweet Red Bean Paste

An | Japan 2015 | Drama | Naomi Kawase | oA

In this poetic potrayal of Tokyo in the cherry blossom season a lonely street vendor meets an old lady who helps him with his pastries.

Futatsume no mado

Futatsume no mado | Frankreich/Japan/Spanien 2014 | Drama, Love Stories | Naomi Kawase | 6

Kaito and Kyoko live on a tropical island in the very south of Japan. First love blossoms, as events in their families force them to review their positions in life.

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