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Mon roi

Mon Roi | Frankreich 2015 | Drama, Love-story | Maïwenn | 12

In her intense drama French director/artist Maïwenn portrays a destructive relationship that neither Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) nor Georgio (Vincent Cassel) seem able to leave.

Petite maman

Petite maman | Frankreich 2021 | Drama, Fantasy | Céline Sciamma

After the death of her grandmother, eight year old Nelly meets a girl in the forest who looks exactly like her. Through magical movie time travel, she gets to know her mother in a completely new way as a child.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait de la jeune Fille en Feu | Frankreich 2019 | Literary Film Adaptations, Drama | Céline Sciamma | 12 | Interview

In painterly images of great tranquility and beauty with volcanic passion just beneath the surface, Céline Sciamma has made one of the most beautiful love stories seen in years.


Deutschland/Großbritannien 2021 | Drama, Biography | Pablo Larrain | 12

Larraìn‘s Diana portrait focuses on the last joint Christmas that Diana had with the English royal family on the Sandringham estate in 1991.

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