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Als Paul über das Meer kam

Deutschland 2017 | Documentary | Jakob Preuss | 6

Jakob Preuß is in the process of shooting a film about the borders of the European Union and meets the young Cameroonian Paul in one of the Camps in Morocco, where refugees wait for a chance to cross the wall to the Spanish enclave of Mellila.

An den Rändern der Welt

Deutschland 2018 | Documentary | Thomas Tielsch | oA

Photographer Markus Mauthe and his film team visited 10 indigenous tribes in South Sudan, Ethiopia, the Amazon, and the sea nomads living on the water in Borneo.

Ein Papagei im Eiscafe

A Parrot at the Milkbar | Deutschland / Spanien 2014 | Documentary | Ines Thomsen

A humorous observation in Barcelona’s immigrant neighbourhood El Raval. Four barber shops, four places of remembrance, strange time and space capsules inhabited by people who left their home to find a better one, while the Spaniards are about to ...

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