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Normalerweise findet ihr an dieser Stelle die Filmstarts der nächsten Wochen. In der Kinopause listen wir hier Filme auf, die als solidarische Streaming-Angebote verfügbar sind.

Solidarisches Streaming

Estiu 1993

Release Date 26.07.2018 It‘s summer in Barcelona and 6 year old Frida is sad. She has to move to her relatives in the countryside after her mother‘s death. read more

Joan of Arc

Release Date 02.01.2020 Whereas JEANNETTE is sing-songy, JEANNE is talky talky. It has none of the aspirations toward campiness or originality of its predecessor. Missing this eccentricity, the film becomes a trial — for both Joan and the person watching.

Selbstkritik eines bürgerlichen Hundes

Release Date 08.06.2017 While searching for love and solidarity, director Julian Radlmeier’s alter ego stumbles along the exploiter’s apple plantation. A “burlesque essay film” about Marxism, Franz von Assissi, and Berlin’s intellectual milieu. read more