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Berlin Filmmakers show us their work. Come and join us to talk with the filmmakers!

Here's the lineup: //
DOMOJ by Simona Feldman / Germany - 2013 - Short Fiction / Juri is growing up under deprived circumstances in a small village in the former CCCP. When his father moves to Germany to earn money for his family he hast to come to grips with a life without a father. //
The life of Marie by Rolf Kasteleiner / Germany - 2017 - Short Fiction / The life of the maid Marie is dedicated to the countess Anne von Borke. While reading a letter for her, Marie unwittingly becomes involved in the end of a love affair between the countess and the bourgeois Mr. Stein. Instead of expressing her emotions, her mistress asks Marie to accompany her to a salon concert dressed in an aristocrat robe from her. Marie decides to redeem her mistress’ honor and recover her first love letter she has sent to Mr. Stein. She has a hard time surviving the night in the upper- class, whose main interest is self- portrayal. She does not feel comfortable in her clothes, which is why everyone can see the maid in her. It is only Mr. Stein who is demanding civic rights for her – but his quotations from the German master poets Goethe and Kleist are finally just empty shells. When Marie finds out that the countess has been telling salon guests that Marie herself seduced the count, it is hard for her to keep the belief in her mistress alive. In the meantime, an opera singer is singing about the revenge of a deceived woman. The more the maid Marie gets involved in the relationship between the countess and a member of the bourgeois, the more she lives in their phantasmal views: in the aristocratic view of her rejected, suffering mistress, who seeks Marie's closeness yet blames her for seducing her husband; in the bourgeois view of Anton Stein, who idealizes her and yet makes fun of her; and in the view of the present salon society, which reacts with contempt to her transgression of wearing her mistress' extravagant dress. //
JUAN GABRIEL IS DEAD by Tavo Ruiz / Mexico/Germany - 2018 - Short Fiction / On the day famous Mexican singer JUAN GABRIEL dies, best friends Beto and Daniel will redefine their friendship. Daniel imagines how his day would be if he were a girl. Maybe this way his feelings toward Beto would be seen as normal. //
Open by Charlotte Siebenrock / Germany - 2005 - Short Fiction / A young woman stops at a motorway services in the middle of the night during severe weather. She finds herself being the only customer who eventually gets heavily threatened by two grumpy waitresses. When there doesn't seem to be a way out of that horrifying scenery the young woman manages to overcome her panic and actually surprises the waitresses with a demeanour that is completely unexpected to her opponents //
DIE PFOERTNER by Mirko Hans / Germany - 2018 - Short Fiction / A Man in a building. In the search for room 990 for his job interview as a gatekeeper he finds himself struggling. No matter how hard he tries the building leads his way. A quest that will prove him a worthy candidate as gatekeeper. //
#SELFIE by David M. Lorenz / GERMANY - SHORT Fiction / A couple on holiday in Berlin. Everything is perfect, but then he wants to take a selfie... The ending of a relationship as seen through a mobile phone. //
MMF by Leonard Garner / Germany - 2017 - Short Fiction / A pair of thirtysomethings picks up a young, attractive black man for a threesome. As they review the experience, they probe each other, masking their own insecurities with hipster irony and provocation, including homophobic and racist jokes. Soon the situation turns very embarrassing for them. //
Mimicry by Jennifer von Schuckmann / Germany - 2018 – Short / MimiCry follows the young student Mimi on her quest to find life, love and herself. As a sexual and spiritual road-movie without cars, MimiCry is the first movie ever made about the still unknown phenomenon of the Girlfags in today's queer spectrum. MIMICRY tells the story of the protagonist Mimi who identifies as a Girlfag (male homosexuality in females). Mimi just moved to a new city, she is in her late twenties and lives an ordinary student's life; she does not seem to know her place in the world just yet. Stricken by self-doubt and confusion she goes on a journey of sexual and spiritual self-discovery through sex, drugs and Techno that leads her into a queer (LGBT) milieu. The journey helps her realise that a person's character and sexuality are not dependent on their biological sex. The film strives to sketch out the idea of dissolving or fusing socially constructed gender roles, resulting in the protagonist's inner conflict to be resolved. //
LUNDI by Lola Tartane / Germany France - 2018 - Short Fiction / 7am, Joanne rejects Alex’s affection as it has become oppressive for her and sneaks in her son’s bedroom. She calls the school pretending Leo is sick. Alex overhear the conversation. They argue, the fight spins, it’s not anymore about Leo but a couple imploding.

Capital Filmmakers festival


Genre: Kurzfilm-Programm

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