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Ears are at the center of the new event series at Filmrauschpalast. Three artists will fill heads with experimental noises and sounds exlusively in the cinema. Nils Panda will be playing ambient, VVeber/Maximilian Seifert combine cineastic soundscapes with dynamic beats, and the duo CNM will improvise with modular sequencers and self-made instruments with pulsating drones. Visualizations generated in real-time will be projected on screen at the same time. Briano Eno would be delighted.

19.3. at 8pm. more



Detective Erin Bell stumbles to a crime scene that already has two colleagues on the case. “Rough night?“ With swellings everywhere and dark circles under her eyes, Nicole Kidman as Bell looks like she bathed in booze and slept in her clothes for days. Kidman‘s walk is reminiscent of the junkie version of a western hero. She rams her long, thin legs straight into the ground and balances her upright but swaying body behind. Kidman is a classic noir hero here, playing a character who is already done with life in a way reserved for men till now. Nicole Kidman‘s restrained but intense ... more


Writers wanted

We‘re looking for people who want to write for Cinema Berlin. If you love films, have always wanted to write, or are already writing, we would be happy to receive your application. more


Russian Doc: Four films by GALINA KRASNOBOROVA

Galina Krasnoborova was born in Perm in 1979 and two of her four featured shorts deal with the Komi-Permian, an ethnic group that tries to preserve their traditional culture and history by singing songs that have been passed down. The songs and prayers of the Mari in the third film are similar: they connect the past and the future, heaven and earth, protect and comfort. And lastly it‘s also about the ghosts of St. Petersburg and the city where no one can sleep.

Acud Kino: 13.3. at 20:00 / Brotfabrik Kino: 28.3. at 18:00 / Sputnik Kino: 18.3. at 19:00 more


AI short film night

The British Embassy Berlin's Science & Innovation Team has teamed up with the Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest for a night of panel discussion and short films dealing with the topic of artificial intelligence through the eyes of filmmakers.

How close is the research to AI in science fiction films and what are the implications? more


If Beale Street could talk

The first thing you notice about IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK by Barry Jenkins (MOONLIGHT), and the film's most memorable aspect, are the colors. They aren‘t just warm and saturated, they are virtually silky, tender. They are the colors Tish (Kiki Layne), who is telling the story, thinks in when she thinks of Fonny (Stephen James), whose name is actually Alonzo but nobody calls him that, and her feelings for him.

Fonny is just 22 and Tish is 19 when she discovers that she‘s pregnant. She tells him the good news through the glass in the visitation room in a prison. Fonny has been locked up ... more

Events, Festivals

Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest re.RUN

From March to August 2019 the Berlin Sci Fi Film Fest will be a guest on every second Tuesday of the month at Il Kino showing their re.RUN edition . The highlights of the 2018 festival edition will be screened. more



The affair between palestinian tradesman Saleem and Israeli cafè owner Sarah is endangering not only their marriages but also threatening to turn into a political incident. Love knows no borders but countries do.

After the film, there is going to be a Q&A with director Muayad Alayan.

14th of March
at 7pm
Acud Kino more


On the Basis of Sex

A legion of suit wearers pour out of a classic, distinguished-seeming building. Harvard Law School. The next generation about to come into power, and they‘re almost entirely male. In the middle of it all, and only visible upon second glance, is a petite, red-haired woman who is walking just as purposefully: Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Director Mimi Leder has drawn an image of a lawyer who turned the US legal system upside-down with broad, efficient strokes. Leder does away with the details when it comes to Ginsberg‘s private life. Ruth and her husband Martin are shown as a dream couple: in ... more


"It's a film composed of memories." - Interview with Barry Jenkins

Born in 1979, Barry Jenkins grew up in Miami in similar circumstances to MOONLIGHT’s protagonist Chiron. His father left the family, and died when Barry was aged 12. Studying Film at Florida State University, his debut feature MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY was highly lauded by US critics. Jenkins’ big international break came with MOONLIGHT which won three awards at the 2016 Oscars. In his third feature IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK Jenkins adapts James Baldwin’s novel of the same name. more