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Berlin Film Anthology: BRIDGE OF SPIES (2015)

50 Shades of Berlin Grey

When playing any number of trivia games, the subject falls onto Berlin movies - not sure BRIDGE OF SPIES WOULD qualify in the top 10 answers. Nevertheless, it has historical relevance of the Cold War, between the Soviet Union and the USA. Directed by Spielberg depicting a story based on real events, of a lawyer James B. Donovan representing a Russian spy.

It’ll make you laugh, hold your breath and question which side you're on. Donovan was a protagonist of integrity, grace and humour - a fitting role for Mr Hanks. He plays a family man and a highly skilled lawyer with scruples, using his ... more


Cinematic Berlin Shop

Mugs & More

We produced bear coffee mugs and a luxury edition of our poster because we absolutely love the design by Hans Baltzer.
It's available in our new Cinematic Berlin shop and half of the proceeds go to Berlin's independent cinemas. Visit our brand new shop at: more


Somebody Up There Likes Me

If Jagger and Richards were the Glimmer Twins, Ron Wood was the glam rocker. Today he‘s a 70 year old who has fun doing creative work and is happy to have the wild days behind him and yet (or maybe for this reason?) doesn‘t feel older than 29. Director Mike Figgis, who was a musician in different bands before his film career, assembles a portrait from different interviews of the man that plays the second guitar with the Stones – and who is indispensible, whether it comes to the sound or handling the band‘s circus of personalities. more


A Bigger World

After the death of her partner, Corine Sombrun (Cécile de France) stumbles in her everyday life while in deep mourning. In order to gain some distance, the sound engineer travels to Mongolia to record a Dhukan shaman during her rituals in a small village. When Corine hears the big drum of the shaman for the first time, she falls into a frightening trance. The shaman tells her that she, Corine, is a chosen one and has to train to be a shaman to control her gift and be able to return from the empire of spirits. At first Corine believes it to be nonsense and returns to Paris, but whenever she ... more



I was admittedly a bit worried. Both in TRANSIT as well as PHEONIX it was the mysterious, disappearing women who were more like ideas than people that I liked the least, and now comes a film about water sprite Undine – a nymph who can only get a soul if she‘s loved. But the worries were unfounded. Paula Beer as the water creature Undine is very present and contemporary. In the first scene she sits in a cafe, the conversation she had with her boyfriend Johannes (Jacob Matschenz) in which he broke up with her must‘ve taken place shortly before. “You can‘t do that,“ she says, “you ... more


CRISIS CINEMA – An eclectic film series with ZOMBIES, VIRUSES, and APOCALYPSES

City Kino has curated a small film series focused on apoycalypses that include Jim Jarmusch‘s zombie comedy THE DEAD DON‘T DIE and the somewhat rowdier zombie apocalypse comedy ZOMBIELAND (2009). There‘s also the new cult classic zombie hit 28 DAYS LATER.

8.7. at 21.30: THE DEAD DON'T DIE / 15.7. at 21.15: 28 DAYS LATER / 29.7. 20.45: ZOMBIELAND (all in the original version with German subtitles) more



Abel Ferrara’s career stretches back to the 1970’s, when he provided his own brand of arty exploitation movies for New York’s grindhouse theaters. Since then, his films have continued to be both artful and transgressive, often going to extremes while pursuing his personal obsessions and idiosyncrasies. In other words, he fits the bill as one of America’s more outre auteurs.

Like most indie filmmaker’s of his era, the 1990’s was a high-water mark, with works like KING OF NEW YORK, BAD LIEUTENANT and ADDICTION earning him both praise and controversy. The last decade or so has been ... more



We are happy to announce that Mobile Kino is our new partner cinema! Mobile Kino has organized English-speaking film screenings at different Berlin locations since 2014. In the summer they mostly take place in the open air, in the winter Mobile Kino pops up in clubs, galleries, underground spaces, and cinema. In July there will also be Mobile Kino screenings on Thursday nights at the Charlottenburg S-bahn station. more


Open Air Again

The cinema is back in Berlin

From today Berlin's open air cinemas are allowed to open again! Most need some more days to get everything in place and implement the new corona regulations. Here is a list with the opening dates and films. more

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Berlin Film Anthology: BERLIN SYNDROME

Millennial paranoia

Clare, a young Australian, meets English teacher Andi in Berlin. She finds him charming and goes home with him. When she wakes up the next day she realizes she can’t leave the apartment. More of a psycho drama than a hostage thriller. more