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100 % Dakar

Österreich/Senegal 2014 | Documentary | Sandra Krampelhuber

100% DAKAR – MORE THAN ART is a portrait about the creative arts scene in Dakar, Senegal. Dakar booms with live and this energy can also be found in the creative, artistic and cultural expressions of the city. Many young artists in Dakar took on ...


Israel/Deutschland/Frankreich 2017 | Drama | Samuel Maoz | 12

The news of the death of their son Jonathan who was in the army plunges Tel Avivi architect Michael and his wife Dafna into a vortex of grief, disbelief – and unrestrained anger.

Land of the Little People

IL/AUT 2016 | Adventure, Drama, Thriller | Yaniv Berman


Mahana | Neuseeland 2016 | Action, Drama, Historical Film | Lee Tamahori | 12

New Zealand in the 1960s. Tamahani Mahana, patriarch of the Mahana Family, rules his clan with an iron fist- Only 14-year-old Simeon dares to rebel and even question the feud with the Poata family.

Kamera o tomeru na!

Kamera o tomeru na! | Japan 2017 | Horror, Comedy | Shinichiro Ueda | 16

A film team encounters real zombies while filming a zombie film. One of the most entertaining and surprising genre films in recent years.

La sangre y la lluvia

La sangre y la lluvia | CO 2009 | Thriller | Jorge Navas

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