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Black Stone (2015)


While his parents slave away in an animal food factory in the Guro district of Seoul (once the cradle of the Korean economic wonder), Shon Sun, a half-blood, starts his military service in the army. There, Sun does not far much better – he is raped in his sleep by a superior and finds out he has been infected with HIV. Desperate, he takes revenge, kills the officer and flees the army. In Seoul, it becomes apparent that his father has disappeared. Sun goes looking for him and finds him in his birthplace, on a polluted tropical beach… A pitch-black and pessimistic social fairytale with a cathartic experimental ending, Black Stone forms part of a trilogy about environmental pollution. With the filmmaker crediting Robert Bresson and Apichatpong Weerasethakul as main sources of inspiration, be prepared for a film that constantly moves through different intensities, merging elements of poetry, horror and fantasy.


Originaltitel: Black Stone
ROK/F 2015, 93 min
Genre: Drama




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