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1000 Arten Regen zu beschreiben

Deutschland 2017 | Drama | Isabel Prahl | 12

What other teens do for days is something Mike has been doing for weeks: he isn‘t coming out of his room.

24 Wochen

Deutschland 2016 | Drama | Anne Zohra Berrached | 12

The somewhat organized life of stand-up comedian Astrid is shattered when she finds out that not everything is alright with the child she’s expecting. What follows is a painful journey through increasingly worse diagnoses until the question of ...

25 km/h

Deutschland 2018 | Comedy, Roadmovie | Markus Goller | 6

At their father‘s funeral, brothers Georg (Bjarne Mädel) and Christian (Lars Eidinger) decide to go on the trip that they never went on as teens and chug along with their mopeds in the direction of Timmendorf Beach.

Faking Bullshit

Faking Bullshit | Deutschland 2020 | Comedy | Alexander Schubert | 12

Magical Mystery oder: Die Rückkehr des Karl Schmidt

Deutschland 2017 | Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Arne Feldhusen | 12

Karl Schmidt, former sidekick of BERLIN BLUES' Herr Lehmann, drives his goofy “Bumm Bumm Records” techno friends from one bizarre gig to the next on a tour bus. MAGIC MYSTERY is a laconic adaptation of the novel by Sven Regener (Element of ...

Stromberg – Der Film

D 2013 | Satire | Arne Feldhusen | 12

Stromberg makes his way with his fellow employees to the countryside hotel where Capitol Insurance is celebrating its 50-year anniversary. It will be a night to remember.

Tage des letzten Schnees

D 2019 | Crime Drama | Lars-Gunnar Lotz

Der Tatortreiniger (TV-Serie)

Der Tatortreiniger (TV-Serie) | D 2014 | Comedy,

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