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"It’s been over five years since I last set foot in a US cinema, and I’ve been absolutely fine with that. This is due to the indisputable fact that Berlin’s vast, colorful array of kinos are nothing short of a treasure. Indeed, the city has more than rekindled my love of the cinematic experience, it has generously expanded that love to a whole new level." more


Fortsetzung: Folgt/To Be Continued

Startnext Campaign for Berlin Cinemas

22 independent Berlin cinemas and the Yorck Cinemas have joined together to launch a Startnext campaign to call for donations that will preserve the Berlin cinema landscape. more


Arsenal 3

The digital screen

Arsenal Cinema at Potsdamer Platz actually has two screening rooms. They have now opened a third one during the cinema break: “Arsenal 3“ shows films from the distribution catalogue in cooperation with artists online. more


Streaming in solidarity II

Doc: Female Plumbers in Jordan

Rise and Shine film distribution have aligned themselves with Grandfilm‘s initiative and are giving a share of their streaming profits from their current documentary WATERPROOF to their partner cinemas. Aysha, Khawla, and Rehab are plumbers in Jordan, one of the driest countries in the world. more



Favorite location support portal

The boys and girls at have quickly organized a non profit portal where Berliners can support their favorite locations by buying vouchers. more


Kino on Demand

The cinema of your choice online

The streaming platform Kino on Demand makes it possible to watch films while also sharing a bit of the profit with your favorite cinema. The film selection is quite a wild and confusing mix. more


Streaming in Solidarity

Streaming in solidarity with Grandfilm Distribution

Grandfilm distribution have commited themselves to sharing the revenue of a series of repertoire films with arthouse partner cinemas. You can watch Małgorzata Szumowska‘s satirical MUG which screened at the Berlinale in 2018, the pop discourse film SELBSTKRITIK EINES BÜRGERLICHEN HUNDES, the 13.5 hour long experimental project LA FLOR, and the wonderful animated film O MENINO E O MUNDO. The distributor will share 50% of the profits with cinemas that regularly play Grandfilm films. You can find the current selection here: more


Support Your Neighborhood Cinema

Buy cinema vouchers

For those who are missing their indie cinema around the corner who are looking forward to the period after the mandated break and want to contribute to the cinemas survival during the dry spell - consider buying a cinema voucher or pass to your favorite cinema. more



Cinema takes a Break

Today the Senate of Berlin ordered the temporary closure of all cinemas until further notice to curb the spread of COVID-19. We will keep you posted on further developments. Stay safe! more


New York – The World Before Your Feet

Exploring New York City is fun. Whether it‘s Times Square, Fifth Avenue, MoMA, or Central Park – there‘s more than enough to see. As a tourist you walk till your feet ache and fly back home after a few days feeling like you‘ve seen the most important sights. Matt Green has a very different approach when he walks in the Big Apple. The 37 year old engineer from Virginia has been walking along the Hudson River for more than six years and 8000 miles. His goal is to walk across all the five boroughs of New York. He even walks in inner city parks, beaches, and cemeteries. You can follow his ... more

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