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She's Funny That Way

She's Funny That Way | USA 2014 | Comedy | Peter Bogdanovich | oA

In Peter Bogdonvich’s new screwball comedy Izzy (Imogen Poots), callgirl and wannabe actress, upsets the complex web of relationships surrounding the famous director and former client of Izzy Albert Albertson (Owen Wilson).


Luxemburg/Österreich 2014 | Drama | Elfi Mikesch | 12

As a child, Franzi had a romantic image of life in the French Foreign Legion, which her father served in during the colonial wars of the first half of the 20th century. As an adult, she traces the steps of the man who had come home with PTSD, ...


Freiheit | Deutschland/Slowakei 2017 | Drama | Jan Speckenbach | 12

Nora is around 40, has a husband and children – and just disappears one day. A powerful character study that purposefully forgoes answering what freedom is and what it allows.


Deutschland 2016 | Lisei Caspers

Five refugees from Eritrea find themselves in the small village of Strackholt in north west Germany.

Lichtes Meer

Deutschland 2015 | Drama, Youth Film, Love Stories | Stefan Butzmühlen | 12 | NEW RELEASE

Marek leaves his home state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to work on a container ship. He falls in love with Jean, a French engineer, on board. A poetic film about different types of longing and the sea.


Irland/Kuba 2016 | Drama | Paddy Breathnach | 12

Jesús finds happiness at a drag queen show in Havanna. But then his father, an ex-boxer, suddenly reappears, and a gay son does not fit into his macho world view.

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