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Queer Weeks

Between 15.9-14.10, Berlin‘s Brotfabrik is organizing “Queer Weeks:“ the Ralle Balle Ensemble will perform their gender bingo, Bridge Markland‘s »Go Drag!«-Festival will be a guest with workshops, and the performance collective »collectif blitzbereit« will dance. Furthermore, there will be a premiere party of the anthology »Realitäten. Queere Stimmen« which will be published in the fall by etece buch, the BrotfabrikGalerie will presents works by Holger Nora Franz aka Nora Jones and Brotfabrik Kino will screen MONEYBOYS (2021), MA BELLE, MY BEAUTY (2021) and KOMMT MAUSI RAUS?! (1995).

Queer Weeks

Date: 15.09.2022 to 14.10.2022
Location: BrotfabrikKino

Prenzlauer Promenade 3, 13086 Berlin
Phone: 030/471 40 01