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Sputnik Kino am Südstern


From 23.9-25.9 the B-Film-Basterds at Sputnik invite you to the “Trashologist Congress.“ In MANDY (2018), Nicholas Cage has to deal with a death cult and has to avenge his love. FRANKENHOOKER (1990) is a parody of VHS horror films of the 80s. The title of the film says it all. In zombie meta horror film ONE CUT OF THE DEAD (2017), a zombie film shoot becomes a zombie apocalypse and in DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III (2015) there‘s a massacre among dudes and bros for the third time.


Date: 23.09.2022 to 25.09.2022
Location: Sputnik Kino am Südstern

Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin
Phone: 030/694 11 47
U7 Südstern, U7/8 Hermannplatz