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Interview mit Eliza Hittman zu NIEMALS SELTEN MANCHMAL IMMER

"Ich wollte den Zuschauern die Erfahrung näherbringen, ein Mädchen zu sein, das ständig mit kleinen Momenten von Frauenhass konfrontiert ist"

Beach Rats

USA 2017 | Drama, Youth Film | Eliza Hittman | 16

In the anonymity of chatrooms Frankie is gay, but when he goes out to the beach and meets his buddies, he wears a mask of toxic, heteronormative masculinity.

The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao

A vida invisível de Eurídice Gusmão | Brasilien 2019 | Drama | Karim Ainouz | 12

Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. 18-year-old Euridice Gusmão dreams of a career as a pianist, while her older sister Guida ogles men. When she runs off with a sailor, the sisters begin a search for each other which will span many decades.

Happy as Lazzaro

Lazzaro | Italien/ Schweiz/ Frankreich/ Deutschland 2018 | Drama | Alice Rohrwacher | 12

Alice Rohrwacher has made a modern sacred story, a parable of oppression, absent resistance, the desire for submission, and group mentalities.

Le meraviglie

Le meraviglie | Deutschland/Italien/Schweiz 2014 | Drama | Alice Rohrwacher | oA

In Gelsomina's isolated family, life revolves around keeping bees and making honey. But when Gelsomina turns thirteen and a local television show hits town, things begin to change.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Never Rarely Sometimes Always | USA/Großbritannien 2020 | Drama | Eliza Hittman | 6 | Interview

When 17-year-old Autumn from Pennsylvania finds out that she‘s pregnant, she only tells her cousin Skyler about it. With little money and the address of a clinic in her bag, the two make their way to New York City.


Deutschland/Dänemark/Norwegen 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Sara Johnsen | 12

Mothers and daughters: On her wedding day Unn Tove finds an abandoned baby on the toilet and hands it to the authorities. 16 years later teenager Rosemari is looking for her biological mother and meets Unn who helps her with her search.

Familia sumergida

Familia sumergida | Argentinien 2018 | Drama | María Alche | oA

Her sister Rina is dead and Marcella stays behind, she remains a wife, mother, and alive. Director Maria Alché accompanies her in an extraordinarily light-footed way through her grief which sometimes takes on surreal traits.


Frankreich/Belgien/Griechenland 2014 | Drama | Panos H. Koutras | 12

Dany, young, poor, gay and a child of immigrants, is searching for his unknown father. XENIA sends him and his older brother on a modern day odyssey through contemporary Greece.

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