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Un sac de billes

Un sac de billes | Kanada/Frankreich/Tschechien 2017 | Drama, Historical Film | Christian Duguay | 12

Brothers Joseph and Maurice are growing up in Paris during the German occupation. When they are forced to wear the yellow star, their parents decide the family needs to flee. They would be too conspicuous together, which is why the two boys have to ...

La famille Belier

La famille Bélier | Frankreich 2014 | Comedy | Eric Lartigau | oA

The Béliers live in a farm in a small French village. The mother, father and 15-year-old Quentin Bélier are deaf. The only one in the family who can hear and speak, and who serves as the family translator, is 16-year-old Paula – and she dreams ...

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